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Device Port flicker.easy to find the connected PoE switch port by sending special signals, the connected PoE port will flicker at special frequency. Lithium Ion Polymer Battery .The device employs advanced power control and protection circuit. 7 inch LCD 800*600 HD image display .clearly display HD SDI HD camera, support 1080P HD camera(25frames,30 frames),720P(50 frames),with Larger-screen image display, and easy to install camera.
Test video signal strength attenuation, longer video signal cable will cause the image to be dim, and reduce the image dynamic range, video signal is too strong, it will cause the virtual shadow, and reduce the sharpness of the image.
It also can real-display the video level value, if out of range, notices will be display in the screen.
The color bar (red, green, blue, white, black) test the monitor whether have white or black dot etc. The tester will send special signals to make the connected POE port flicker at special frequency, which will enable the installers to easily and quickly find the connected ethernet cable.
To add an IP camera or other network device to the current network group, the new IP address must not be occupied, otherwise it will cause IP conflicts and stop the equipment normal working. Visual Fault Locator with 650nm wavelength can emit red laser sources to test multi-mode and single mode fiber’s bending and breakage, and Continuous light-emitting and 1HZ, 2Hz modulating light output.

The user-defined shortcut key is designed for improving the efficiency for the engineer, anytime press, easy to operate.
New function: TDR cable testing, accurately measure BNC cable, network cable, control cable break-point (cable length) and short-circuits location. Standard USB output interface, applies to most USB data cable, current 2 A output, Can charge for mobile phones and other digital devices anytime or standby power . The new developed functions include POE power supply testing, PING testing, IP address scan, Video screen shot , Video record, Image magnification , Port flicker, Cable search , LED lamp etc.
And then the connecting status, cable type and the sequence of wires will be displayed, as well as the serial number of the cable tester kit.
This function can prevent mistakenly insertion or disconnection non-corresponding cable to artificially interrupt network connection. It can clearly display the power+ and power- on the ethernet cable pins, each cable pin’s voltage and the failure connection of cable pin series numbers. It is indispensable tool in fiber project constructing, fiber net-work maintaining, optical component manufacture and research.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

The new tester also has built in TDR cable testing, which is specialized designed for BNC cable testing in the security monitoring system.
And judge whether the color is different, because of the transmission loss or interference, it suitable for Video transmission of the field tests, such as optical video transmitter and receiver, video cable etc. This function can accurately measure BNC cable and network cable’s break point and short-circuit location. The new tester designed with easy operation and portability makes it simple for a cctv technician or installer to install and maintain CCTV systems, improving work efficiency by reducing time in the field. 850nm.Linear or nonlinear optical power display, it can measure the optical power value, and also be used for Relative measurement of optical fiber link loss. It is necessary tool for fibre-optic communication, cable television system and security system maintenance.

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