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Duty Free: Unless you prefer some exotic booze, dona€™t bother buying it at duty free in the States.
For the remainder of the week, keep in mind that Nicaragua is a tropical country and it gets H-O-T. When it comes to dress, Nicaragua is a very informal country and even in the evening it is perfectly ok to wear shorts and sandals to all but the finest of restaurants.
If you have an unlocked phone, you can purchase a pre-paid SIM at the airport in Managua for about $12.00. Duty Free:A  Unless you prefer some exotic booze, dona€™t bother buying it at duty free in the States.
Intelligent external display, advanced GPRS technology, tri-band* functionality - Perfection really does exist, in the new Motorola V.60i phone. When you find a product you like on the web, click the link in the tool bar and you can ask a question. While your question is being worked on, view other similar products and questions on IMshopping.
You are going to visit Brazil, and you want to use your cell phone there, but you don’t know if your cell phone will work there. Some Sprint phones are World Phone’s, and will work on both CDMA & GSM quad phone technology.
Cell phone rates overseas users of T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are so expensive, even with a plan, that for me the best option is to get a prepaid plan in Brazil.
Have your cell unlocked so that you can install a chip from one of the cell phone companies in Brazil.
Get my phone unlocked for allowing a Brazil GSM chip to be installed into my phone (more on this later). Getting you carrier to unlock your GSM phone is an issue that you need to take up with your carrier. With option 1 you might just want to receive calls from your and friends, and will only be making emergency calls, I suggest that you just get your phone set up with Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon for international roaming. For those that want make and receive local calls while traveling in Brazil, I suggest that you get a prepaid plan in Brazil from one of the major carriers there (Claro, TIM, Vivo, and Oi).
You can buy GSM chips over the Internet in the US, but I would recommend against doing this.  First, the chips seem to be more expensive than Brazil, and second, if you buy in Brazil, you have a place to go if you have trouble with your chip.  If you buy the chip in the US, how will you get help while you are in Brazil?
You will have to call your cell phone carrier, or read the instructions for your cell for the instructions for putting a chip into your cell phone. Inexpensive cell phones are easy to find.  Inexpensive unlocked cell phones are easy to find at Amazon. Of course I am assuming that you just want an inexpensive way to both make and receive cell phone calls while you are traveling in Brazil.  These sources have low-cost phones that can be used after you buy your GSM phone chip in Brazil.
I will not even begin to discuss how to make a cell phone call in Brazil.  Things are just plain confusing when making a call in Brazil.
I have to report that the CLARO Chip that I purchase on Amazon did not work when I get to Brazil. 1.Buy an unlocked quad band phone from Tiger Direct, or unlock your own phone if that is easy to do.
2.Upon arrival, ask the hotel or locals where to buy a SIM card that will allow international access. I have used this method when travelling all over to South America, Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Malaysia, The Philippines, and China and Japan, and it works beautifully.

Nicaragua has a lower crime rate than any other country in Central Americaa€”including Costa Rica!
Once at the baggage carousel area in Managua, you will have the opportunity to go to DUTY FREE! In 8 years of traveling there, I have never been refused entry to any place because I was wearing shorts. Well, shorts, tee shirts, light dresses, open shoes, sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, bathing suits, a few button down or polo shirts for the evenings, a light sweater or windbreaker, and whatever you wish to wear for the wedding. Wea€™ve been rehearsing this in our minds for monthsa€¦ If we cana€™t get it right, oh well!
Nicaragua has a lower crime rate than any other country in Central Americaa€”including Costa Rica!A  For the majority of the time, we will be outside of Managua in areas with little crime. Once at the baggage carousel area in Managua, you will have the opportunity to go to DUTY FREE!A  Yes, thata€™s right Duty Free on the way INTO the country. You should call your bank BEFORE leaving the US and advise them that you will be traveling outside of the US. Also, be sure to advise your hotel transportation desk that you will require pick-up later on. This sleek metal-finished masterpiece is a striking testimony of fine craftsmanship, combing state-of-the-art technology with chic sophistication.
Additionally, you'll receive announcements related to the IMshopping service, you can opt out at any time. If you what a plan with your carrier for international calls that includes Brazil, your costs could be considerably lower.
Who cares what the reason is, it is just important to you to be able to receive calls while you are in Brazil.
Of course at the phone rates listed above, I would not recommend talking very long on any call, but this way you will be able to get emergency calls from your friends and family. She spoke perfect English, and was very helpful picking the prepaid phone plan options that made sense for me. While we have arranged transportation for just about everything, there may be times when you wish to go off on your own. Also, every time you buy minutes you will get bonus minutes, which can be used to call the US for free. However, you must use common sense as petty crimes do occur.A  Dona€™t wear anything flashy or expensive.
If you dona€™t, they will most likely place a block on your account after your first purchase here. Global System for Mobile (GSM) is the transmission standard used by all cellular phone operators in Brazil. The table below shows the transmission technology used and the international rates for phone calls of the four major US cell phone operators.
If you call your carrier and explain that you want to put a GSM chip into the phone while you are in Brazil.
If you are going to be receiving a number of calls, and need to call back to the US extensively, I suggest you call your carrier, and discuss their internal roaming options.
A prepaid plan allows you to pay as you go, is generally a bit cheaper than using your US cell phone carrier, and also allows you to stay in touch with your friends and relatives in the US.
If you do not have an unlocked phone, you can buy a cheap ($20) phone from one of the two carriers in Nicaragua.

Youa€™ll find the same things generally everywhere, best variety and usually prices will be at Masaya Market.A  You may be able to find the same thing in Granada in the square at a higher cost (+20%). If you do not schedule a taxi in advance, you will have a very long, dark, and lonely walk down the mountain.
I purchased my phone at the Apple store, and was just set up to work on CDMA, and done not come with a GSM chip installed. I will give details about getting a prepaid GSM chip for your US cell phone, and using your phone in Brazil, but first I need to explain how things run in general with cell phones.
Since not all brands of cosmetics, toiletries are sold here, if you have a favorite, bring it. And if you have and roam with a smartphone, you will come home to a bill that will be more than what you paid for your airline ticket. Both local carriersa€”Claro and Movistara€”have kiosks in the airport where you can purchase SIMS or a phone. However, all bags will be x-rayed and if they think you are importing stuff for re-sale, you may have a problem, as in be forced to pay import duties of 25-40%. I understand that if I had purchased the iPhone 4S directly from Sprint, it would with a GSM chip preinstalled.
Yes, they are comparatively much more expensive than local taxis but you are assured safety and comfort. However, if you dona€™t own a guayabera and dona€™t want to buy one, wear a button down shirt. Many places will not accept 50a€™s or 100a€™s.A  You can get by with only dollars with few problems.
While you may have another provider, the basic things that I did here should work for all of you.
If you want to make more calls, you can always recharge the account associated with the plan. All hotel taxi drivers will give you their cell phone numbers so that you can call them when you wish to return. Free WiFi is everywhere in Nicaragua, so if you have a smartphone, turn data roaming off when you are leaving the US and leave it off for the duration. If you smoke cigarettes, buy them in the States, as the selection in Nicaragua, even in duty free, is slim. Local taxis have no air conditioning, are mechanically UNsound, and they have the nasty tendency to stop and pick up other fares along the way, sometimes their buddies that then rob you at knife point.
Please be advised that the ceremony is going to be on top of a mountain and in the evening the temperature will drop to the low 70a€™s. In 8 years of traveling to Nicaragua, I have never needed it with me anywhere but the airport.A  Leave the bulk of your cash and passport in the hotel. Dona€™t count a wad of cash in public, be discrete, keep your wallet in one pocket and spending cash in the other. Please plan accordingly as the venue is outdoors and there will be nowhere to a€?warm-up.a€? Bring a sweater, wrap, shawl, whatever.

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