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Beta TestingI am looking for people to help me with beta testing of my applications before they are released to the general public on iTunes.  I think that beta testing is very important for a number of reasons.
Apple has restrictions on how you can deliver iPhone applications.  So we have a small hoop to jump through in order for me to distribute the application to you and only to you. On windows: Left Mouse Click on the number and hold it, press CTRL-C on your keyboard, and you are done. But kidding aside, for the last three years I have been able to upgrade my iPhone line to the latest and greatest version taking advantage of the other dumbphone lines on our family plan. I wrote a detailed post on how to do that last year, and judging by the number of comments, a few people found it useful. The loophole that allowed the above process to work is now closed shut by Verizon – when upgrading a dumbphone line to the latest iPhone, it was possible to select a data plan and then get rid of that data plan on step 2 when the dumbphone was placed back on that line.
Marvel at the new iPhone and have a drink of your choice as you appreciate its seamless design (this step is optional).
The only way to prevent downgrading your iPhone line from unlimited data to 2GB data plan is to order the new phone on a different line first, then activate it on your main line.
Purchase the new iPhone via Verizon website at the contract price plus $30 for the upgrade. Sure it says 2GB data on here, but remember, you are choosing the data package for your dumbphone line. It took me good five minutes to receive the code so I was starting to suspect that something might be up. After you get the code, you can turn off your old iPhone, pop out the SIM card and get ready for the final step.
Verizon – this year will give you a very generous store credit when upgrading from old iPhone to the new one on the same line. Apple store – similarly, will give you upgrade credit if getting the new phone at their store. Gamestop – I was surprised to learn that you can take your old iPhone to one of their stores and they give you cash on the spot. Nextworth – While their offer was the highest with $235 for my iPhone 5, I decided not to go with them because of terrible reviews.
Note: if you use my referral link to create a new account with Gazelle to sell your stuff, we will get extra $10 each. If you have enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a quick comment below, liking the post and my Facebook page, and sharing it with your friends. As I showed step by step above, you don’t need to touch your dumb phone in this process. When I try this method, after the step to agree to the mandatory disclosure, it gives a different screen.
I didn’t do it so obviously I cant state for sure, but I did use pretty much the same process to upgrade from 4 to 5 two years ago and it worked fine.
Once you activate the new iphone on the UDP, and leave the dumb line as is, does it charge the $30 for the data package either way? I don’t know what will happen if you activate the new iPhone on another line first and then transfer it to your line. For other iPod models with displays, the Serial Number theoretically can be retrieved by selecting Settings > About and subsequently clicking and holding the center button, but in practice, this doesn't always seem to work. Order Numbers are equally excellent in many situations, and even more precise, but they are not externally listed like Serial Numbers.

Yeah but if that person blocked your phone number, it doesn't matter if you come up as a private caller.. I am able to block my number & it always works but I called back to a computer help desk scam. Though most iPhone owners know what which model they have, not everyone does, and sometimes you’ll come across an iPhone and have no idea what it is. You must click on the serial number to rotate to the device product version identifier, you will also see IMEI number and some other details in this screen.
The model numbers are also often the easiest way to differentiate CDMA vs GSM models if the device isn’t active on a cellular carrier to identify it that way, and that is especially true since many CDMA models also include a GSM compatible SIM card slot. If the model number is missing from the case for one reason or another, you can also retrieve model information from iTunes. If you were hoping to find that info on the iPhone itself through iOS, it turns out that it’s just not there, despite detailed technical information like the modem firmware and baseband versions, order numbers, serial number, IMEI, and ICCID numbers. The seller claimed it was used on the Verizon network but they tried for 3 hours to make it work. Also, tell everyone how much you hate the new iOS 7 iOS 8 (any and all parts of this step are optional as well). This means that you have to be on a family plan with the non-iPhone line eligible for an upgrade (or an available upgrade that can be transferred to that line).
American Express cards provide notoriously awesome warranty services while Chase Ink family of cards will give you 5 points per dollar spent at Verizon.
Their offer is currently at $255 but I have never used them (or been to their store for that matter) so I can’t say how smooth the process is. It's not much but really does mean a lot to me while helping spread the word about the blog! The sim card in the Iphone 4S isn’t supposed to be compatible with the nano sim card in the Iphone 6 plus.
I went from no-SIM 4 to 5 and have been using the SIM I got with the 5 to upgrade to 5S last year and then again to 6 this year.
Just go through the Activate your device (on your iPhone line) online and it should tell you step by step what to do. On the other hand, if you can somehow justify the request for a nanosim with your android, it would be good to have one attached to your line already so you can just pop it into the 6. I don’t see how that would affect his line since he already has the 2GB data, but they way I did it works, so why tempt your fate? I am going to purchase the iphone 6 upgrading from a regular iphone 4 so I have no SIM card to exchange for the iphone 6.
I will update about my experience here about upgrading from a Verizon iphone 4 (no sim) to Verizon iphone 6.
As I responded to another question above, I don’t see how it would be different (just a slightly different activation process) but it would be good to confirm.
I received and activated the iphone 6 on my iphone unlimited line yesterday november 26th, which I ordered from a regular phone (dumbphone) line with an upgrade. It may be necessary to instead read the Serial Number on the hardware itself or within iTunes on these models.
Occasionally, there are different Serial Numbers listed on the hardware and in software due to manufacturing error as well. Serial Numbers are more precise than Model Numbers or EMC Numbers, though, which makes them the most precise external identifier.

Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated.
I think that it is a carrier issue since I have Sprint and they might lock most settings on the iPhone.
This is usually because some iPhone models share the same enclosure, and because of that it can be very hard to differentiate them just by a first glance. That is invaluable when performing iPhone repairs, both for knowing the proper parts to use, and also for restoring or updating through IPSW so that you can use the proper firmware for the device. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! And here is a step-by-step with screenshots to put your mind at ease if you consider doing this yourself. If that’s not your current situation, I believe it should be possible to add a line to your current plan, effectively turning it into a family plan while paying very little for it and making you eligible for an upgrade every year.
My iPhone 5s, two dumb phones for my parents, and an Android excuse for a phone that my sister loves. Debit cards, gift cards, and cash are terrible because they will not give you ANY purchase protection.
I have confirmed with a Verizon chat agent that these new data charges on your dumbphone line will only start when we activate the iPhone 6 on it. I sold both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 to Gazelle when I upgraded the last two years and they were very quick so I went ahead with this option once again. Even if you are waiting to get the 6, you can (and should) get the quote now before the value drops.
I just checked the statement for this month and nothing changed – dumbphone line charges stayed as they were. I’ll just have a 2 year contract on the dummy and still pay only the $10 for it every month? As always, YMMV – take screenshots and prints out as you do it yourself, particularly making sure that your unlimited data is not affected. You have at least a month to ship it and can always get another quote later in the unlikely event that the price goes up.
I called and ordered the Iphone 6 plus through the one dumb phones discounted upgrade with a 2 gb plan.
Today, My account shows the iphone 6 activated and its running in my unlimited line but the line where I completed the upgrade changed.
It is showing my old iphone (5) activated on it and its telling me that a data plan is activated. Over the phone Verizon told me I couldn’t activate it on my smartphone line without the new 2 gb data package still being applied to the one dumb phone line. Should I just activate the new phone with it’s included nano sim on my unlimited data account?
The asterisks are three numbers but depends on the color and capacity (gigabytes) that your phone has. Or should I try to get a nano sim card now on my android and switch the sims when the 6 gets here.

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