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A California woman who drove her car into a 500-foot ravine was rescued this week after her family and one clever police officer were able to determine her location via her iPhone, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Though her vehicle was outfitted with General Motors's OnStar system, which determines a vehicle's location by means of a roof-mounted GPS antenna, the company was not able to pinpoint where the car was, according to the Mercury News. But Apple's location-tracking system for its mobile devices stepped in to save the day, with some heads-up help from Campbell police officer Dave Cameron. It turned out that the Find My iPhone app provided a "dead on" location for the missing woman and police where then able to guide rescuers to her aid at the bottom of the ravine, where she was discovered lying face down and disoriented.
It wasn't immediately clear why Apple's location-tracking system was able to find the woman while OnStar couldn't, the Mercury News noted.

By contrast, when location tracking and location-based apps are enabled on an iPhone, the device and Apple's tracking system attempt to maintain an ongoing connection to pinpoint the location of the smartphone. Autonomous vehicles could disrupt everything from the airline industry to the use of urban space.
The new program aims to serve children in developing countries with cost-effective, useful tech solutions.
Dutch researchers think a human-like 'virtual driver' will accelerate acceptance of smart cars. The officer suggested the woman's family use the Find My iPhone app on an iPad to try to locate her phone.

While OnStar only uses GPS, iPhones can also connect with nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers to help determine a device's location.
Cameron was also credited by the Mercury News as guessing the missing woman's password "on the third or fourth try" to unlock the app.

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