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35+ useful and amazing Ajax jQuery Plugins, scripts and tutorials list with plugin info link, demo links. Hope you enjoyed this post containing some of the most beautiful and helpful Ajax jQuery plugins, scripts and tutorials for your reference.
This rule matches any web address that has nothing in between the beginning and the end besides the characters w, c, s, and f (in that order), followed by an optional slash, and redirects it to the full web address with a 301 status code. When someone visits the wcsf vanity URL, by default Apache will look for a subfolder called wcsf to show either an index.php file in that subfolder or a directory listing. This new rewrite rule only has one flag, [L], which still indicates to Apache that this is the last rule it should apply and should not keep looking at the rewritten address to see if it should apply other rules. I will now put that vanity.php I mentioned in the rewrite rule in the main folder of my website. For the second task, redirecting to the full web address, I’ll use the two header commands we looked at originally.
Notice that we’re now concatenating the value from the $full variable as part of the header, instead of specifying a static web address like we were before. Our vanity URLs are now all specified in the htaccess file and then redirected by a single PHP file that receives a query string parameter.

Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll send you news and tutorials on web design, coding, business, and more! Ajax if implemented on a website or web application efficiently and correctly, can do wonders by reducing the requests sent to the server tremendously. The motto of this post was to keep some of the top Ajax plugins in one place which can help the developers to find their choice of the plugin easily. I don’t like that the vanity part of the web address appears in two places, in the pattern to match and in the new web address. References to a backreferences start with a dollar sign followed by the corresponding number, so the $1 in this rule tells Apache to take the first value in parentheses from the matched pattern and insert it here in the new web address. With the rewrite rules and the PHP file in place, we’re ready to tackle the database portion. Ajax on a website are normally implemented to help reduce the huge requests to the server every time an interaction happens on the website. In one of our previous article, we have seen how to display ajax style loading image which the page loads. If any other important plugin you feel is missed, please let us know by comments for us to include in the post.

With rewrite rules, you can then reference part of the matched pattern in the new web address kind of like a variable. I specify a different name for the vanity in the pattern to match, and I specify a different destination in the new web address. We do not need to tell the visitor’s browser that we are going to a vanity.php file at all.
Today, we are going to explore some of the Ajax jQuery plugins, scripts and tutorials written from the web world. They ask for wcsf, and Apache will silently rewrite that rule to vanity.php?… without sending that back to the browser.

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