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If you’re seeking the Jobcentre Plus phone number, contact their helpline team by calling 0843 538 5213 now. One of the areas of the DWP most actively targeted by austerity cuts by the new government, the Jobcentre has has enormous amounts taken from its budget in recent years. While the Jobcentre Plus phone number can be difficult to locate sometimes, the times that you will be able to dial it and get through to a member of their helpline time are even harder to locate.
Darra Singh, Chief Executive, Jobcentre Plus, Level 6, Caxton House, Tothill St, London, SW1H 9NA. You can call the Job Centre Customer helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on: 0843 850 2290. Many have argued that the service is being compromised at exactly the same time when it is needed most – with millions of people now needing aid, and unemployment reportedly at record highs. It also there if you need to report any changes in your circumstances, change a Jobcentre Plus appointment or make a complaint.

However, our staff have managed to find the times at which you will be able to make a call and connect through to their helpline team.
One way in which they have attempted to limit spending is by cutting back on the amount of support they offer to claimants – and the key method that they have attempted to do this through is by hiding the Jobcentre Plus number from those searching for it. There are a large number of Jobcentre Plus Contact Numbers below so make sure you dial the right one. Thanks for your help in making sure our Jobcentre Plus phone number listings are up-to-date, and thanks for being a Savvy Caller. We have sourced this number to save you time searching over the internet for the Jobcentre Plus Phone Number. Be aware that the phone line can be really busy – make yourself a cup of tea and be prepared to hold.JobCentre Plus will give you the date, time and location of your appointment (or Evidence of Identity interview) and inform you of what you need to bring. We will look into it, as we want to keep the Job Centre Plus information on this website as up to date as possible.

The only difference is the time that it takes them to process your application – 3-5 days for the Standard service and 24 hours for the Fast Track.Once you have completed your application an agent will be assigned to your case. Also, there may be a possibility that you don’t even have to attend an interview.If you are from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or a Non-EEA country then you won’t need to go to an interview. 19101MORE FROM BROKEINLONDON: Moving to London Guide Tips for the French Moving to London 10 Things You Will Notice When You Move to London Tips from Canadians in London Comments Subscribe to our NewsletterSubscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the best Tips & Tricks straight to your inbox!

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