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Instagram just pushed out a new version of its iOS app, the first update following its $1 billion deal with Facebook.
Instagram version 2.5 brings out half a dozen new features, including a revamped profiles tab, a brand new Explore section and the ability to share your likes to Facebook, to name a few.
If anything, we now know Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was telling the truth when he promised to maintain Instagram as a standalone app. If you prefer to manage your content updates across multiple social networks simultaneously, you will no doubt love the ability to share your Instagram likes on Facebook. To enable this feature, go to your Profile tab in the app, then tap Sharing Settings and then Facebook. Revamped profile tabs also look nice and the new Explore tab lets you browse hashtags and usernames. Another handy feature is autocomplete when searching for people you follow (the lack of it was seriously ticking me off). Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. For now you can only search for users and hashtags, but I envision Explore blossoming to let you home in on photos from specific times or locations. The next way it could open our eyes might be letting us pick which of our friends’ windows to peer through. Instagram is a free photo sharing application that enables its users to take photos, apply filters, and share them on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, and Posterous. We are excited to have our API available for out-of-the-box development in one more major platform – Python!
In no time Georgi Kostadinov put it at work, and what a better way to try it than prototyping basic tool that searches among recent Instagram photos based on colors, using Imagga Color API. On June 23, Instagram took to its official blog to detail the newest update to its iOS app, which is available beginning today.
With the new version of the popular social networking service, which bumps the version to 7.0, the company put a big focus on improving the Search functionality within, as well as reimagining the Explore tab, both in an effort to keep people within the app longer.
With the new Explore page, users should find it easier than ever before to discover new places, people and more, all based on current trends. The new version of Instagram was released today, so for those who already have it installed, check to see if the new version is already installed. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Sure, you can always post luscious images of your menu items on your Facebook fan page and hope everyone who matters will see them. You may know Instagram as the photo sharing service recently purchased by Facebook for a cool $1 billion.
As for granting your fans a little freedom, Flickr recently integrated its sharing features with Pinterest.
Pinterest has been described as an easy-to-use “wish list,” scrapbook or inspiration diary – an addicting site where users can easily “pin” something they like or want to a virtual bulletin board, using different apps, plug-ins and buttons.

San Diego’s Sushi Ninja Food Truck uses its Pinterest boards to broadcast photos of catering, menu items and private events. Instagram offers a choice of special photo filters to apply before uploading via smartphone – 22% of uploaded photos are taken with a cell phone, so why wouldn’t mobile users want help with enhancing their pics? In 2011, Instagram’s blog highlighted the number of food trucks that started to grace its site.
I’ve barely scratched the surface and I know that the minute this post is published, it will be outdated.
Si hablamos de compartir fotografias en los dispositivos moviles es facil pensar en la red social Instagram. La plataforma, que recientemente fue adquirida por Facebook, ha alcanzado tal popularidad que no cesan de surgir aplicaciones de terceros que intentan aprovechar parte de su exito. Hoy quiero presentaros Search Instagram, un potente buscador de imagenes en la inmensa base de datos fotografica de Instagram. TechCrunch sees the Explore tab becoming the future of photo discovery, possibly letting you soon hone in on photos from specific times or locations. It also added new Facebook sharing controls, visual and speed improvements, better commenting, autocomplete for search, and revamped profiles. For example, you could select to see all the pics taken from 9am to 4pm yesterday near Market Street in San Francisco to reveal a rainbow of photos from Gay Pride. Now it’s hard to spot a gorgeous sunset or a bustling intersection without reaching for Instagram to give friends a window in.
Explore could one day let you see just nearby photos, shots from a specific zip code or city, ones with a particular filter, or pics posted in certain time frames. Explore could make all Instagrams discoverable, and transform users from visitors to a worldwide photo gallery into its curators. It allows its users to capture and customize their photos and videos with several custom-built filter effects.
Better yet, I start to wonder where I can get that food, which is one reason why social photo sharing websites are fast becoming the promotional tools of choice for food trucks and related mobile food businesses. However, in light of privacy concerns, can you still assume most of your potential customers are on Facebook? Instagram’s 50 million users know it as the free smartphone app, for iPhone and Android users, that makes amateur photos look awesome. Facebook’s developer community is always offering new apps and helps integrate other sites into Facebook fan pages. Boston’s Mei Mei Street Kitchen also has Pinterest boards for special events, but it also maintains a cool board titled, “Farms and Producers We Love,” a great way to thank the people that help make them a success. The Instagram app can be configured to automatically share new uploads with your Twitter feed and Facebook fan page.
By checking out the thousands of food truck photos hashtagged on Instagram, you may find that a fan has already recognized you.

Una comunidad que ya cuenta con aproximadamente cincuenta millones de usuarios, una cifra que no para de crecer. Ya he comentado algunas de ellas desde estas mismas lineas, como Instadash o Pinstagram entre otras.
Funciona como cualquier buscador, escribiendo las palabras clave y esperando los resultados, aunque la forma de presentar estos ultimos es bastante original. Las imagenes se muestran oscurecidas o apagadas, hasta que seleccionamos alguna, entonces se iluminara y podremos hacer clic para ver los detalles.
It could be fun to see all the shots taken right outside your apartment, from your hometown, all the old-timey “1977” filtered pics, or everything shot around midnight. When you use a photo site, you convey a visual, enticing story about your curbside kitchen. Year after year, Flickr ranks as one of the top, if not the top, photo sharing communities in the world.
Referral traffic percentages, in other words, the percentage of people who click on a photo on Pinterest and go to the linked site, is higher than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined.
A nice feature of Pinterest is its automatic linking, saving the user an oft-forgotten step in sharing. The Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau has even gotten into the act by creating a Pinterest board to highlight Phoenix area food trucks.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Quite simply, the broader the net you cast – excuse the bad pun – the easier it is for interested people to discover you. It continues to be a popular resource for everything from discovering new photo techniques to sourcing photos for a variety of uses, with a photographer’s permission, of course. Finally, Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market showcases multiple food trucks via its Pinterest Great Food board. MIHO Gastrotruck of San Diego uses Instagram to share weekly specials and stories about how its food is made. Set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to integrate with Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram. If you want your Flickr photos to show up on your fan page, just search on Facebook for an app or enable Facebook settings on your Flickr account. As a foodie, when I click on a picture, I’m redirected to a Web site to get the full story. Ask users to repin the item they like the best, where each repin equals one vote, then offer something of value – like a free meal – to the most prolific Pinterest fan.

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