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Bahria Town was selected best for the quality, design and Architecuture work from Pakistan. Taking a quick look at the history of Bahria Town would tell you that even though the community per se is a world class project, yet fighting off all the controversies (that found their way towards the development) required tireless marketing efforts.Malik Riaz deserves all the praise in the world for being able to steer both himself and Bahria Town out of crisis after crisis without as much as a scratch.
Bahria Town has made a habit of bagging some of the most prestigious real estate awards every year and 2013 was no different.
Much like the last year, the community claimed five of the most sought after international property awards, making Pakistan proud.We all remember how Bahria Town was in the eye of the storm that built aroundArsalan Iftikhar caseA but the much talked about EOBI scandal too had Malik Riaz at its core. This, much like the last controversy, endangered communitya€™s reputation but before, during and after Eid ul Fitr this year, Bahria Town got its marketing campaign in fifth gear and made the most of the Eid holidays.Bahria Town ran a number of promotional ad campaigns on television back to back, a majority of which not only highlighted the key pointers of Bahria Town Lahore project but also boasted how Bahria Town Islamabad was fast becoming the talk of the town. The most notable thing perhaps of these programmes was the fact that it had given ample attention to the welfare work both Bahria Town and Malik Riaz engage in.The Old Age House of Bahria Town, which is being marketed as Aap ka Apna Ghar, offers shelter, medical care and food to the old who have no one to look after them. Although each of these projects has dedicated websites of their own, yet not many people know about this.These have all been smart moves for building goodwill in the market which ultimately elevated the value of Bahria Town both as a community as well as a developer. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is the original community it has nine phases, which has a capacity of a planned residential city for 1 million people.

The Town's offers amenities (24-hour armed security, schools, hospitals, a fire department, retail shopping, restaurants and entertainment centers).
Given the Pakistan's security issues, Bahria Town remain the safest place to live with a lower crime rate than other developments.
Rival Pakistani developer, Defence Housing Authority, have built similar gated communities in the suburbs of major Pakistani cities such as Karachi. Bahria Town operate's Pakistana€™s largest private sector fleet of heavy earth moving equipment and the service workshops.
Bahria is also building the First Formula 1 racing track with full proof safety provided to Bahria Town residents. Recently Bahria Town announced its collaboration with Starwood Hotels for the opening the Sheraton Golf & Country Club, which would be the first of its kind in Pakistan. Malik Riaz Hussain, founder and ex-Chairman, is the force behind Bahria Town, started in the 1980s as a small-time contractor. To sign the countrya€™s first ever safe cityA a€“ Bodha Island CityA a€“, a team comprising Thomas Kramer, his legal advisers and other experts has landed in Islamabad in the night between Sunday and Monday by Etihad Airlines.

A spokesman for the Bahria Town said the project called Bodha Island City would be developed within a period of five to 10 years.[12] He said the project would comprise, Net City, Education City, Health City, Port city and other infrastructure projects. He said the worldsa€™ most modern shopping mall would also be built on the Island City, which would deal with international brands. According to reports, the Island City would be linked with Karachi through a six-lane bridge.
He said sea water will be made drinkable through a modern treatment plant and the safe city will generate energy for its 100 per cent needs on its own.

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