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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is the small version of Samsung's flagship SIII, the S III mini is powered by a dual-core processor with 1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM.
When you travel abroad you may find that your trusty cell phone does not work in foreign countries, or extremely remote locations if you're that adventurous.
If your phone is incompatible with GSM or you don't want to pay for international roaming, then you can rent a phone that works in the area you'll be visiting. Phones 4 U is a very popular online store located in the United Kingdom where you can rent a phone by the month or purchase an inexpensive "disposable" prepaid phone. Satellite phones, or "sat phones", have virtually no geographical limitations and work where there is no cellular phone coverage.
If you plan to travel, I recommend that you start by calling your mobile phone service provider to see what they recommend, what it will cost, and the specific geographic location(s) where you will be able to use your phone.
It was completely worth having a phone, from calling museums and resturants for hours & location, to coordinating with fellow travelers.

Omio helps you do that, comparing thousands of mobile phone deals from the best retailers on the web at the click of a button. The phone features attractive, modern design and sports a 5 MP rear camera and a front-facing camera for video calls. Savvy travelers take advantage of international cell phone rentals to temporarily serve their needs in different countries. But United States carriers are split between GSM and CDMA; the latter won't work in GSM countries. There are even satellite phone rentals that can keep you connected in the Sahara desert or the Amazon River basin.
There are lots of Web sites where you can arrange an international cell phone rental prior to your trip.
A single satellite may cover half of the Earth while a network of cellular towers covers only heavily populated and traveled segments of a single country.

When I look online at websites like lonelyplanet for travel in Guatemala, they suggest buying a phone there.
That problem is solved partially by international roaming agreements between different carriers. A satellite phone is what you need if you plan a backpacking vacation or want to call home from your sailboat in the middle of the ocean. But it may be technologically impossible to roam due to incompatible cellular transmission technologies.

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