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Are you ready to start marketing with Instagram and need an introductory, step by step guide? Next, choose to find friends with both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, at which point you will be prompted to enter your account login information. Filters are a great way to make your pictures look cool, interesting and artsy, even if the original photo is not great.
Share Pictures on Other Social Networks. Make sure you don’t just show your Instagram followers your awesome photos – share them with your other social networks! Now that you’ve started following your social connections, view your Feed and ‘like’ pictures that catch your eye and add comments when appropriate. Get our monthly newsletter + our Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategy Guide FREE for an inside look at the strategies and tactics that get results.
For the sake of argument, I have to point out that at first launch, this new feature is only available to US Instagram users. You will still access the Explore and Search functions from the magnifying glass icon to the left of the camera button when you’re in Instagram.
The top image actually scrolls and you can swipe it left or right to get right to the category you prefer. When you tap on one of those trending tags, a whole gallery opens up – for Top Posts and for Most Recent Posts. Now, instead of turning to Twitter for updates on a trending event, people can use Instagram and see what is happening. Sure, I realize that these trending tags won’t likely affect you directly as a business owner. Instagram is about connecting and building your community and sometimes you need to be the one to actually initiate new relationships! True story, I totally found a few people who I am connected with on other sites but didn’t know they were on Instagram using this tool. You can now search for places by their actual name, not just a hashtag or hoping you have the right spelling of their username. Everyone is talking about how you can search for cities or countries and places to plan to visit. You can see where they are on the map and, again, see the top posts and recent posts related to that restaurant. First of all, if you’re a local business, make sure your business is coming up as a location on Instagram! Sure, if you’re a B2B or online company, this specific feature may not affect you right away. There’s also some value in looking at market research and target audiences in your area or specific areas. I agree, Blake, there are still a lot of things they could do to improve the search functionality! Meet Jenn!I am here to help you make sense of Social Media management and to understand the current trends in Social Media. Click on my photo to visit my About page and learn more about me and my perspective on Social Media management. Download this easy-to-follow ebook for everything you need to know about how to use Instagram. When it comes to any social media, we also like to know who are the famous names using the service or app. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. For now you can only search for users and hashtags, but I envision Explore blossoming to let you home in on photos from specific times or locations. The next way it could open our eyes might be letting us pick which of our friends’ windows to peer through.

Instagram is a free photo sharing application that enables its users to take photos, apply filters, and share them on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, and Posterous. Following an update last month that added expanded search options to its mobile app, Facebook-owned Instagram has now started rolling out place search and other search-related enhancements for its web version, the company announced Monday. The new search features are currently rolling out to a subset of Instagram’s installed base before going live for everyone so they may not be available to you just yet.
The same goes for hashtag search as you can click on results to land on their respective hashtag pages. I use Instagram on my iPhone for the most part, but there are times when I like it better on my MacBook Air’s bigger screen. Instagram for iPhone gained place search last month, in addition to an enhanced Explore tab with trending tags and places around you, curated selections of hand-picked places and people and other perks.
The app includes a WatchKit component with a glance, rich notifications and an Apple Watch app but to this date lacks a native iPad interface. Instagram came onto the scene as the newest and brightest, social networking application for photo enthusiasts. For instance, say someone was really digging pictures of flowers and wanted to check out others around the world who were dabbling in the same thing? Following in the footsteps of Twitter success with the hashtag system, Instagram now makes it much simpler and more organized for users new and old to search the millions of photos that the service provides to its users everyday. If you want your photos of your business, events (I love looking at the pictures with #BlissDom tags!), daily life, or product discoverable on IG try using a hashtag when it is applicable.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. To take a picture, just select the blue camera icon in the middle of the bottom row of icons.
These bonus items are not things you need to do to have success on Instagram, but they can help boost your engagement if you want to put in the time and effort. She is a certified Google Analytics professional and a Google AdWords Qualified Individual. It’s been rudimentary at best and offered little value in what it produced for search results.
Now, when breaking news is happening or significant events are going on, their trending hashtag will appear in the list. While I don’t know how this has specifically been updated, it does seem to be a more appropriate list of suggestions. Instagram will still only look at the name and username for whatever words or spelling you’re using. This could be any type of local business and Instagram will pull up a list of local businesses near you. But we go back to the pending world domination (insert evil laugh ?? ) of Instagram and how it will affect users – and therefore why you should be taking more advantage of this platform. As a marketer or business owner, you can be looking for other companies to partner with, users in a certain area, or activities within a certain region that will allow you to better target your message and audience on Instagram. I promise to always do my best to provide helpful and useful articles in order to make your online marketing strategy more successful. And so, today's blog post has the whole event distilled down to 3 words - and ALL my thoughts around those three words!
It’s true in case of Facebook, and it remains true for a photo-sharing app like Instagram too. It also added new Facebook sharing controls, visual and speed improvements, better commenting, autocomplete for search, and revamped profiles.
For example, you could select to see all the pics taken from 9am to 4pm yesterday near Market Street in San Francisco to reveal a rainbow of photos from Gay Pride.
Now it’s hard to spot a gorgeous sunset or a bustling intersection without reaching for Instagram to give friends a window in.

Explore could one day let you see just nearby photos, shots from a specific zip code or city, ones with a particular filter, or pics posted in certain time frames.
Explore could make all Instagrams discoverable, and transform users from visitors to a worldwide photo gallery into its curators.
It allows its users to capture and customize their photos and videos with several custom-built filter effects. Of course, place search uses Facebook’s location database and the results are linked to that location. On the downside, viewing trending people and places is not supported on Instagram’s web interface yet. Most of this claim held true for a good bit of time, but it always felt like something was missing from the equation. Instagram, the smartphone application that allows you to take, filter and share photos on the go, is gaining attention after being acquired by Facebook on April 9th.
If you have any questions about how to use Instagram for your business, please ask in the comments below. These are likely to be places that are hosting live events, concerts, political events, or other gatherings.
Think about stories related to natural disasters (Hurricane Sandy), or global movements, or political changes, or major television broadcasts (Oscars, Emmys, etc.). Tapping on one of the images in either category will take you to the full feed for that category where you can scroll through to view images and read captions and comments about what is happening right now.
But I want to highlight this because I think, all too often, we get complacent in who we follow and don’t branch out to expand our network. How you use this will depend on your strategy and your Instagram goals, but you could definitely get creative with searching your target audience. Yes, my #yetimicrophone is acting as a tripod on top of my filing organizer ?? Not the best plan but it held in for the whole recording! It could be fun to see all the shots taken right outside your apartment, from your hometown, all the old-timey “1977” filtered pics, or everything shot around midnight.
Finally, a few months back, the team over at IG decided that it was in the user’s best interest to include a hashtag cataloging system that would allow amateur and professional photographers to sift through seemingly endless pages of pictures and find ones that they were most interested in.
Facebook’s purchase has created high expectations of the value of the mobile photo sharing trend. Surprising but much appreciated ?? I got the new Explore feature right away on my Android but the search feature delayed about 24 hours before appearing in my app.
And if they’re on Instagram more, and turning to it for more of a news outlet, you can see how this is growing into a more dominant presence a la Facebook. Get the updates out there so that people who are looking have the ability to see first-hand what’s going on in your business. When you are tired of looking at photos of landscapes and close-ups, really get into Instagram and search out pop singers, actors, sports stars, fashionistas, your favorite brands, news channels
But I would love to hear what your favorite hashtags for Instagram are and ways you use Instagram for business or for fun.
We’ll introduce you to Instagram step by step so you can take advantage of this rising trend today! If your Instagram app doesn’t automatically update, you will have to update it to see these new features. It’s only going to attract more users and more time on Instagram so you need to be there too!
Find a user name on this directory, and then search their profile on Instagram to get into their feed.

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