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The primary camera is of 13 mega pixels but thecamera quality will not appeal the user that much.
Google Maps is nothing but a desktop and mobile web mapping service application and technology. You can get driving directions to and from a location with Google maps and also you can get walking directions, too. On the upper right-hand side of a Google Map you will find a link and if you click on it, it will give you the URL to use as a link to your map. Nowadays people roam to various places for vacations, trip, business work etc and maximum of them are one time visitors and they normally are not aware of the places. Scroll to Set application permissions and press the Navigation key to activate the function. A mobile application that is developed by Google for the Android and iOS operating systems is Google maps navigation system. Many Android device doesn’t come with Radio antennae within which means you can’t access to your favorite Radio station in your area of anywhere around the world. TuneIn Radio is best and no other app is available anywhere around the globe which can beat it. There are over 100,000 real radio stations from all parts of the world and you can play any of them as per your mood or genre. You can find thousands of channels according to location or different categories like electro, dance, pop, relax, rock, etc.
Last recommended app from my side because there is no other better internet radio app on the Google play store which I can call among top and best ones.
There are over 15k stations within which can be accessed and you’re likely to find awesome results every time for sure. You can save radio channels in your favorite list so that you don’t need to worry about finding it again through bunch of channels. From my side, these three are the best free Internet Radio apps for Android platform and I hope you find at least one of them useful and worth at your end.
I’m going to let you know which particular smartphone is a best buy in this guide here on HTC One (M8) vs Motorola Moto X (2014). Both phones got speakers on front which gives loud volume level and increases experience of watching movies or playing games. X got 13MP camera on back and 2MP on front along with all possible camera features which are common in flagship smartphones.
For me, user experience is most important so I chose Moto X (2014) out of the two but that doesn’t mean HTC One (M8) is a bad choice at all. When Nokia launched its first Lumia phone to compete iPhone and top Android smartphones then they offered lots of features which were really amazing.
Another reason why people bough Lumia phones was because they were having better display and better camera than Android devices. We got most of the Android phones running on KitKat OS which is latest and also the most impressive looking software.
If you’re having Windows Phone right now then I’m sharing here top reasons to buy Android phone now. The Android KitKat and upcoming L are most gorgeous, better looking and better operating software right now. Microsoft isn’t that fast in bringing software updates which brings new features for users but Android does that very fast. If you’re planning to buy an Android phone and go with Motorola or Nexus devices then your device is likely to stay with updated Android version easily for next two years. Getting lots of Unwanted Apps on our Android phones isn’t a new thing since every manufacturer does that and its users who pay for that. Another big trouble with such apps is that you may find success uninstalling them but once you get your phone reset to factory default software settings then all those apps will come again and will be right there at your home screen.
You must have heard that Android phones offer lots of customization features and this particular platform helps users to keep their device as they wish. I’ll let you know how you can uninstall apps from your Android phones which were pre-installed and within few minutes you’ll be done with the procedure. If you’re known enough to root your device to gain system access then there are lots of quality apps available (which works only on rooted devices) using which you can get the job done easily. These three are the most genuine and very effective apps which can do the work at your end within few seconds and you will not only be able to uninstall such bloat apps but also you will be able to delete their files permanently. I recommend you to use free version of these apps as that will complete the work at your end but you can even opt for their premium versions to enable certain other features which are further helpful to keep your device as per your wish. Many users don’t find it easy to root their Android phones and since this particular thing void system warranty terms so users don’t opt going that way.
First click on ‘Force stop’ option to stop working that app and then you’ll either get option to disable that or uninstall it completely. So this was the story of guide and I hope you found the way through your general issue with bloatwares. Antivirus not only protects our device from getting any sort of infections but also keep our private and personal data protected. I’ll list here top 5 Android free Antivirus apps which you can easily find over the Google play store for free and you must have one of them installed on your device right now. This particular app is developed and maintained by AVG which is a well known name in antivirus industry. It also scans new apps and games and new data automatically which is another impressive feature and since it does that on automation so users don’t need to worry about anything. Another free app which is heavily advertised and you can rely on it as it will keep your complete personal data secured.

It will also fix its little icon or widget on the screen which makes it accessible anywhere.
When Android was new, Lookout Security was only better option available for users as Antivirus which is also available for free now. Avira is another well known name in this industry and here its app for Android phones and tablets. It not only provides free Antivirus solution but also let you block contacts and protect your identity. This app is developed by AVAST Software which is another known name in Antivirus industry and its Android app is available for free while there are still certain paid features. It offers its best protection features for users for free and provides protection from maximum type of infections known for Android platform yet.
The launch of Android Kitkat is not even one year old and now Google had now launched the successor of Android Kitkat which is Google Android Lollipop 5.0. The notifications in Android L are been overhauled by Google and had been made more relevant. Below is the List of all the Apps and website’s which will help you to track any Mobile Number in India. True caller is an Mobile app which is an Global phone directory through which you can easily take out owner’s name and Location. But not only this if you don’t have any smartphone, then also you can Trace Mobile Number information using True caller website. Here are some the best alternatives Android apps to True caller to Trace Mobile Number and find their details.
This is a newly launched service which contains mobile number information for all the latest Mobile numbers also. It is provided by Google and it offers satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives, as well as functions such as a route planner for traveling by foot, car, bicycle (beta test), or with public transportation. Just below that, it gives you the codes you can use to embed a map in any Web page that accepts embed tags.
You can add flags, shapes and other objects, and publish your map publicly or share it only with friends.
On this things, Google maps is a great help to everyone There are a number of other apps that offer similar functionality, but Google Maps is the most widely used mapping solution. The application uses an Internet connection to a GPS navigation system to provide turn-by-turn voice-guided instructions on how to arrive at a given destination. If you’re one of such people who are eager to use a Radio app then here I’m sharing top and best free Internet Radio apps for Android which you can grab from Google play store. It got long list of available channels which you can scroll through and another exciting feature is its eye catching and super elegant user interface.
This is the app which is available completely for free and you’re going to enjoy using it for sure. There is always complete information available with every radio channels and you’re likely to find most of them worth listening to. The alarm clock can be set using this app and once time occurs then this app starts automatically. This comparison is going to let you know which one to go with finally but let me tell you a thing in starting itself that both phones are great at their stand so you buy them according to the one you’re liking best. Both got unique design which is impressive and available in unique colors that further makes it look better. Both phones got LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and all other sensors and additional smartphone standard features.
First thing was a pure gorgeous design and second was the available bright color option which users can like and choose accordingly. Only Android phone with awesome display was manufactured by Samsung which wasn’t offering high quality build. The upcoming Android L version is already attracting me a lot and I had all the time waiting for it. I hope these reasons are enough to convince you to switch to Android but if you can afford a high-end phone then I’d still recommend going with iPhone because it offer better user experience and privacy features.
But when we see such bloatwares installed on our phones then its little annoying and sometimes those apps waste a lot of our time.
All three apps are available on the Google play store itself so you’re getting them from a genuine source. This is the reason why your Android phone must have at least one Antivirus app installed on it which is continuously working and protecting your personal data.
If you’re skipping this particular thing then you’re making it easier for anyone to hack into your personal life. You’re likely to get premium protection for free and its user interface is also very simple and elegant in design.
It features almost everything which is needed in an Antivirus app to be there and also it got a decent looking user interface. It even provides premium feature for free using which users can find out their lost Android device, either make it scream or wipe out complete data online, so that your personal data is kept secured with only you. Its user interface is very elegant and simple in design which helps users to access any of its feature within ease and comfort. Once a contact is blocked then you’re unlikely to get phone call or messages from that particular number. ART runtime supports ARM, MiPS instructions, x86, and also mixes up JIT, AOT, and the interpreted code.
It will make the animations to run smoothly without consuming too much of your phone’s GPU.

Lock screen and the notification panel had been merged up, so that user can check out the latest notification on screen.
And its really a great thing which helps us to do our work more fastly but everything has some negative side also. Its a reliable and will provide you Information such as Mobile Operator, Location Signaling.
In Google maps, maps are embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps API, and there is a locator for urban businesses and other organizations in numerous countries around the world. So only thing you need to make sure for these apps is internet availability either via Wi-Fi or cellular data. It is available for free but there are few paid features which can cost you or else you can ignore them and continue using it for free.
If you’re all set to buy a phablet sized smartphone which is best looking as well then you’ll end up listing HTC One (M8) and all new Moto X (2014).
While One (M8) is available in gray, silver and gold color options only, Moto X (2014) offers a lot of color options which can be accessed via Moto Maker tool. On other hand, One got dual 4MP camera on back which can capture more details than any other camera phone and front part got 5MP shooter which is targeting selfie lovers. Also users Windows Phone OS was a brand new user interface while Android wasn’t that good in design and so only option users have was the iPhone. Android doesn’t misses any single thing from providing you notification of which can even be stopped if you want to be productive. Users need to try something different to deal with such Unwanted Apps stock apps which come with system default software. For such users there is a way to stop such unwanted apps and they may be uninstalled as well.
Do try this websites and don’t forget to Share your experience with us in Comments section, we would love to hear from you.
IT can effectively work on more CPUs and the performance will be improved as ART technology is now been used. Just a swipe will take you to the notifications and from there you can access the app showing notifications.
When the same specifications are sold at a much higher cost, Xiaomi manages to sell Mi3 at an affordable cost. I’m sure these two phones are there in your list but now you’re confused on which one to go with.
You can even buy Moto X with leather back or wooden back, thus it offers more customization features than any other device till date. Not to worry anymore since I’ll be sharing here a guide on how to remove Unwanted Apps from your Android phone easily and you’re not going to be their target anymore.
If you’re aware of Android OS then you must be known of its open source feature which makes it vulnerable. We all are waiting for release of Nexus 6 in our countries eagerly and also for Google to make Android L available for most of the smart phones. But no worry today in this tutorial I will show you How you can Trace mobile owner name, location and operator with there Mobile number. Their are various options for the people to select with actually HERE-IN you can find an option searching for people with their name, location tracking and a lot more. If the same pattern continues, Mi3 is sure to hit the market well and take over the complete Indian market. The app displays the user’s progress along the route and issues instructions for each turn. The application interface of smart phone will feature automatically generated color touches in real time. You will now see some advance effects like texture compression, geometry shaders, and compute shaders to provide you good gaming experience on your Android device.
The OS will now find out that which the applications are running on your smart phones that are drastically ruining the battery life. And its the same for any incoming or outgoing calls.Their is one more feature of this app which i like, it is their call blocking service which is really very helpful because sometime you people may also get calls from your cellular network regarding hello tunes and all. According to Google, if Nexus 5 will be updated with Android Lollipop 5.0 then it will see improvement with 90 minutes in its battery life. After you have successfully downloaded Truecaller now you will need to register or login using your existing mobile number so that we can proceed to our final step.Trace mobile number with address (TrueCaller)once you have successfully registered or logged into your truecaller account now you will see a search option in left of the menu option, click on it and enter the number which you want to Trace phone with Name, Location and Address. Once you have installed the app you will need to sign up or sign in into the app to start searching.Once you have successfully logged into the app you will require to click on the search option present right above the login screen and type in the number for which you want the details.
If you’re still unable to find the details then you should once go with the second method. If you have any queries regarding How To Trace Mobile Number Online with Name, Location and Address, then you can comment below.
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