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Open Garden, a finalist at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week Startup Showcase, has announced a new generation Mobile Network for IoT devices, and a tracking device is the first to leverage the new technology. With the increasing number of connected devices and the need for ubiquitous data transmission, device manufacturers are faced with very few options that fit their constraints in terms of cost, device size, battery life, and reliable connectivity, Open Garden said. The TrackR easily attaches to valuable items that can then be located via an app using TrackR’s Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS. The Open Garden Network makes it easy for devices to seamlessly access other devices and the Internet via secure peer-to-peer connections.
TrackR, the first device to leverage the new technology, is a small, coin-sized device that attaches to valuable items such as keys, wallet, luggage, or bike. Devices can access the Open Garden Network via an API that is available to devices manufacturers and operators. This advanced GPS is the worlds smallest real-time tracker, with a 1300mAh battery, and now with enhanced signalling it pulls up your target’s GPS location in seconds. Our web control panel has been designed especially for ease of use and its functionality is second to none. Being informed when something moves within a few seconds from around the world is another great feature. The Prime 1300 also sends a health check every four hours, this is standard on all our solutions. I’ve mainly used the device to track my luggage when I have taken long haul and inter-connecting flights. Missing vehicles, late or default payments, chaotic ledgers—vehicle finance lenders, buy-here-pay-here car dealers and credit unions are bound to run into these problems. With the only ISO certification in the vehicle finance industry—and a record of 99.9% reliability—CalAmp offers consistently secure access to your portfolio of leased and financed vehicles.
Get anytime, anywhere access to dependable information on your portfolio of vehicles, including tampering alerts.

Whether your vehicles number in the dozens or thousands, you’ll meet your specific business needs with multiple options and configurations that integrate seamlessly with your existing loan management software. Broaden your range of applicants and offer more financing with confidence knowing CalAmp’s trusted solutions minimize both your investment risks and the hassles associated with recovering vehicles. CalAmp offers what others don’t—the ability to mix and match hardware, platforms, software, data and wireless communication services, all from one partner. Suunto GPSTRACK POD THE GPS SENSOR WITH TRACKINGThe new Suunto GPS Track POD stores tracks, speed, distance and GPS altitude data while you exercise and explore new territories. GPS Tracker USA’s Micro Tracker can be used to pinpoint the location of heavy equipment such as cement mixers, forklifts, generators, and more. Heavy equipment tracking can be beneficial in order to better manage the hours that they are used. Devices automatically detect nearby enabled smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and can pass data through them securely until the proper destination or recipient are reached.
The Prime 1300 has a larger internal GPS antenna and a new 3G modem and the ability to store 10,000 positions, this is great when GPRS is not available. There is a good reason for this, when a device does not communicate with its server for a considerable amount of time and the device has not sent a fresh GPS position for many hours, it can consume more power when trying to get that first GPS position. Do not think that because the Prime 1300 is priced at ?125.00 that this must be on the lower end of the GPS product market. I was impressed by the accuracy of the device and the flexibility it offered via pay-as-you go. It’s very reassuring to open the App and see a dot showing your bag outside the terminal window. The customer service of the Bluetrack staff has been excellent from technical queries to topping up. In the event of loan defaults and repossessions, we simplify vehicle recovery with sensitive GPS locating and a disabling starter-interrupt feature.

You can also connect it with selected Suunto heart rate monitors for real-time distance and highly responsive speed readings for your outdoor activities using Suunto FusedSpeeda„?. Just place the tracker on any piece of equipment and always know its location with GPS Tracker USA’s easy to use software.
GPS Trackers can save money by better being able to monitor how long employees operate equipment as well as to prevent accidents involving heavy equipment. When your tracker breaks this perimeter either entering, exiting or both, it will send you a SMS text to your mobile phone notifying you. When the Prime 1300 does not move it turns off its GPS receiver and shows it is sleeping on the command panel.
This GPS tracker unit includes starter disable, backup battery, tow alert, tamper alert, and address verification.
To enable access to the network, device manufacturers use a simple digital access key, available from Open Garden and its partners.
Even configure the software to notify you by text message or email whenever heavy machinery is moved or arrives at a job site. Heavy equipment tracking will improve productivity, reduce costs, as well as increase profits. Starter disable GPS tracking gives the lender the ability to prevent the vehicle from starting in case of late payments or repossession.

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