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Apple's WWDC 2012 product launch surprises may well have been spoiled, with what looks to be the most comprehensive inventory list breaking cover more than a week ahead of the developer-centric event.
Samsung has officially launched the Galaxy Grand Prime, the company’s latest selfie-centric smartphone in India, as expected. Galaxy Grand Prime opens a whole new world of premium mobile experience for consumers looking at uninterrupted entertainment and multi-tasking on-the-go.
Srivatsan Sridhar is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast who is passionate about Mobile phones and Mobile apps. The holiday shopping season is here, and that means we'll be seeing a lot of deals on smartphones. Sizes are all over the place, ranging from Apple's relatively small iPhones to the huge Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet. No surprise here, as the smallest phone (the iPhone 5s) is also the lightest, while the biggest phone (Galaxy Note 3) is the heaviest. Plastic is everywhere, with the iPhone 5s and HTC One standing as the only metallic phones in this bunch.
You can design your own Moto X from among 18 base colors (along with many more accent color combinations), and the iPhone 5c lets you choose from five colors, most of them rich pastel hues. Smartphone screen sizes have skyrocketed in the last few years, and this group is a pretty good reflection of that. The Note 3 holds the most juice, and the iPhone 5c holds the least, but lots of other factors determine actual battery life. We haven't had any problems with the uptimes of any of these phones, and each should easily last a full day with typical use. The Lumia is the only hybrid on this list, but that doesn't mean there aren't some other great cameras in this bunch. The HTC One's camera, despite only having a mere 4 MP, is excellent for low-light photography, and you probably won't notice the lower resolution unless you do a lot of zooming or cropping.
The Galaxy Note 3 is the only full-fledged phablet on this list, and its included stylus (which slides right into the device) gives you a greater sense of precision in everything you do. The two iPhones and the Lumia Windows Phone are the only handsets that don't have Android under the hood. Voice assistants like Siri and Google Now are handy, but wouldn't they be even handier if you didn't have to touch your phone to use them? You can still use Siri and Google Now completely hands-free on other devices, as long as you have something like a Bluetooth headset or a voice-control smartwatch. It took a few years to get to this point, but just about every high-end phone you can buy today will support speedy LTE data. We don't emphasize processors as much as we used to in these comparisons, as most high-end phones are way past the point of concern when it comes to performance.
The iPhone 5s also heralds the arrival of 64-bit smartphone processing, but that means much more to the future of mobile computing than it does to your experience right now.
Prices will vary a bit from retailer to retailer, but these are the standard entry-level asking prices for each handset (in US dollars).

On-contract prices vary even more than full retail, so you'll want to check around and take these numbers with a few grains of salt. The Galaxy Note 3 is a powerful mobile device, but it's also pretty pricey (especially when you consider its fake leather backing). If you've already found the smartphone of your dreams, and are thinking bigger, then you can check out our 2013 Tablet Comparison Guide. Do check product warranty policies validity in Singapore especially when shipping from overseas. The list, fleshed out with best-guess product names and (Australian) pricing by 9 to 5 Mac, includes two new MacBook Pro models and four new MacBook Air. Accessories include a new Airport Express, along with multiple cheaper products - each described as "standalone kit" - guesses to the identities of which haven't been made. Apple's top-end desktop has been long overdue an upgrade, and some worried that the company might axe the range altogether in favor of pushing high-power MacBook Pro machines paired with external displays. Earlier this month we heard chatter of Retina Display upgrades for the MacBook Pro models, though not for the iMac, though that contrasted with other purported specs. It has a 5-megapixel front-facing camera with  85 degree wide-angle lens, which is the main highlight of the smartphone.
Introducing the new trend of ‘Groupfie’, Galaxy Grand Prime features an advanced wide angle front camera best-suited to capture group images.
Maybe the biggest surprise is that the Lumia 1020, which is on the smaller end of this bunch, is the second-heaviest.
Some are sharper than others, but most eyes won't notice a huge difference once you pass the 300 pixels per inch threshold. The iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 offer the most options, and the two Samsung phones are the only ones that include a microSD card slot. The iPhone 5s stands out for its dual LED flash (which leads to better-looking flash photography), solid low-lighting results, and burst mode that automatically uses the sharpest shot. The iPhone 5s' M7 chip lets apps and accessories track your activity without killing battery life. It can detect when your phone moves, and briefly light up your notifications on the screen (Moto calls it Active Display). Right now Windows Phone only has basic voice search and dictation, rather than a concierge-style voice assistant. That was Motorola's thinking with the Moto X, as you can summon Google Now by uttering the keywords "OK, Google Now" even if your phone is on the other side of the room. Scan up to five fingers that the phone will trust, and you'll enjoy passcode protection without the hassle of entering a passcode.
With that said, the iPhone 5s' A7 chip and the Snapdragon 800 in the G2 and Nexus 5 should deliver the fastest performance on this list. The HTC One and Galaxy S4 have been around the longest, and are the most likely to spring new models on you within the next five or six months. The Nexus 5 delivers the most bang for your buck, but that price is only available from Google Play, and, unfortunately, they're currently backordered by two to three weeks.

It might only be the best choice if you want a device that can serve as both a big phone and small tablet. Windows Phone's app selection still isn't quite in the same league as Android's or iOS', but you also get a full-fledged camera that breaks new ground for smart phones.
The 5s is the better phone, but you could argue that most of its upgrades are negligible (are a fingerprint sensor and slightly better camera really worth upgrading for?). Plus get an additional welcome gift of S$1,500 worth of shopping vouchers when you apply for a Citibank Rewards Visa Card!
All trademarks, trade names, services marks and logos referenced belong to their respective companies. With the launch of this power packed smartphone, we are further strengthening our Grand portfolio.
Let Gizmag lend a hand, as we compare the features and specs of the top smartphones of 2013. We also think they're the phones you're most likely to see on display in your local wireless or retail store. The iPhone 5c and Lumia 1020 are made of very solid and smooth polycarbonate, the Galaxy S4 gives you a light, flimsy-feeling plastic, the Note 3 simulates leather, while phones like the Nexus 5 and LG G2 have matte finishes.
Though these two iPhones are bigger than the first five iPhones, the Note 3 gives you 103 percent more screen area. Though it isn't as prominently featured, the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKit have a similar function for tracking steps.
Draw a box, and fill it with a calculator app to crunch some quick numbers without leaving the app you're already in.
Samsung, HTC, and LG all throw in their own custom software to try to differentiate their handsets.
And though it can be fooled, the Moto X also "learns" your voice, so others usually won't be able to activate it with the same keywords. Just don't forget that you can now buy a DSLR for relatively cheap, and even entry-level DSLRs still handily outperform Frankenphones like the Lumia.
The 5c, meanwhile, is more playful, with its pastel colors, unique cases, and very solid, "unapologetically plastic" build. Plus we managed to squeeze in phones representing each of the three biggest software platforms, and six of the top hardware manufacturers. Appropriately, it also has one of the most advanced camera control apps on any smartphone, with manual settings for all your photography needs.
If you're looking for a singular productivity-oriented mobile device that can replace both phone and tablet, the Note 3 is a great choice. And thanks to the motion co-processor, it does all this while still delivering very good battery life.

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