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Photographers have taken pictures of England's buildings and landscapes since the invention of the medium, making images of the traces of past societies as well as photographing the new buildings around them.
Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. By using this website, you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our Cookie Policy. The formats and types of photograph they have used have been, over time, just as various, from the rare and special image, such as the first calotype, to the ubiquitous digital photograph.

Collectively these photographers, both famous and anonymous, have changed the way we see and understand our environment. This book features over 300 striking photographs from the Historic England Archive, an unparalleled collection of 9 million images on England's buildings and landscapes from the 1850s to the present. Viewed collectively, its photographic collections record the changing face of England from the beginning of photography to the present day.
They form a remarkable national asset, a huge memory bank that helps us understand and interpret the past, informs the present and assists with future management and appreciation of the historic environment.

With informative essays and captions by the authors, this book will appeal to anyone with an interest in photography, architecture, archaeology or social history.

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