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The "Theft Report" form is intended for citizens to file an official police report by completing the attached form for returning to MPD by email or printing a copy to return by standard mail. No suspects are known, or to be sought after, at time of this report, nor does any potential evidence exist to establish future identification of any suspects. It is very important to use the 911-compliant address of the incident occurring at a specific location, and if at a business, to include that name in the appropriate field. Please use your first name as it appears on your birth certificate; any nicknames or aliases can be entered as such in the appropriate field. Specifying the dates and time of the incident create a time span in which MPD can query similar incidents of a related nature. Listing the items stolen should include the quantity of each item taken, a good description of the item, and the individual value of that item. Descriptions of items should include any serial numbers, make or model information, color, sizes, or other characteristics. Provide a general statement of how the property was stolen, such as a bicycle being left in the yard and later discovered missing.
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Get the latest news, media, and updates by visiting the City of Monroe's media sites below. The Federal Trade Commission issued a staff report summarizing the results of a survey of identity theft victims who were asked to describe their experiences dealing with consumer reporting agencies and, more generally, exercising their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as amended by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), to recover from identity theft. Congress has established several rights under the FACTA to help actual or potential identity theft victims protect themselves from, and recover from, identity theft.

Sixty-eight percent of the survey respondents were somewhat or very satisfied with their overall experiences with the consumer reporting agencies, but many consumers said it was difficult to reach a live person. Less than half of the respondents were aware of most of their rights under FCRA before they contacted the consumer reporting agencies.
Some respondents complained about feeling pressured to buy additional identity theft monitoring products when they called the consumer reporting agencies. The consumer reporting agencies may need to make it easier for consumers to reach a live person.
The FTC and other enforcement agencies should do more to educate the public about its rights under the FCRA.
The FTC and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should use their respective authorities to address the consumer reporting agencies’ practices related to selling identity theft monitoring products or services when they are contacted by identity theft victims.
According to the FTC, consumer education continues to be an important priority for the FTC, which has an extensive program to provide consumers with the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves from identity theft and to deal with its consequences. The FTC also provides a variety of educational materials to help consumers deter, detect and defend against identity theft. In cases of identity theft, the burden of proving their innocence typically rests on the victim’s shoulders. Child identity theft has seen an increase in public awareness, legislative activity, and research in the past few years. Falling victim to an identity thief is more than just inconvenient; it can be downright traumatizing. February 2012 marked the release of the latest Federal Trade Commission study, the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book.

Email address will be used by and FPF2A for notification or request purposes only and will not be provided to third-parties.
Most incidents will have the date and time ("from") to specify when the property was last observed intact, and a second date and time ("to") to indicate the discovery of the theft.
The form will automatically calculate the quantity and per-item value, and display the running total at the bottom of the form. The survey showed that most of the respondents were generally satisfied with their experiences, but the report also noted areas for improvement. These rights enable victims to place fraud alerts on their credit report with the consumer reporting agencies, request a free credit report from the three national consumer reporting agencies when placing a fraud alert, block fraudulent information from appearing in their credit report, and receive a notice of these and other rights from the consumer reporting agencies.
The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime’s 2011 forum, Stolen Futures: A Forum on Child Identity Theft, identified several unique challenges around the prevention and detection of, and recovery from, child identity theft.
Discovering the target is you can be the beginning of an emotional roller coaster that includes denial, anger, feelings of betrayal, and confusion.
The report reveals that identity theft complaints within the last three years remained steady in the range of 250,000 to 280,000 identity theft complaints per year.

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