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Mark's Digital Media and Tech Law ColumnMark Leiser: I am a PhD Candidate in Cyber Law at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. If you have your language settings on Facebook set to US English, you may soon be able to access Facebook new search function - with what must be the worst name in social media – Graph Search. Unlike previous search functions on Facebook, Graph Search allows you to search your friends for recommendations. The search function has a dark and creepy side which no doubt will stir up privacy activists. Facebook has anticipated the backlash and released a new privacy warning for Facebook Graph Search. Bei mir war es Ende April soweit, aber nun hat Facebook damit begonnen Facebook Graph auszurollen.A In den USA bekommen nun alle Benutzer die neue Suche.

Aber um ehrlich zu sein: Geheimnisse haben weder bei Facebook noch bei anderen Sozialen Medien etwas zu suchen.
Wenn ihr nicht sicher seit ob ihr die neue Suche schon bekommen habt, kA¶nnt ihr einfach auf das Suchfeld von Facebook schauen.
The search engine giant can’t access Facebook’s treasure trove of user data – or use it in any sort of personalized context.
One can use could use Graph search to find friends who like Italian food, search for photos that include you and a friend or just search for photos that you have 'liked'.
Again Facebook seems to be relying on the exchange of a free service – making use of massive amounts of data to help its users gain insights and recommendations. Mag alles rund um Apfelzeugs, Tech Gadgets aller Art sowie mobilen Kram der uns das Leben leichter macht.

Now Facebook users will be able to search for “friends who live in New York who like Bulldogs and Rock Music” or “Friends in Los Angeles who play outdoor chess” while on the red eye from New York.
Like everything on Facebook, concerns about privacy can be neutralized through altering privacy settings. Dadurch ist es natA?rlich noch wichtiger seine Einstellungen im Griff zu haben, damit nicht all eure Geheimnisse sichtbar werden.

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