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This may go without saying, but you must be joined to a wi-fi network for this to work, if the device is not connected to a network then there would not be a router or gateway address to retrieve in the first place.
This can be helpful knowledge for many reasons, particularly for networking purposes, like when configuring a router through a web based administrator tools to change a WPA2 password or DHCP info or the devices broadcast name. This same wi-fi network settings screen in iOS is also where you can uncover the device specific IP address, change DNS settings, renew a DHCP lease , set manual static IP for the device, and perform many other network specific actions.
If this isn’t an option for whatever reason, iOS network scanners like FING can also be helpful. Betty, if you forgot your router password you can reset your router or call your service provider to reset it for you. Your router password should not be the same as your Mac password, it should not be your wi-fi password because one is personal and the other is given to visitors to your home, office, etc.
How are you talking right now if you don’t have the router password to your internet?
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Find can only get the device's MAC address if the device is connected to a WiFi network. You would have to implement some fairly low-level code - and remember it wouldn't work if the device is not connected to WiFi.
What Fing does is it pings each IP on the network and builds the ARP Cache and then it reads the Mac Address from the Arp Cache table. It is possible to check ARP table on iOS device to get iOS device MAC address, technically.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ios iphone ios7 or ask your own question. How can I detect if the iPhone my app is on, is going to use a simple transparent effect instead of the blur effect? Generally speaking, whenever Apple release a major software update to the public — such as, for instance, the recently introduced version of iOS 9.3, the firmware is often still plagued by at least a few minor issues, which Apple usually always addresses in a subsequent update. If you’re not currently in the program, however, but are still interested in evaluating the latest software from Apple, you can sign up, free of charge, via the company’s official website. Keep in mind, though: pre-release builds are often unstable, and thus, they generally aren’t recommended for installation on primary devices. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ios xcode armv7 symbolicate object-address or ask your own question. Why do some mobile apps have mute buttons when the device has physical mute & volume switches? The iOS Mail app has long included a variety of ways to be notified of new emails, whether it’s the standard notification for all new messages, or having a unique alert set to specific VIP contacts. These email conversation alerts can be enabled in a new mail composition, a reply, or a forward. Now when you get a response from anyone in that email thread, you will get a notification from the Mail app indicating a response to that specific email. Any email responses to that thread will now have a filled blue bell icon in the subject, indicating that notifications will arrive for that thread.

This means that even if an existing email conversation has been going on for quite some time, you can choose to elevate it’s alert level at any time during a reply if you deem necessary. You can disable the specific email thread notification by tapping on the Blue Bell icon again, which will become just a blue outline as the default option.
How can I see if someone in a thread as had notifications of me forwarding and email they were the author of and I was a recipient in this thread and that they read the comment I forwarded to someone not in the thread . Before you get started, you should refer back to our earlier tips on preparing your device for iOS 7.
Before you start the download, plug in your device so the battery doesn’t drain during the update process. Once you are plugged in and connected via WiFi, open the Settings app and tap on General > Software Update. A note to Jailbreakers: if you’ve used evasi0n, OTA updates will be disabled, which is convenient if you plan to delay updating. Some folks prefer to physically connect their iPhone to a computer via a USB cable and update their phone via iTunes. When you have iOS 7 installed, do a jig and then take a few minutes and let us know what you think about it in the comments.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. This is frequently necessary for networking purposes, perhaps to access a routers admin settings page or to manually configure some networking options. While the average iPhone or iPad user may not need to access this data often if ever, it’s extremely useful for advanced users and for systems and network administrators.
Of course you can also go about finding the routers IP on a Mac too, and assuming the devices are connected to the same network, the router IP would always be the same as well for other hardware that is on the same network and using the same gateway to access a LAN or the outside world.
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I have got successfully MAC Addresses and IP Address but I am not able to get the connected Device name. I suspect it implements an ARP scan on the local network and matches the known local IP address to determine the local MAC address. Apple’s latest pre-release software, however, is lacking many of the significant feature additions present in iOS 9.3 — such as Night Shift, for instance, and instead focuses solely on addressing the evident bugs, while delivering performance enhancements throughout the system. But hey, if you’ve still got that old iPhone laying around, and your curiosity is running rampant, why not whip it out and try the new pre-release for yourself before everyone else gets the chance, right? We are committed to empowering Apple users and pride ourselves in providing original, timely, and accurate information. Perhaps even better is a feature added to recent versions of iOS that allow for individual email thread alerts, meaning you can be notified when a single designated email conversation gets a reply from any of the recipients. This is a really great way to keep track of an important email conversation that is time sensitive or just otherwise important for whatever reason. A breach of my privacy I didn’t sent to anyone but 2 others not in the thread and only made a comment to one of these contacts ? Here is a guide to help the install process go smoothly so you get up and running quickly on iOS 7 when it is released.

Take the time to make sure you’ve got your bases covered in case something goes wrong.
It can take anywhere from 15 mins to an hour for the update to download and install, depending on how Apple’s servers are handling the load and your internet connection.
Since you are not dealing with WiFI signal, there is less chance of an error occurring during the download and install process. You may need the router IP to log into the router and reset the password from the admin console, that’s pretty typical for that situation. I tried to use atosym command-line tool but it gives me wrong symbols (not related to my app). At the moment, email thread notifications are not available in the Mac Mail app of OS X, though a reply sent from a Mac will still trigger the individual thread alert.
If you are on the fence about iOS 7, then take a few minutes to find out why you should install the update and a few reasons why you shouldn’t.
You may also want to connect your iPhone to your local WiFi network, so you don’t get charged for downloading the update over your cellular connection. If you know that iOS 7 has been released, you may have to refresh this screen a few times to get it to connect.
If you get tired of waiting for the download to finish (it could take a while) then go do something else.
Some routers admin settings are optimized for mobile, while others aren’t, that tends to depend on the manufacturer of the router itself. However, We don't have experience about ARP on iOS device, and we are getting close to deadline.
Your iPhone or iPad will continue to download the update and will send you a notification when the update is ready. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. We’ve got a simple tutorial to help you set up and use the innovative new keyboard on iPhones. Basically, it takes everything people love about swipe keyboards like SwiftKey or Flesky and turns it on its side – literally.
With the Windows Word Flow keyboard, users have the option to turn on the Arc mode which basically creates an arc-shaped keyboard in the left- or right-hand corner of the screen so you can swipe or type your messages with one hand and have less likelihood of dropping your phone in the process. If not, here’s how to use it:When your keyboard opens, tap on the globe button (bottom left-hand corner of keyboard), then tap on the ABC button.
Your Word Flow keyboard should appear.Activate Word Flow Arc Keyboard – you can activate the Arc keyboard by swiping down on the Arc icon in the upper left or right-hand corners of the keyboard.What do you think of Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard for iOS?

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