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2) Uncertainty when using your phone abroad – for those who travel abroad frequently but are hindered by inflexible plans. Here’s a comparison between a couple of networks in terms of using your UK data plan abroad. The mobile industry in the UK is in the middle of huge changes, and so Carphone Warehouse and iD will need to work hard to compete. The first great deal that might tempt prospective customers is the Samsung A3 device, which is available for a limited time on a 12-month 4G plan with 300 mins, 5000 texts and 1 GB data for just ?19.50. Roland has lived in Asia for the past 5 years, and tries to indulge his other passion for riding motorcycles whenever possible. The customers may or may not think they do, Carphone Warehouse badly need options if (when) what happened to Phones 4U happens to them and the networks decide they want to own the retail relationship. A successful MVNO (with a network that they don’t sell contracts for) is a good place to start for Carphone Warehouse and they have sufficient high street presence to make it work. Yes we do need another mobile operator in the UK, thanks to all the consolidation going on at the top. Has there been any word on how this is going to affect the infrastructure sharing agreements?
With the app installed, those subscribed to the iD MVNO will be able to manage their accounts and make payments. Tonight at 9pm Eastern (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific, 1am GMT), we'll be playing free-to-play MMO Neverwinter. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to increase the security of your Outlook and Microsoft accounts using two-step verification (2FA). Before writing about mobile technology, my background was in space & atmospheric physics.
We would love to hear your comments: either about using an iD Mobile PAC Code or transferring your phone number from another network to iD Mobile.
Raised a complaint and you will simply get no where, as they just simply repeat they do not have the facility to change plan. I have been with iD mobile for a few months on a sim only contract when I noticed they were offering a much better deal for the same money so I wanted to switch within the same network. So I cancelled my initial iD contract, with 30 days notice and got my PAC code which I used to port my number out to 3 mobile on a pay-as-you-go sim card.
I set up a new, much better tarrif contract with iD mobile and attempted to use the PAC code 3 mobile had given me to transfer my old number from 3 to iD.
I’m confused as to how this can have happened, surely if I ported my number out of iD to 3mobile then the old account would have been closed – how could someone then port the number back to a closed account?
I have called customer services 7777 on numerous occasions and been into carphone warehouse and also completed 2 complaint forms on their web site. This is big problem for me as so many people in business and personal contacts have my old number. In respect of your piece above on upgrading or changing an ID Mobile plan, I’ve just called them to do just this and the only option they provided was to cancel my contract and apply for a new sim on the plan I want to change and port the number. Hi Ken, I wonder if you could tell me where I stand regarding the problem I’m having with porting my number over to iD.
I have contacted iD CS numerous times to resolve this, but they say next day, three to five days, I am getting nowhere with them, any ideas?
I ported my number from Vodafone to iDmobile, everything worked fine until the line disconnected one evening.
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British mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced plans to launch its own mobile network, promising increased contract flexibility, greater access to free data roaming and "the best value 4G available on the UK market". The Carphone Warehouse is yet to unveil exactly what smartphones will be on offer, so it’s hard to say whether all of the plans are worthwhile. Nepal Wireless is implementing pilot project for the deployment of a community based hybrid wireless network using TV White Space and Wi-Fi spectrum in remote valleys around Manaslu Himalaya and Dhaulagiri Himalaya region in 2016.

Internet Society contributed US$100,000 in December 2015 to buy equipment and build wireless network in some parts of Gorakha, Lamjung and Sindhupalchok districs.
The team leader of Nepal Wireless is inducted in to the Internet Hall of Fame in Hong Kong.
Carphone Warehouse believes we do, as it’s much-rumoured mobile network is about to be launched.
But perhaps the key thing is its international roaming, as iD customers will be able to use their normal data plan in 22 countries, which is even better than what Three currently offers.
We know that there are lots more customer issues and frustrations with existing mobile plans that we’re eager to tackle.
He started his career at British Telecom's research division working on collaborative virtual reality environments, before becoming a video streaming specialist at 3 UK where he helped launch some of the world's first mobile video services. Offers that undercut the networks by a few pounds a month and sales staff bonused on selling their network could make it fly.
I want my hard earned money back and not your sincere apologies as you couldn’t give two craps. The mobile world's finest conversation featuring Ben Smith from Wireless Worker, Rafe Blandford from All About Windows Phone and Ewan MacLeod from Mobile Industry Review.
The UK retailer has also released a companion app for Windows Phone, enabling customers to manage their accounts while on the move. Bills from the past six months will be available for viewing and bundle extras are also accessible for purchase.
To celebrate the release of the new Maze Engine expansion on Xbox One, we'll check out the new campaign and give out 30 premium mount codes!
I've been blogging at Ken's Tech Tips since 2005 with the aim of demystifying mobile technology for the rest of us.
I was told that they don’t have the abilities to do this yet as they are relatively new, so would have to end my contract, port my number out to a different network, and then port it back in to a new contract.
Once this had gone through, I then requested a PAC code from 3 mobile to transfer my number back to iD. I have had my number over 10 years and changed networks several times with no problems transferring my number. NOTHING has happened I still have not got my number back and I have been promised that I will get a call from management but they have not been in touch. You could probably check directly with the Ombudsman or Ofcom but I’m also not totally sure if they can give you an answer.
I recommend making an official complaint to iD Mobile as quickly as you can – they should assign you a person to deal with the case. The Shockproof plan starts from as little as ?7.50 per month and offers customers a chance to no longer be shocked by expensive bills.
Like Three, iD Mobile will be offering unlimited data plans, with one contract offering 2,000 minutes, 5,000 text, and unlimited data for just ?20 per month, which is an absolute bargain. Those regions at launch will be: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the USA. We want this network to be focused on the individual and we will continue to listen to customers over the coming months, asking them to help develop and evolve iD”. More recently he enjoys writing about his obsession, and developing software that helps mobile operators analyse their subscriber data.
I am innocent and what you are doing is pure thievery and to say that I’m liable for these add ons that I didn’t even use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you believe you're eligible for an upgrade, the iD app can also confirm whether or not you're due a new smartphone.
You can contribute by adding your own comments here.To see all 969 comments about transferring a phone number, please see the main PAC Codes article.
I then called up iD mobile to query the error message and they suggested it was because it was a Friday and it would go through after the weekend. I’m not really sure how the systems are set up at iD Mobile and how your number might have accidentally been ported in to the wrong account.

Was a very long process of not much information and calling the customer service team daily but got there in the end. Unfortunately, this means you need to further liaise with iD Mobile to resolve the problem. Your best bet would probably be to complain directly to iD Mobile – if necessary, you can escalate the issue upwards from there. Thankfully, it does have its own retail stores, a decided advantage over all the other virtual operators.
After two weeks of arguing and sending proof that I have paid the amount on the first bill in the store they promised me ?15 credit. After getting your iD Mobile PAC Code, you'll need to provide it to your new network operator. Needless to say, it never transferred, so I called them again, this time they suggested it may be a problem with the PAC code, and I should contact my old provider (3 mobile) to check the PAC code was correct. All of the plans will also come with 4G as standard but Carphone Warehouse has yet revealed exactly how much data will be offered in the plans.
I will do what I can to get my refund but I hope this company doesn’t last long as what you are doing is not right. So next I contact 3 mobile, who said they couldn’t provide a new PAC code as the code had already been used and the account was closed. I therefore decided to wait until end of November to try again (as I was in contract with ee until 4th December) However my ee network stopped working on 4th November and ee told me that the new provider had in ported my number. If you want to escalate the issue, I recommend you make a formal complaint in writing to iD Mobile. The PAC Code will allow you to transfer your number to iD Mobile.After getting the PAC Code, you should order your new handset or SIM card directly from iD Mobile's website.
I relayed this message back to iD mobile and their next suggestion was that my number had somehow been ported back to my old account, which is now closed, and that there is not much chance of me getting my number back. It will also offer 12-month 4G contracts for people who do not want to commit to 18 or 24 months.
When queried they are telling me that the credit is not reflected on this bill due to the time it takes to reflect on the system. If I dont get my refund that I am entitled to then I will cancel my direct debit and youll get no more money from me.
Their IT department are now looking into the matter, but may take up to a week to get back to me with any further detail. Furthemore they told me that the additional charge for the first month is because I have overused my data.
If you need to return or change the new handset, please do this before you transfer your phone number.Once you're happy to continue with the transfer, call iD Mobile by dialling 7777 from your phone (0333 003 7777 from a non-iD Mobile-handset). According to the itemised bill I have used about 64GB of data in less than 2 weeks on a 1GB data allowance card. I will write on every website possible about you and hope you lose dozens of customers thanks to my reviews and will post on blogs relating to network services. Youll be worse off, you might think that I’m not going to but I will because that is my money not yours. You can also read our full guide on using a PAC Code: there's frequently asked questions amongst other tips for transferring your phone number.
For crying out loud your network doesn’t even work in my conservatory, its so pathetic and to be charged ?75.13 extra!!!!!!! You can also refer to the comments on this page - they show other people's experiences when either using an iD Mobile PAC Code or transferring their phone number from another network to iD Mobile.

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