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Communication dictates the present era, and while the availability of various communicative devices leaves us spoilt for choice, telephones have always been at the helm of communicative necessity. For a reliable cordless phone that offers good value for the money and features an integrated answering machine, discover the Gigaset A220A. This Beetel M52 Corded Landline Phone is equipped with a capacity to store 30 incoming call numbers and 5 outgoing call numbers.
The phone is also equipped with a one way speaker, with the help of which you can put the phone on speaker mode and take calls.
Among telephones, Landline phones have held its own, even after the introduction of various other devices like mobile phones, computers and more. The cord is long and it allows appreciable amount of reach in comparison to other corded landline phones of its class and kind. Its answering machine records up to 25 minutes of messages, providing a convenient way to receive all incoming calls while you are out. This landline phone is a class above the rest, be it for domestic purpose at home or for work purposes at office. Along with the auto detection  feature, it allows you to track the number you are getting a call from.

If you have been looking for a functionality-rich and dependable landline phone for your home or maybe for an office set up and work purposes, considering the Beetel B11 Corded Landline Phone would be a great choice. Also the cord is capable of relaying interference and distortion free signal which makes the voice clear and the speaking experience on the phone remarkable.
The response rate of the keys is high so you will not find it difficult to key in the phone number while dialling. The functions no elaborate key combinations, but are accessible by the designated keys provided in the keypad. With simple features that reflect high utility and functionality, the landline phone is extremely dependable. Other than the number keys, the keypads also features different keys for designated functions like mute, flash, pause and redial. The redial function helps you to dial the last dialled number without having to key in the whole number once again.
For instance, the user-friendly keys with sensitive pressure points make dialling a pleasure. With easy dialling functions and a sleek ergonomic design that promotes easy handling, this landline phone is the one to get.

Other than the number keys, the keypad also features different keys for designated functions like speaker phone, flash, hold, redial, and more.
In contemporary times, communication has had a massive impact on social dynamics, and hence with it has brought many other communicative devices like mobile phones and computers in to the picture. The mute function on the other hand helps you to keep the phone on mute while you are on a call. It has a ringer volume control function with which you can easily adjust the ringer volume.
Like all Gigaset cordless phones, the Gigaset A220A is equipped with Eco Mode Plus, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home. It also has a call back functions with the help of which you can call any of the last received numbers.
It is also capacitated with the hands free dialling and ring indicator features which add to its remarkable functionality quotient.

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