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According to the Internal Revenue Service, calls from that number are being made by someone¬†impersonating an IRS agent who demands payment for a tax lien that doesn’t exist.
Mad World News cited a WSTU report that described the heavily-accented fake agent as demanding money immediately. The report said that nearly 100,000 people have already complained to the IRS about the scheme, and about 1,000 have lost a combined $5 million to the con man, or men, perpetrating it — money that the IRS would rather get their hands on themselves, of course.

The IRS also provided a phone number, 800-366-4484, for citizens to call if they believe they have been targeted by this scam. Please share this article on Twitter and Facebook to make sure that your friends and family do not allow themselves to become victims of this scam. IRS agents will never ask for credit or debit card information over the phone, never require taxpayers to pay using a specific payment method, and never threaten immediate enforcement action if a payment is not made over the telephone, they told WSTU.

An agency of the federal government under President Barack Obama is warning American taxpayers that they are in danger of being ripped off.

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