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Who would have thought that when a young, ‘John Boot’ began helping to run his mother’s herbal medicine store in Nottingham back in 1860, that such a humble outlet would expand into the high street giant ‘Boots’ we recognise today. If you’re looking for the Boots phone number, contact their customer service team now through 0843 538 5349. Boots are certainly health conscious, however when it comes to contacting them via your mobile they sadly aren’t as conscious about call costs. 0843 538 5349 is the stress-free way to speak to any of Boots’ many departments for instance, their pharmacy, opticians, customer care, sales, account enquiries and more. We must remember that Boots is no longer just a pharmacy as you will also find toys, household goods and electrical items under one convenient roof. If you’re looking to contact the British Gas phone number, call now on 0843 538 5214 to speak to their customer service staff. The British Gas phone numbers have previously advertised a variety of different contact numbers for each of these departments, but have unfortunately fallen into trying to make each of these difficult to find.
British Gas underwent major reconstruction which resulted in the following five departments being formed, and these now form the basis for their customer services departments. While we promise to make sure that our British Gas phone number always connects to a member of their customer service team, we have also compiled a complete list of all freephone, alternative, premium rate and national numbers for each section of the company.
For more information on the complaints process or to submit a complaint online, click here.

British Gas is one of the leading energy supplies in the UK, the company first came into existence in 1986 following the privatisation instigated by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The British Gas contact number has operated similar opening hours throughout the life of the business – and after much research, we have discovered the best times for you to make a call to the company and their helpline staff. If you notice that any of the above information about the British Gas phone number is incorrect, or you have more recent contact numbers to get through to their helpline staff, get in touch with us immediately.
This is why the Boots phone number is one of the most contacted in the UK, with hundreds of people dialling their customer service team . Boots has most certainly retained its pharmacy roots, providing daily prescriptions and over-the-counter advice, however this has also diversified greatly into the research of drugs and a variety of in-store treatments such as optical care. Luckily, Savvy Caller has an affordable phone number to make you feel 100% better about contacting Boots.
However, if you spot an item online or in the Boots’ brochure and want to reserve it prior to visiting your local store, rest assured our Boots contact number 0843 538 5349 will direct your call accordingly and affordably.
Reassuringly, the Savvy Caller Boots phone number 0843 538 5349 is all you need to remember when contacting any of these departments. Thankfully, the British Gas contact number is manned by thousands of staff due to their network on call centres, and they are able to deal with almost any enquiry, complaint or problem sent their way. This has been done in order to reduce call volumes, and thus reduce the amount of call centre staff they have to employ.

Thanks to the amount of different contact numbers we have on the site, it would be impossible for us to ensure that they are all relevant – so if you notice that one of the following details is incorrect or no longer works, please get in touch with us and we will strive to make the necessary changes.
With our Savvy Caller recommended British Gas phone number, you’ll be able to get the help that you need, fast. This is despite the fact that calling the British Gas number is often the quickest and easiest way for consumers to have queries, complaints and issues dealt with. Despite the increased rivalry for custom, the company has remained one of the most powerful in the country – something reflected in the fact that the British Gas phone number remains one of the most contacted of any in the country, with thousands of people needing to call the customer service team each and every day. Be aware that the phone line can be really busy – make yourself a cup of tea and be prepared to hold.JobCentre Plus will give you the date, time and location of your appointment (or Evidence of Identity interview) and inform you of what you need to bring.
The only difference is the time that it takes them to process your application – 3-5 days for the Standard service and 24 hours for the Fast Track.Once you have completed your application an agent will be assigned to your case.
Also, there may be a possibility that you don’t even have to attend an interview.If you are from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or a Non-EEA country then you won’t need to go to an interview. 19101MORE FROM BROKEINLONDON: Moving to London Guide Tips for the French Moving to London 10 Things You Will Notice When You Move to London Tips from Canadians in London Comments Subscribe to our NewsletterSubscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the best Tips & Tricks straight to your inbox!

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