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The friends list on your Facebook profile or the a€?Edit Friendsa€? page lets you browse through your friend list.
This enhanced Friend Search feature can be useful if you need to quickly have a glance at your school or college friends on Facebook, your colleagues and so on.
These music recommendations are interesting, but in terms of giving me something to listen to, they don’t compare well to those of most pureplay music services. Also, there’s no easy way to hear the music on Facebook, because its artist pages don’t automatically link out to MOG, Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify, Deezer, and other on-demand music services with which Facebook integrates. More useful for music fans is Facebook Social Graph’s ability to let you hinge from a band search directly to their photos and pages made for the band. Yet sometimes it’s those same long lists of features that end up making the app hard to grasp, or in some cases ultimately useless. The Graph Search is a new way to explore places and find interests on Facebook, in a very convenient way.

You can use the search results, to find new friends, because results are customized to the current user.
That approach, in my case anyway, works well for recommending bands that friends of friends are actually in, bands that I have liked for years anyway, and a music festival I might like. However, at least this gives you an easy way to see what music your friends like most of all.
Fixing that would require deep integration with one or more of the music services that send play data — apparently unused, here — to Facebook.
Facebook has enhanced this feature by letting you search using various filters like city, hometown, school, workplace, interest etc.With the enhanced friend search feature, you can search for friends filtering them by the Name of their city, Hometown, School, Workplace and Interests. Some people already have access to it, but if you don’t, there’s an easy way to get it without waiting for Facebook to add it to your account.
As such, this music page just scratches the surface of what Facebook can do with music recommendations, because it sees your play activity in all sorts of places — it’s just not using those smarts here.

The a€?Interesta€? feature is really interesting as you can look for friends with certain interests. Like if you want to see which of your friends like the book a€?Faces in Timea€?, you can type it and youa€™ll get a list of friends who like the book.
You can search using the names of Facebook fan pages and not the likes from other websites.

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