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ANY contacts from your cell phone IF you have synced your mobile phone address book on the Facebook mobile app. It used to be that once your mobile phone contacts were synced with Facebook, you couldn’t delete them. Even though ONLY you can actually see and access your Facebook Phonebook, in my opinion, it’s best *not* to sync your mobile phone contacts for the best security and privacy purposes. Plus, when I’m teaching an online class via webinar, for example, I would not want to accidentally expose my super PRIVATE rolodex of cell phone numbers because they happened to be sitting in my Facebook Phonebook. There will be different instructions for other mobile devices through which you access the Facebook mobile app. By the way, if you have questions for Facebook about their Privacy Policy, you’ll need to use this form. How do you feel about this issue of the Facebook Phonebook and synced mobile phone contacts? Mari, do such a superb job with video, explanations and examples to help us stay updated on Facebook and business. Mari, this is a decent explanation of how it's supposed to work, but there are some serious issues.

Mari, not only do I appreciate the info (as I am adding more and more people to my friends that I don't know personally) but I love how your blog is not just a bunch of words.
Mari, not only do I love how informative this article is but I also appreciate the time you put into your blog posts.
If you’re an Android user, the only phone numbers you should see in the Contacts list on the website are those who have made their phone number available to their friends under privacy settings.
Not true Jason – I see all the phone numbers stored on my Driod in my FB contact list. A viral message has been going around alerting friends that there is a security threat, when in fact, the Facebook Phonebook is a feature that every user on Facebook gets as part of our personal profile. You (and those you make your information available to) may use tools like RSS feeds, mobile phone address book applications, or copy and paste functions, to capture, export (and in some cases, import) information from Facebook, including your information and information about you.  For example, if you share your phone number with your friends, they may use third party applications to sync that information with the address book on their mobile phone.
Besides, even the idea that personal contacts of mine are susceptible to Facebook’s Privacy Policy gives me cause for concern. I was in the middle of a webinar and was absolutely shocked to see the uber PRIVATE cell phone numbers of my dear friends and VIP rolodex peeps suddenly in full display on my Facebook Phonebook for all my students to see. Anyone can write (or buy PLR) but your screen shots and graphics show me that you put a lot of time and effort into your posts.

Anyone can write an article (or buy PLR or copy & paste text) but with your graphics and step by step instructions I know your content is well thought out, fresh, and your own. The Android OS imports and syncs your Facebook contacts so their contact information is stored on your phone and their profile picture shows up when they call. The sad part is, most members are blissfully unaware of exactly what private information and posts they are revealing to their friends and to the world at large every single day. I'm writing a follow-up article on this, and I have a hypothesis about what might be going on.
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