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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. Getting connected to phone services, data, and Internet can be a time-consuming and protracted task for those new to Korea.
Ideal for expats and long-term travelers that want access to great technology as soon as they arrive in South Korea. With the shortest cell phone contracts in South Korea at 6 months, our Smart Phone Lease helps avoid lengthy contracts and the hassles of setting up a phone in South Korea.
Until recently, it was not possible to get a SIM card the day you landed in Korea, and not all phones were able to be hooked up to the Korean networks.
Pick one of our three plans when you order, and when you arrive you'll be able to install the SIM and be connected right away.
For business travelers, tourists, and others who will be in Korea less than 3 months but want to bring their own Korea-compatible phone to the country, these SIM cards are for you! Just like our 6-month smart phone lease, your TAS simple phone will be set up and waiting for you when you arrive.
Whether you're visiting for a few days or a few weeks in South Korea or you're waiting for your Alien Resident Card, this option is perfect for you. Per-day billing, unlimited domestic voice, text, and data, and the latest devices make our smart phone rental plan the cheapest, simplest, and most convenient way to stay in touch while you're in Korea.
If you're planning on staying in Korea at least two years, we can help you get a phone and plan set up and delivered to you WITHOUT the need of a translator or additional help at a discounted rate! From time to time, we get questions from our customers about the prices we charge for our products and service.
Before I go furtherCheck out this blog by a teacher that has used our services, and any of these testimonials.
I LOVE the feeling of being at the airport, meeting expats, handing them their phone, and watching them call their family to say “I made it just fine.” We’re very proud to be able to offer the shortest contract in Korea that is available the day you arrive, no paperwork or waiting necessary.
This is the main question we get from teachers who have been in Korea for more than two weeks, are starting to settle in, and have begun to talk about phone contracts with their Korean and expat coworkers.
What network are they on (different networks provide different services at different prices)?
Your Korean coworkers have many advantages over an expat newly arrived in Korea when it comes to getting a phone.
More InformationFor more information about the cell phone industry in Korea, check out this article. It is important to note that we have never claimed to be the cheapest option, nor the best option for everyone. Personable and friendly customer service from a company who knows what you’re going through – again, all in English!
Actually, we now offer the entire range of services: SIM Cards, Rental Phones, Simple and Smart Phones on Lease, and Two Year Phone plans through KT.
Of course, some expats find themselves loving Korea and spending many years here, learning the language and how to find all the best deals. We are not a phone company and we do not hold a cellular license to open phone lines (like phone shops do). On that note, we are a service business that is focused on serving a particular group: expats in Korea. The convenience of having a phone on the day of your arrival (or shortly thereafter) with no need for ARCs or even a passport. To run the numbers we’ll use one of our popular Sky Vega Racer 2 LTE phones on the KT as an example. If you were to get the same phone with the same service plan at a KT shop, you’d be paying about 72,000KRW (approx. About The Expat LoungeThe Arrival Store was created by expats to help expats, and The Expat Lounge exists to provide all the information you need to make your move to South Korea into an adventure, not a hassle. From advice and tips on what to pack, through how to get a cell phone, and even to learning the Korean language and what to expect in South Korea, The Expat Lounge is your one-stop resource center!

NOTE: If any of the products below display a dropdown list, please select the specific product that you would like before clicking ADD TO CART. 1-2 days before you depart we will send you, by email, the final details of your package, including the shipping number, which you must have in order to collect your SIM.
If TAS' customer service has one weakness, it's that they are too nice not to push you into an upgrade. We’re always trying our best to find the most up-to-date information on cell phones, plans and providers in South Korea. This guide is an updated version of one from a South Korean Reddit user who did quite a bit of research to find all of this incredibly helpful information and advice on Korean mobile operators, services, plans, smartphones, and more. On the contrary, in the online distribution channel, mobile operators sell their phones at almost the maximum subsidy. Mobile operators earn tremendous profit from massively ignorant offline customers, and spend some of its profit on subsidizing the online distribution channel. Meanwhile, the government keeps regulating the mobile operator’s subsidization, rather than normalizing the market.
Exception: If you are going to buy an iPhone, just visit any retail phone shop or telecom store, and ask for both iPhone and subscription. If you can’t read Korean, use Craigslist or just ask for help from your Korean friend. Before paying for your phone, You must ask the seller about every limitation, lock or restriction on the phone such as ????(report of stolen phone), ???????(automatic data blocking), ????????(prevention of changing USIM) which may not recognize your USIM.
Low hardware efficiency: Every smartphone needs both AP(Application Processor) and broadband chipset.
Yes you can, if your phone is unlocked and supports the 2.1Ghz 3G WCDMA network, as most modern phones now do, even those from companies (like Sprint and Verizon) that in the past used CDMA technology.
Most modern smart phones will work in Korea without a problem, but to avoid fringe issues, we recommend a Samsung Galaxy (Note or S), iPhone 5s or later, or recent LG phone. After purchasing a contract-free used phone, you should subscribe to a mobile network service for your phone. SK Telecom: Relatively good membership benefits, good customer service, slightly more expensive than Olleh.
You can subscribe to them by visiting their official telecom store, not the retail phone shops. TAS SIMs and phones are available as soon as you arrive in Korea, without your having to wait for an ARC. We offer simple services to make sure you can stay in touch with friends and family around the world and nearby. Per-day billing means you pay only for what you need, and you don't need to return the SIM card when you're done! In this post, he shares his insights into the Korean cell phone market, gleaned from years dealing with customers and service providers alike.
We’re always happy to chat about pricing and, for me personally, questions of pricing and “what’s behind the price tag” have become topics into which I have put a lot of thought. We have helped thousands of expats remain connected to their families and friends while they create a life in to Korea. What is the total they pay for service (Korean providers often hide some fairly significant fees)? This is pretty amazing, considering that we’re a small company of less than ten people spread between three countries, and not some big box retailer or mega corporation. For those people, it will probably be better for them in the long to sign a long-term contract with a Korean service provider (again, a service we provide).
We have a bunch of phones that are in our name that we lease out to people (we are the largest provider of this in Korea!). This is a genuine option, but carries a fair share of risks and inconveniences – you have to find someone wanting to take over your contract just before you leave, when most expats arrive immediately after most of their predecessors leave.
I love chatting about all this (as crazy as that sounds), and I genuinely welcome any constructive criticism or praise you have for our products and services. Before you can open a bank account, you must be registered with the government (your ARC is proof of registration).

TAS offers the shortest cell phone contract available in Korea, giving expats an additional amount of flexibility.
This necessary evil was introduced after a few customers left the country without paying their outstanding bills. Please be aware, however, that there will be an extra cost of between 4,000W and 16,000W that will be charged by the holding company at the airport at time of collection.
Use this guide as a start to understand how cell phone services and plans work in South Korea. Yes, it’s much cheaper, but because most Koreans hold the stereotype that buying from an online retailer is likely fraudulent and doubtful, people keep stick to buying phones from the store. You can buy almost-new or good-condition used phones, and subscribe to a telecom service for your phone separately. It means every device manufacturer in Korea must design and produce a different product only for LG U+. You can normally find factory refurbished versions of these devices at massive discounts on Amazon, EBay and Groupon. You can choose Olleh or SK Telecom (The Arrival Store provides their service through Olleh). Phone shops are for purchasing phones and subscriptions, and as wrote above, they’ll rip you off.
We can help you set up your phone from home with a SIM Card - so long as it meets the minimum requirements! When he’s not fielding calls at all hours of the day, he enjoys living in Itaewon, exploring Korea, and experimenting in the kitchen. To skip the obvious sales-pitch (we don’t mind if you do) and get straight to the nitty-gritty, click here to jump down to the numbers. We offer these products and services because this is what our customers have asked us to provide them, and we’re happy to serve them as best we can.
After you’ve received your ARC you can open a bank account, and then, finally, go get a phone.
If the phone does not function properly or has technical issues (not caused by the user) while it is in the possession of a customer, TAS will help you fix the problem immediately.
Moreover, mobile operators and manufacturers avoid the independent retail distribution of devices, and the competition that comes with it.
They’re almost the same but slightly different in rate, WiFi coverage, and membership benefits.
We try to make up what difference in price there may be by offering the shortest cell phone contracts in Korea, the ability to use a phone immediately as soon as you land, and exceptional English-language customer service. If it turns our you are going to stay longer than a year, and you want to reduce your phone bill and keep the number, you can actually take over the contract on that particular phone. If you were to keep a 30-month contract phone by a local provider for a year, you’d pay 792,000 KRW (approx.
Korea is a smart phone culture- even the 1st graders in elementary school have these super-advanced pocket computers. Pay the registration fee (24,000 won for Olleh and 39,600 won for SK Telecom) and the price of the USIM card.
You will feel the bulk of your ridiculous flip phone sitting in your pocket, getting heavier with each step as you are lost in some Korean city, wishing you weren't an idiot for not getting something with navigation abilities.
If there is one upside, it's maybe that you will read more when you sit on the 3-hour bus ride to Busan rather than play games, watch movies, chat with friends, or read an e-book in your downtime. Integrated AP+broadband chipset means that it’s more power efficient and requires less space on the circuit. If your device is broken, you should visit customer centre to change the ownership of your phone.

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