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Hi, My name is Ben Anderson and I make over $1,300 per month from a couple of websites like GuidesandTutorials. Our Free Microsoft Excel 2003 tutorial will help you learn and use the Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet program.
Microsoft Excel 2003 is a powerful spreadsheet software program that allows you to manipulate data and make quick and accurate numerical calculations.
Instant Download! - Place your order right now and you'll have access to your videos online, immediately. When you launch Excel, the program opens to a blank document that looks like the one below. The most basic part of an Excel document is the box that holds a piece of data, called a cell. Title Bar - The title bar displays the name of the program you are currently using and the name of the Excel workbook that is open.
Menu Bar - The menu bar is directly below the Title bar and displays a list of the menus that you can use to give commands to Excel.
Standard Toolbar - The Standard toolbar includes buttons that are shortcuts for the most commonly used commands. Research - Enables information rights management which can help protect sensitive documents from begin copied or forwarded. Other Options - There are a variety of other options you can call or add to the toolbar, such as Cut, Email, Sort Descending, etc.
Formatting Toolbar - The Formatting toolbar contains buttons for the most commonly used formatting commands, such as making text bold or italicized.
The Formatting Toolbar includes commonly used buttons for formatting the information in cells. Task Pane - The Task pane lists commands that are relevant to whatever you're doing in Excel. Formula Bar - The Formula Bar allows you to view, enter, and edit data in the selected cell. The mathematical formula will appear in the Formula Bar when a cell that includes a formula is selected in the worksheet. Scroll Bars - Horizontal and Vertical scroll bars are available to help you move around your spreadsheet.
If the Status Bar does not have a check mark next to it, press the down arrow until it is highlighted, then press enter. Before you start entering data into a worksheet, you need to learn how to move around in a worksheet. You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around the Excel worksheet one cell at a time. You can use the End Key in conjunction with the Arrow keys to move the cursor to the far end of the spreadsheet in the direction of the arrow. You can use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move the cursor up and down the worksheet one page at a time. The Home key used in conjunction with the End key moves the cursor to cell A1 or to the beginning of any data that has been entered into the worksheet. If you enter text or numbers into a cell and you find that it spans beyond the width of the cell, you can make the column wider by clicking and dragging the dividing line between the two columns. Another way to select cells is to place the cursor in the upper left cell that you want to highlight.
Now that you've learned to navigate around an Excel 2003 spreadsheet, you're ready to start entering data.

Values: Any type of numerical data, such as numbers, percentages, fractions, divisors, dates, currencies, times, etc. Labels are used for worksheet headings and make your worksheets organized and easy to read. This Audacity tutorial will show you how to use the basic tools and procedures in the open source audio editing program, Audacity. This Excel 2003 Tutorial will introduce you to the basics of using the Excel 2003 spreadsheet program. This Podcasting tutorial includes a step by step guide that will show you how to record, publish and promote your podcast.
This LCD Projector Guide will assist you in the use and purchase of a digital LCD projector or DLP projector.
This Microsoft Word 2007 Workspace tutorial will acquaint you with the new tools and features in the Word 2007 Window. Get the Excel 2007 Ebook: The Ultimate Guide and receive all of the Excel 2007 tutorials in one handy reference guide. VBA code to search text in Sheet In this VBA example code, you will learn how to search for cells in Excel sheet that contain the information that you are looking for. This Excel 2003 Tutorial will introduce you to the basics of using the Excel 2003 spreadsheet program. From this point, you can add data, change how it looks, have Excel perform mathematical calculations or summarize the data or find information in Excel's help files. Note that it's possible that depending on the way your computer is configured, not every toolbar that you see below may look the same on your machine. It contains buttons for the tools you use most frequently, such as saving, opening, and printing workbooks.
By clicking on the triangle at the far right side of the toolbar, you can access these options.
For example, the selected cell in the image below is at the intersection of column D and row 3. For example you could have a separate worksheet for each month of the year in a workbook for the year 2007. Before you can enter information into a cell, you must make the cell active by selecting it.
Place your cursor over the dividing line, click, and than drag it to the desired width and then release your mouse. You can do that by clicking on a column label to select all cells in that column, a row label to select all cells in a particular row, or you can click and drag your mouse over a group of cell. They usually contain text, but can also contain numerical information not used for calculations, such as numbers or dates.
Notice that numbers automatically align to the right, while text automatically aligns to the left. Instead a formula was entered to add the three grade columns and divide the total by three to find the average grade. The Save As dialog box will appear and you will be given the opportunity to give the file a name and choose the location on your hard drive where you want to save the file. If you enter a search query into cell B2, Excel searches through column E and the results appear in column B.
Again, double click the right corner of cell D4 to quickly copy the formula to the other cells.
If we divide the row number by a large number and add it to the result of the SEARCH function, we always have unique values.

If the third argument is 1, Excel ranks the smallest number first, second smallest number second, etc. I've been working in technology for over 20 years in a wide range of tech jobs from Tech Support to Software Testing. You'll learn to create a spreadsheet, basic Excel workbook skills, work with cells, enter and manipulate data, apply formulas, format data, create and work with charts, and manage Excel workbooks. Rows are identified by the numbers down the left side and columns are identified by letters across the top. You can move across the menu bar and down the drop-down menus with your mouse of by highlighting one of the menu items and using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
You can give worksheets your own meaningful names by placing your cursor over the sheet name and typing. For example, if the scroll box is near the bottom of the scroll bar, you're at the beginning of a workbook. You can make a cell active by using the mouse and clicking in a cell or you can use the keyboard to move the cell pointer using the keyboard's arrow keys.
See the sample headings below for Grades across the top row and Students down the first column. A row has been allowed at the top for column headings and a column has been allowed on the left for row headings. When that formula was copied into each of the rows in column E, Excel automatically calculated the average for each student. Once you've saved a worksheet the first time, it's a good idea to save it often so you don't lose your work should something happen to the file or your computer. Once you've given the file a name and saved it, in the future, when you make any changes to the file, you only need to click the save button to save the most recent changes to the file. If you find any error, please report it then we will take actions to correct it as soon as possible. To return unique values, which will help us when we use the RANK function in a moment, slightly adjust the formula in cell D4 as shown below. We'll use the VLOOKUP function to return the countries found (lowest rank first, second lowest rank second, etc.) Select cell B4 and insert the VLOOKUP function shown below.
I started this site as a technical guide for myself and it has grown into what I hope is a useful reference for all. After the data has been entered, Excel offers tools to perform any type of calculation on it. You don't want to lose all your work if the power goes out or something else unexpected happens. As the dialog box says, locking cells or hiding formulas has no effect until you protect the worksheet. Excel 2003 also has many formatting tools to display the data in various formats to always keep it looking sharp and professional.
For example, in the image below the Active Cell at the intersection of Column A and Row 1 is given the cell reference of A1. Microsoft Excel is be far the most widely used, most powerful spreadsheet program available.

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