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The Lightning port does not put out analog audio, so the adapter will have to contain a DAC, making it a fairly expensive dongle.
If Apple did remove the headphone jack from the iPhone, then everyone who owns headphones would need an adapter. So many people own headphonesa€”some of them expensivea€”that limiting the use of these cans on an iPhone or requiring a special adapter would frustrate many consumers. The argument given for the removal of this jack generally has to do with making the iPhone thinner. With the hundreds of millions of people who own headphones, and the myriad devices they connect to, removing the headphone jack is not just a bad idea, it simply makes no sense. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Sound and Speaker not working on HTC One how to fix There have been several reports and issues that are popping up with sound and speaker problems on the HTC One, HTC One XL and HTC Desire and other HTC devices.
No sound coming from my iPhone If you have no sound coming from your iPhone it is unbelievably frustrating as you most probably already know. This one is a bit weird but it worked for me for a while and has worked successfully for other people.
Get your headphones and insert them into the headphone jack and then quickly pull them out.
You can also watch this video below which has a full list of fixes listed in this tutorial plus a few more that will restore sound to your iPhone!
It may be a hardware problem and simply need to get a replacement through your provider who may offer insurance if chosen or apple support. As dirt and grime like to build up in the charging connectors of the iPhone it is necessary to clean it out.
This is similar to the step above but you will be cleaning out the headphone jack on the iPhone instead of the charging connectors. These are just some of the steps I have found and come up with which have shown success for iPhones with no sound. Pues yo entro a ajustes despues a sonido y bajo la barra de volumen y la subo despues empiesa a funcionar normal. Hey, my phone just sounds when i connect the charger and it keeps working for 2 minutes and after that it stops working.
I went to the above web site and saw that I had to remove the protective clear plastic covering from the top left corner of the back of iPhone 5. A little bit Googling and measuring revealed that most Android phones (and iPhone) are wired using AHJ pinout shown on right. Replacing the TRRS Plug on my phone headset discussion offered the following circuit diagram which shows how external microphone and headphone can be connected to Android phone or iPhone. The trick in detecting the external microphone on the smart phone is to have right impedance between the mic pins. The $0 Android Oscilloscope article tells how to build an oscilloscope probe for use with Android for no money if you have some basic component around. A Preamplifier for Smartphone Oscilloscopes article shows an improved version of the same Android oscilloscope.
Now I got the signal connection working with my Samsung smart phone nicely, but my original aim was to use the Denver TAC-70031 Android tablet as lab instrument.
In the portable electronics market, cell phones and MP3 players have greatly expanded the use of headsets for listening to music, making phone calls, and watching videos. When cell phones started using headsets the need for a microphone and hence a fourth wire was necessary, so the 4-pole 3.5mm jack was adopted.
There are two basic methods for audio-phone implementations, one from the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP), and the other is the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) standard in North America. To further compatibility complexity there are differences in the implementation of the headset itself, even using a similar pin out. Card readers such as Square or PayPal that utilize any of the 4 pins with low or high impedance. Ultraportable devices using an FM radio typically use the headset as an FM antenna as well as an audio headset.
Seeing as this article is over a year old, I’m wondering if you ever found a way to get the mic detected on the Denver TAC-70031? The typical bias DC voltage that the phone feeds to the mic connector through suitable resistor is typically at around 2.5-3V range. The AC signal voltage that comes out of microphone is typically in millivolts or tens of millivolts range when loud sound comes to mic. C)The external mic shouldn’t be feeded by a external supply different from the cellphone through jack connector, should it?
Do you mean you want to detect the sound of a button and at the same time or just inmediately play a message, and doing the detection through microphone and playing the message throug earphones? Although Apple announced their new iPhone 5 smartphone just over a week ago, it already managed to cause quite a stir.
It has begun. The first images of purported iPhone 7 case leaks have started to appear online today.
It would generally be expected that the iPhone 7 feature more significant design changes, as is usual with Apple’s tick-tock cycle. Previous iPhone 7 rumors have indicated that it will largely maintain the existing chassis style, perhaps slightly slimmer in profile. The hole for the rear camera may appear enlarged, but it’s unlikely to point to a dual camera feature for iPhone 7 on its own. I don’t use wired headphones so I could care less that Apple replaced it with a second speaker. Anyone who has even the slightest interest in sound will always, I repeat, ALWAYS choose wired. Bluetooth headphones are not that expensive anymore and there is a quite of a selection now. Bluetooth means you end up with another device you have to remember to charge — and considering they last about 4 hours, this isnt great.
Lightning is owned by apple and they have licensing fees — this is why usb-C cables are cheaper than lightning cables, even though lightning has been out for several years now. Bluetooth headphones are also expensive compared to regular headphones — yes you have no wires, but you have limitation. Look, the iPhone 4 and 4s were the same, and the 5 and 5s were similar to the 4 and 4s (replacing the full glass back with smaller windows top and bottom).
So can someone explain how specs are actually “leaked” so that cases are prepared months in advance? The latest iPhone 7 rumours have arrived, bringing new details about Apple’s hotly anticipated September handset — including new dimensions, one potential feature denied and one confirmed. Waterproofing, which has been rumoured for the iPhone 7 for some time, will reportedly not be included. The Lightning port will also see attention, with a slimmer surround (but the same connector), again for space-saving reasons.

The iPhone 7 should definitely be an interesting smartphone when it’s unveiled in September. The iPhone is a powerful force; we may yet see some respected headphone makers work on a Lightning variant of their headphones!
Shame that it’s unlikely that any genuine audiophile headphones will use a lightening connector.
It started in June 2014 when Apple released specifications for using the lightning port for audio. The change has been compared to such revolutions as ditching floppy drives and optical drives, the addition of the USB connector in the original iMac, and, more recently, the USB-C connector on the MacBook. I love Bluetooth headphones, but theya€™re more expensive and dona€™t sound as good as wired headphones. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
I have been looking for solutions, cures, fixes over the web there are many out there, below you will find a list of  some of the solutions. I have been looking for cures over the web there are many out there, below you will find a list of all these including the one that worked for me. With dirt, dust, grime and so on it may block the connectors working correctly and makes the phone think it is on a music dock.
Continue this for a couple of minutes as sometimes it gets stuck in headphone mode so this normally undoes that. This no sound and speaker is getting more known know by Apple there is a good chance you may get a replacement or a hardware fix. Similar to the step with cleaning it with a toothbrush you will be using compressed air instead. As above blow into the headphone jack for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, this should vanish any dust or dirt that is lodged in there. Hope they help ?? For another tutorial on how to fix your sound you can read this article here. I have no ringing sound on a incoming call + earphone jack does not work + no volume up or down screen. Sound is back, however, now there is a little bitty telephone receiver with dots under it (numbers for a app phone?) up with the Bluetooth, power, battery, etc., marks .
It is easy when all you want is to get the signal out of the speaker or headphone connector, and you are happy to analyze what internal microphone in the device receives.
The hands-free sets have microphones in them, so there must be a way to get signal into your device though this connector. This pin-out seems to be the case with my Samsung S4 mini smart phone and a small Denver TAC-70031 Android tablet I have. A Preamplifier for Smartphone Oscilloscopes Instructable describes a preamplifier circuit for making smartphone scopes more versatile and resistant to accidentally transferring too high voltages into your audio jack (destroying your expensive smart phone).  The input impedance is increased from around 2 K? (typical mic input) to 1 M? (typical oscilloscope input). It seems to be only useful as signal generator and analyzing signals that internal microphone can pick up. There were two ear pieces that each needed their own wire and return for a total of three wires. In addition to needing a fourth connection device, makers wanted to add additional functions such as a send-end button for answering and hanging up phone calls as well as buttons for pause-play or volume up-down. Both are in use today and mobile device manufacturers would like their devices to work for both. Speaker impedance, amplification, microphone characteristics, and button resistances all spell trouble for anyone working on compatibility. The horizontal antenna lines on the back of the phone have been reportedly removed for iPhone 7, although this kind of information simply cannot be corroborated by a case leak by its very nature. Also, the bezels mean better case designs, for those who use them, as they are more sturdy when they slightly wrap around the edges. The front of the phone will be taken back to square edge and the screen will go edge to edge. By having fewer ports, trays and openings, it becomes easier to make it waterproof, and even use it underwater.
I use bluetooth earbuds when cycling or working out and have a bluetooth headphone that turns into a wired one if plug an audio cable in it.
And as I said before, there’s is still the oightning port btw, which offers better audio quality too.
So I was expecting this to happen, where the 7 is similar to the 6 and 6s (removing the bands across the back, but keeping the ones around the top and bottom). Apple is too smart to reduce bezels, they know that a second speaker directly beside the other is more betterer. However, we’re likely to see the same water resistant cladding that was installed in the iPhone 6S. That will allow Apple to have a thinner phone, and should also free a bit of a room for other components. Michael Simon did just that this weekA when he wrote about the current rumor that Apple may remove the headphone jack from the iPhone.
The Lightning port does not put out analog audio, so the adapter will have to contain a DAC, making it a fairly expensive dongle (say, $25 or so). Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Photo: Eric HuismannThe upcoming iPhone 7 is almost certainly ditching the headphone jack at this point.
Solution Verify that there is nothing plugged in to the headset jack, including headsets, headphones, or adapters. If you do this make sure your iPhone is backed up as YOU will loose all data, media, contacts, pics, and so on. Initially when I created this website I did not envision the large response of people with the same issues.
The best and easiest way you can do this is to blow air out your mouth with a good force into where the iPhone would get charged. A bigger pic of the outside switch would have helped as I assumed you were talking about the push buttons for volume.
Some other devices might also work with somewhat higher resistance values (1 kohm to few kilo-ohms). I got my Samsung S4 to detect external when I used 1.5 kom resistor between MIC pins (the same trick did not seem to work on Denver tablet for some reason). The supported signal voltage range is 10 mV to 50 V or more, and the safe overload range is equal or higher.
Over time, by adding function and features, electronic device manufacturers have implemented these headsets in many different configurations. The camera industry also adopted this 4-pole connector to port audio and composite video from their devices.

Resistive detection, production testing, and battery charging are yet even more capability being added to this interface. And while some armchair analysts predicted an epic fail for the new gadget, it broke all records and achieved sales of two million devices within just one day after the pre-orders started. You can all of the details regarding the inner components of the iPhone 5 and its design in the teardown guide from iFixit. Notably, this case does not include a hole for a 3.5 mm headphone jack — reinforcing rumors that Apple will drop it in favor of Bluetooth or Lightning headphones. Still, case leaks have been reasonably accurate in the past and they are generally close enough to be worthy of discussion. Who knows, if the 8 isn’t any better I may well end up going Android, where innovation in design is alive and well. I mean do you people actually think an iPhone in 2025 will have side bezels or anywhere near the size of the top and bottom bezels? Consider inductive charging as the last option, and you’ll have a completely portless (but connected) iPhone.
Also, there was a major port change from the 4 to the 5, same as their will be one from 6 to the 7 (losing the audio jack). The phone will look very similar to the iPhone 6, with the same aluminium unibody design, and will even be the same height and width. One of these may be a second speaker, making the iPhone 7 the first to come with stereo speakers. While Apple didna€™t remove the jack, headphone manufacturers were able to create headphones with advanced features such as an onboard DAC (digital-analog converter). Also if you use rubbing alcohol, acetone or methylated spirits it will help get all the extra dirt out. If you have a jail broken iPhone or willing to do it then this will be the best option for you. Anyways I found out sound didn’t work when I took video at a wedding and was so excited to show the bride to find out it was muted. I found that almost all smartphones expect the mike and common leads on connectors 3 and 4. It is a good idea to keep the impedance always higher than 1 kohms, not because you would risk braking something (short circuit is OK because what what happens when you plug in normal headphones), but because some resistance values less than 1 kohms resistance values can be used for control buttons on some hands-free kits. The article shows how to get oscilloscope view with free OsciPrime Oscilloscope Legacy app.
The mic detection does not seem to work, or at least it does not seem to turn off the internal mic.
Without a cohesive audio-jack standard body, these accessories have diverged in ways that have made universal support difficult. For makers of large-scale application processors, call processors and audio codecs don’t have the agility to keep up with the changes happening in the 3.5mm jack world. With retail sales of the iPhone 5 starting today in various countries around the world, the guys at iFixit didn’t miss the opportunity and published the first teardown guide of the hot new device, while also reviewing all of its inner components. It has also been suggested that the iPhone 7 rear camera will be flush with the body, not protruding like current iPhone generation.
I use TWO count them 2 spigen style rings for my gigantor forehead and chin iphone 6s+ because my carpal tunnel does not allow me certain courtesy the rest enjoy. Combined with new Bluetooth Beats earphones in the box, the iPhone 7 should offer a substantial aural upgrade over its predecessors. It wasna€™t that big a deal to switch from floppies (which were already too small to hold much at the time) to things like Zip drives and rewritable CDs. This is similar to step 3 as it is a full reset of the device, this should help eliminate any glitch that have have come out in a recent update such as iOS7 or iOS8. There was some small voltage on the mic pins which would indicate that there could be mic in headphone connector….
The ability to support multiple versions of headset devices as well as support advanced features of these headsets would help the ultraportable product vendor deliver a value-added experience for the end user. There also have been different implementations of the jack pin out, which has been a major driver in the need for Audio Jack Detection products.
And if they do want cabled audio for better sound quality, there’s the lightning port. When the optical drive was removed, it was because most people didna€™t need it; you could buy an external drive. It, again, showed up after following the directions here to squeeze the bottom, right of the button for a few seconds to restore the sound .
Fairchild recognized the difficulty manufacturers were having with this and devised a family of audio jack device (ADJ) products.
And for the USB connectors: adding an adapter to a stationary device isna€™t a big deal (though ita€™s annoying to have to pay for one). The source tells Fast Company that the new audio system in the iPhone 7 will have built-in noise-canceling functionality.
And even if there wasna€™t, Apple has already patented a slimmed down headphone jack, which could be used with an inexpensive adapter for existing headphones. Some details on mic detection can be found at Audio Jack Detection and Controller article that describes NCX8193 audio jack accessory detector and controller operation. Waterproofing will presumably come via a simple hydrophobic coating inside and outside of the device, but it’s not yet clear how Apple plans to execute the wireless charging feature.
And the thinner postulation is just that, the phone could possibly be the same thickness but remove 2 internal parts equaling more battery space. Just as reasonable a possibility.Null Static Voidexcept for after the immediate debut of the ipod and iphone. My main gripe more pressing than fidelity issues with bt: oh great another battery to remember to change and have wear out.nrennieHow naive?!
They limit your choice for the old by introducing the new (something I don’t necessarily like), but make it a better experience once you do switch over. I am also not the only person who has invested hundreds of dollarsin premium headphones (NOT beats) so I can hear something approachingfidelity with this uncompressed audio. I would be listening to music for far longer than any of the current wireless headphones can last without charging. Similarly, my phone would need simultaneous charging from my battery pack at least 3 times during the day. How would you connect an auxiliary wire to your car to your iphone if there’s no headphone jack?Claudia BachDo I even want a thinner phone?

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