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THE GUARDIAN: It must have scared the rest of Fleet Street when he started talking – he had bought, sold and snorted cocaine with some of the most powerful names in tabloid journalism. INQUIRER: Signs of Jamaica abound at the Penn Relays, the 116-year-old track-and-field festival held each April in Philadelphia. RELATED: In January, FPU intercepted a group of sixteen  performers who had close ties to the Caribbean Alliance Group, a petitioner known to FPU to have associations with drug trafficking.
Gillian Welch and David Rawlings’ long-awaited collaboration The Harrow and the Harvest came out in June, marking an almost eight-year wait for fans of their 2003 album Soul Journey. RELATED: In the spring of 1969, four activists from the Philadelphia chapter of the Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) were arrested for plotting to blow up the Liberty Bell after the police found bomb-making materials in the refrigerator of their West Philly apartment.
Forty years later, Rizzo and just about everyone on the police and prosecution side of the case are dead and buried. POYNTER: On Tuesday, the largest private coal company in the world, Peabody Energy, launched a campaign to provide free My Little Pony and Justin Bieber-themed “Puff-Puff” inhalers to kids 18 and under. So the thrust of News International’s message to the world was that Mrs Brooks was as shocked as everyone else by disclosures that appear to show that there was a culture at the News of the World of systematically breaching proprieties in the pursuit of stories. NEW YORK TIMES: The commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Services, Sir Paul Stephenson, resigned his post on Sunday just hours after his officers arrested Rebekah Brooks, the former chief of Rupert Murdoch’s media operations in Britain, as damage from a phone-hacking scandal moved to the highest levels of British public life.
RELATED: For nearly four years they lay piled in a Scotland Yard evidence room, six overstuffed plastic bags gathering dust and little else.
HUFFINGTON POST: Wall Street Journal report on Friday that Obama was not expected to nominate Elizabeth Warren, who was instrumental in setting up the agency but faced stalwart opposition from Republicans. RELATED: It seems that the hopes of Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren to lead the federal consumer protection agency she helped create are about to be dashed by stubborn Republican opposition.
BY MIKE WOLVERTON In a parallel universe, A Perfect Circle would be Rock-and-Roll Gods, appealing in equal measure to metal meatheads, pretentious art-rockers and even the ladies.
Other than “The Outsider”, which kicks ass and always will, the best song A Perfect Circle played on Saturday was their one new song, “By and Down”. Hoare said that once he became aware of the practice, it was his understanding that the information was provided by police officers. EMBASSY KINGSTON JAMAICA: The Penn Relays track and field meet in April of each year is a major athletic event that is a significant cultural milestone for many young Jamaican athletes. The 10 songs that make up the new album deal with some heavy subjects: identity, loss, unfulfilled expectations, death and desperation. Rizzo statue Saturday afternoon seemed to be in a time warp, as the former Philadelphia mayor’s entourage and admirers came out to pay their respects. Rizzo, known for a blunt persona that rallied some and riled others, often used violent imagery in his statements. According to the police, the planned destruction of the Liberty Bell was part of a larger plot hatched by a network of student radicals to destroy national landmarks across the country. But all four of the accused SDS activists — Steve Fraser, Richard Borghmann, Jane “Muffin” Friedman and Paul Milkman — continue to insist there never was a plot to blow up the Liberty Bell, that the Philadelphia SDS was loudly and proudly avowedly non-violent, and the cops planted the bomb-making material to discredit their politics and scare off potential sympathizers. As part of this humanitarian campaign, Peabody pledged to donate $500 towards a lung-replacement procedure for every 1,000 inhalers ordered through the “Coal Cares” initiative. Because ever since News International and its parent company News Corporation were seriously damaged 13 days ago by the allegation that the phone of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler was hacked at the instigation of the News of the World, News International has been on an explicit mission to demonstrate that Mrs Brooks was innocent of all wrongdoing.
That ignorance while in positions of authority at News International was ultimately enough to persuade her to resign from the company on Friday – many days after there had been widespread calls, including a demand from her friend, the prime minister, for her to go. Now there are two reasons why News Corporation and News International were so keen to protect Rebekah Brooks.
In a news conference, Sir Paul said his position was “in danger of being eclipsed by the ongoing debate by senior officers and the media. Inside was a treasure-trove of evidence: 11,000 pages of handwritten notes listing nearly 4,000 celebrities, politicians, sports stars, police officials and crime victims whose phones may have been hacked by The News of the World, a now defunct British tabloid newspaper. Elizabeth Warren confirmed the news of Cordray’s nomination in a statement to The Huffington Post.
But she still has the energy, personality and Washington savvy to vie for the Democratic nomination to challenge Sen.

Tool has been busy with an album and tours, and Keenan has filled his remaining “downtime” with wine-making (his Caduceus Cellars in Arizona has been in operation since 2004), a documentary (Blood Into Wine, about the vineyard), and another side project (the awesome Puscifer).
It makes the whole thing so frustrating, because this band is ready to explode but lacks the material. The Quaker City String Band played as dignitaries arrived on foot and in cars, some following the motorcade that came down Broad Street from Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cheltenham to the Municipal Services Building, across from City Hall. The shocking news spread quickly when footage of the police search of the apartment — captured by a KYW film crew invited by police to document the raid — and the ensuing arrests made the evening news. The judge overseeing the case seemed inclined to agree and eventually threw the case out after two years of pre-trial hearings. It had been distributed at community fairs in northeastern Pennsylvania through the company’s Good Neighbor program.
Peabody, which launched a “Coal Cares” website to advertise the campaign, hoped to tackle the stigma associated with asthma by giving away a variety of colorful and hip inhalers to dignify the use of asthma medication.
The timing, two days before a separate parliamentary inquiry into the crisis, drew a skeptical response from opposition lawmakers who said the arrest might inhibit Ms. Although Mrs Brooks was editor of the News of the World at the time of the alleged hacking, she has denied all knowledge of it. Yet from August 2006, when the items were seized, until the autumn of 2010, no one at the Metropolitan Police Service, commonly referred to as Scotland Yard, bothered to sort through all the material and catalog every page, said former and current senior police officials.
Their dynamic singer, Maynard James Keenan, is also the frontman for a much bigger band (Tool), which is his top priority. One might have thought he had moved on from A Perfect Circle, and the band’s other founder, guitarist Billy Howerdel, may have thought so as well, as he recorded an album without Keenan in 2008 under the name Ashes Divide (the record, Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright, is pretty good). I don’t know if Keenan is too busy, or Howerdel is caught in limbo, not knowing which band to be writing for. He told the newspaper that not only did Coulson know of the phone hacking, but that he actively encouraged his staff to intercept the phone calls of celebrities in the pursuit of exclusives.
Each year about 40 teams are drawn from more than two dozen Jamaican high schools, with an additional four to six club teams composed of older runners. Saturday marked 20 years since Rizzo died of a heart attack while campaigning for a third term as mayor, a job he had held from 1972 to 1980. Councilman Foglietta, if you had any sense, you could take a reading of the crowd here today and go home and slit your throat,” Abraham read, drawing much laughter.
The Daily News trumpeted news of the plot in two separate cover stories with the blaring headlines: COLLEGE REBELS HELD AS RAIDERS FIND ‘MAKINGS OF BOMB’ and REBEL STUDENT PLOT TO BLOW UP PHILA. Brooks’s ability or readiness to testify before the panel while she is the subject of police inquiries.
She was leaving only because she had become a lightning rod for criticism of the company which made it harder for any kind of equilibrium to be restored in the business.
During that same time, senior Scotland Yard officials assured Parliament, judges, lawyers, potential hacking victims, the news media and the public that there was no evidence of widespread hacking by the tabloid. Some Washington Democratic insiders insist she is still mulling a Senate run, given her fading chances to be permanently confirmed to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created by the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which Warren pushed mightily and which she has been staffing up and directing as a special assistant to President Barack Obama.
That means that while Tool is recording or touring, A Perfect Circle is stuck in a holding pattern, working around Keenan’s availability. I’ve seen this band before in the mid-2000’s, and they worked entirely from their two original albums. In a subsequent interview with the BBC he alleged that he was personally asked by his then-editor, Coulson, to tap into phones. Now, however, it seems that some Jamaicans who applied for visas to compete in the Relays in years past were “mala fide applicants . Even in death, the former police commissioner, who would have been 90, has continued to inspire many Philadelphians. They steadfastly maintained that their original inquiry, which led to the conviction of one reporter and one private investigator, had put an end to what they called an isolated incident.
One such insider told me she has “done a grand job in getting the new agency” — which defends consumers against abuse by lending institutions — underway, but that it is unlikely she could get past Republican procedural barriers for confirmation.

The excellent debut album (2000’s Mer de Noms) was followed in 2003 by the fantastic Thirteenth Step. Early in this show, I wondered what we were in for, if it was just going to be a replay of that set. Once again, a potentially tragic incident of domestic terrorism was narrowly averted, it seemed, thanks to the aggressive due diligence of the Philadelphia Police Department and its take-no-bull commissioner Frank Rizzo. The prank, carried out by a newly formed group called “Coal Kills Kids,” was conceived and executed at the Yes Lab, an activist training center associated with the famous Yes Men. Brooks, said she “maintains her innocence, absolutely.” It was the latest twist in a series of events that has transformed Mr. To put it another way, the company’s version of what happened at the News of the World and who was to blame has been implicitly challenged in a fundamental way by the decision of the Metropolitan Police to arrest her on suspicion of alleged involvement in phone hacking and corruption. After the past week, that assertion has been reduced to tatters, torn apart by a spectacular avalanche of contradictory evidence, admissions by News International executives that hacking was more widespread, and a reversal by police officials who now admit to mishandling the case. And a recess appointment by the president “would be such a flashpoint issue for the Republicans that it would make getting the bureau up and running more difficult.” Yet the word in Washington is that her winning battle to get the agency created, and her combat with the GOP, has given Warren a taste for politics and that she may get more deeply involved in it. A year later came the much weaker eMOTIVe, an album of covers with significant arrangement overhauls.
There was just one problem: There was no plot to blow up the Liberty Bell and there were no bomb-making materials, aside from what the police brought with them. Murdoch from a virtually untouchable force in the British media landscape to a mogul fighting for the survival of his power and influence. Assistant Commissioner John Yates of the Metropolitan Police Service publicly acknowledged that he had not actually gone through the evidence. I love the idea of this album, a high-quality rock band covering tunes like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”, “Imagine” from John Lennon, as well as tunes by Fear, Zeppelin, Black Flag and Joni Mitchell. The band seemed to feel the same way, because this show leaned heavily on the eMOTIVEe album. In September last year, he was interviewed under caution by police over his claims that the former Tory communications chief asked him to hack into phones when he was editor of the paper, but declined to make any comment. But for the two long years the case kicked around the courts — long enough to put the SDS out of business in Philadelphia — none of that really mattered. Earlier on Sunday, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Ed Miliband, who has taken a lead in criticizing Mr. But whenever I put it on my optimism quickly vanishes and I remember that the album kind of blows, and I’m not sure why. Hoare returned to the spotlight last week, after he told the New York Times that reporters at the News of the World were able to use police technology to locate people using their mobile phone signals in exchange for payments to police officers.
Murdoch’s operations, called for the breakup of News International, his British newspaper subsidiary. And while I didn’t necessarily mind this tack (better than a re-hash), plenty of people in the crowd objected. At best, former Scotland Yard senior officers acknowledged in interviews, the police have been lazy, incompetent and too cozy with the people they should have regarded as suspects.
These eMOTIVEe songs are mostly very slow versions, and while perhaps interesting, it’s not the kind of material that goes over well with an inebriated, outdoor Saturday summer crowd. It’s been a long time since I heard so much conversation among the people all around me, ignoring the band, seeming to wait for the tunes they knew.
Brooks, who had believed she was attending a prearranged and voluntary sit-down session to aid police in their inquiries.

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