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It makes sense to mention the fact that any phone always knows where it is located – this is provided by the structure of cellular networks. In 2012, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals striped of American citizens of their rights of personal privacy, allowing the police to track the mobile devices signal without having to get a warrant or other required document.Thus, today the police can track a mobile phone signal without any warrant. Today to track mobile phones is easy, and often it is done to provide definite service to their owners. When you are in the adjacent base station’s service area, the coordinates of which are constant and fixed, a phone notifies the system about a phone’s location automatically.

However,earlier in2012, the Supreme Court hold that the law enforcement agents must obtain a warrant before they start to spy upon suspected person’s car with the help of GPS signal devices. However, the organizations that want to know where a phone moves, or, more precisely, where its owner moves may also be interested in mobile tracking.
This information is accumulated and cellular mobile operator has all data on its customers’ travel that can be returned upon the request of the police structures. Among these organizations is police (law enforcement officials of all levels),in many cases, they do not need a permit for spying from the cognizant authorities.

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