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Update: MetroPCS today announced the MetroPCS Mexico Unlimited add-on, just as it leaked few days ago. AT&T owned Cricket Wireless announced yesterday that they will add four additional countries to its international calling add-ons. T-Mobile US’ prepaid brand MetroPCS today increased the number of countries included to its $10 World Calling plan. T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile has lowered the cost of two of its high-priced 10GB plans, the $60 Unlimited Plan and the $70 Unlimited International Plan. America Movil’s US subsidiary TracFone Wireless has improved its international prepaid offering by adding a new $10 Global card.
On March 16, 2015, T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has added unlimited international calling to Mexico mobiles on its $29, $39, $49 and $59 monthly service plans. The feature allows using MetroPCS phone and plan, the $40 and up, in Mexico as those would be used in the US.
Starting June 25, 2015, Cricket customers will be able to call Cuba, Brazil, Singapore and Nigeria but in separate add-ons.
The carrier has added Cuba to the international add-on so customers can now call landline and mobile numbers in Cuba for 20 minutes and send unlimited texts at no additional cost.
Cricket includes unlimited calling and messaging to Canada on its $50 Smart and $60 Pro unlimited monthly plans.

The $60 plan that includes unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds now costs $55 per month. Their dealers were recently informed about this change but their website doesn’t reflect it yet. These plans, including $19 plan, already include unlimited calls to Mexico landline numbers.
A simple .Petro-Canada Mobility has great options for phones, phone accessories and prepaid mobile phone plans. The Unlimited Mexico is available for $5 per month but if customers sign in to new option between today and August 31, 2015, the feature will be available for free through the end of the year. Brazil, Singapore and Nigeria are added to the Cricket’s $5 International monthly add-on and to the $15 International Extra monthly add-on.
The $70 unlimited international plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds (LTE data) plus unlimited calls to 10 unique numbers per month to landlines in 47 countries and to mobiles in China and India is now available for $65 per month. In order to make international calls, Selectel offers International Calling Cards for $10 and $20 per month. Order a SIM card to get started!.Browse and compare the latest cell phones available from Petro-Canada Mobility. Having eleven countries instead of previous 10 is also an improvement as Ultra has added free calls to Hong Kong to all its plans.

Cricket’s also been offering unlimited calls to Mexico for over two months now, also on these two monthly unlimited plans. Simple Mobile has also recently added unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls to Mexico, also unlimited only for up to 10 unique numbers.
They will also get 50 free minutes for calling Mexico mobiles included with their $1.25 INTL credit. Prior to this change, only the $29, $39, $49 and $59 International Plans have included unlimited calls to this country. Rates per country on the pricier $20 card are lower and vice versa, on the $10 card international rates per country are more expensive. Also, for some countries only landline calls are available while for others landline and mobile calls can be made.

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