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You can avoid your boss’s phone calls and prevent other people from contacting you verbally, but what about SMS messages. Depending on which carrier you use, there is still hope for those that want to block certain SMS messages. Read on to find out which of these carriers may be able to help you and how to manage blocking SMS messages.Prevent Unwanted Messages On Your PhoneWhenever you receive an unsolicited text message or an advertisment you are the victim of phone spam.
According to certain phone companies, a large share of these messages are sent from the Internet directly to your iPhone, so they are actually email messages of some sorts.

These service providers also offer their clients a free service that comes with some optison for blocking these kinds of messages.
It will let you use certain features for blocking incoming or outgoing text messages for up to 30 phone numbers. It costs $12 and it will give you the opportunity to block incloming calls and text messages.So, as you see, there are ways to block certain SMS messages from reaching you.
Some of these options are carrier-specific and the services of that carrier may or may not be free.

Those with jailbroken iPhones can install and use iBlacklist and only spend a small sum for the app to get the same results out of it.

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