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For other iPod models with displays, the Serial Number theoretically can be retrieved by selecting Settings > About and subsequently clicking and holding the center button, but in practice, this doesn't always seem to work. Order Numbers are equally excellent in many situations, and even more precise, but they are not externally listed like Serial Numbers.
While individual daily usage patterns and battery life will vary, wea€™ve been working diligently to balance performance with design and functionality goals. Seeing the HTC one x in action first hand over the last few weeks I've seen it generally last almost two days under normal amount of usage.
This is true at least for my HTC one s, been getting 24+ hours off a charge which is twice what my amaze was getting. Considering the battery life of the Sensation is my single biggest issue with the device, I'm glad they focused on it for the new crop of phones. Why does the S4 AT&T version of the 1X fare so badly in cellular talk time compared to the T3 international version?

If the HTC Evo LTE 4G (Sprint's One X) comes with a 2000mah battery, how long does it last on a charge compared to the One X? Because there are hundreds of thousands in Apple's App Store its hard to figure out exactly which ones actually make things easier instead of just pretending to. Check out this list of 13 apps that are guaranteed to make your life easier and more productive. It may be necessary to instead read the Serial Number on the hardware itself or within iTunes on these models. Occasionally, there are different Serial Numbers listed on the hardware and in software due to manufacturing error as well. Serial Numbers are more precise than Model Numbers or EMC Numbers, though, which makes them the most precise external identifier.
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For example, we held multiple focus groups with real-world users to find the right balance between battery and phone size.
Our research was clear: you want your phone to last all day, but you also want your phone to be thin and light. No way a HTC One with a 1850mah battey is outlasting a Razr Maxx with a 3300mah battery as phonearena's chart is saying.
If the HTC One X only has a 1850 battery, there's no way it should last as long as the Droid Maxx. If Apple makes a move to more comparable screen sizes this fall it will be interesting to see how battery life stacks up on a more even footing.

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