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If you have questions regarding Social Security Retirement Benefits, please contact Jeff Fields, Customer Relations Manager. A decent part of my living comes from consulting with individuals throughout the nation with Social Security issues.
If you want to find the number to your local office, here’s the Social Security office locator.
Service Representatives have the responsibility of handling general inquiries, fixing simple post-claim issues and answering the phones. The Technical Experts handle the complex cases and do the stuff that’s too complicated for the others. The next time you call (or visit) your local Social Security office, you’ll speak to a Service Representative. How can I get low-cost health care while I am applying for Social Security disability benefits? What is the definition of “disability” for the purposes of Social Security disability benefits?
Can I receive unemployment benefits while applying for or receiving Social Security disability benefits? The Tampa area has three local Social Security offices, or field offices: two in Tampa and one in Valrico. Social Security does not publish the telephone numbers for individual field offices, but asks you to call the general Social Security phone line: 1-800-772-1213. The Gunn Highway field office is located at 4010 Gunn Highway, Suite 100, Tampa, Florida 33618, on the corner of Gunn Highway and Linebaugh Avenue, one block west of Dale Mabry Highway.
The Valrico field office is located at 1947 State Road 60 East, Valrico, Florida 33594, at the corner of Valrico Road and State Road 60.

If you are an employer and you need to call the Social Security Administration, there is a separate phone number for you. Much of what you can do over the phone when you call the social security phone number can also be done online at the social security website.
Remember the idiots from the Home Alone movie that, as a “calling card”, left the water running each time they broke into a home? According to Rome City Police reports, an employee arrived early Friday morning (July 19th), to find the bizarre scene. The same facility has recently been hit by copper thieves who have cost the government office in the neighborhood of $6,000.
Offices will continue to close to the public at noon every Wednesday so employees can complete current work and reduce backlogs. Since 2003 I have served as the Social Security Public Affairs Specialist, essentially a teacher about Social Security, for all of North Dakota and western Minnesota. One thing they all have in common is that they’ve called their local Social Security office at least once. Those I’ve come in contact with have exhibited a deep understanding of the rules and provisions of the Social Security programs.
Investment Advice offered through Social Security Intelligence, a Registered Investment Advisor and a separate entity from LPL Financial. To find out which office serves your area, visit the Social Security office locator and enter your zip code.
Your use of this website, including the email contact form or comments form, does not establish an attorney-client relationship.
For example you can apply online for retirement, change your address, start direct deposit for your benefit checks, and get a benefit verification letter.  All of these services can be requested online at your convenience without having to wait in line on the phone or in a Social Security office.

Although this is the first position for a new hire, I wouldn’t automatically discount their experience.
Unless you are ready to process your claim, you’ll have little interaction with this representative. From I-275, take the Westshore Boulevard exit, turn north, then turn left on Laurel Street and left on Frontage Road. Many of these people that I help would never call me if they would have received a satisfactory answer and solid advice when they called their local Social Security office. Not all are created equal. For retirement and disability benefits, the Social Security employee will most likely have one of the following titles. Some Service Representatives begin, and end, a long Social Security career with the same title.
Normally, you have to be referred by a Service Representative or a Claims Representative to get in front of the Technical Expert.
So I may be hurting myself slightly, but I can’t stand to see any more bad (and sometimes non-reversible) decisions made as a result of incorrect guidance from the Social Security Administration.
Just understand, the Service Representative that answers your call may be a 6 month employee-or a 25 year employee.
It may take a while, but eventually you’ll be able speak to the most knowledgeable person in the office.

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