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This is easy-just your name, your primary contact number (cell phone is fine) and your email address. Usually you could just put your address with your primary contact info, but college students have a unique situation. Use this space to list your unpaid activities, like volunteer work, club participation, honor society, etc. Also, many colleges have career centers that offer resume building classes, which can be really helpful.

I want to thank you for the procedures on how to make a resume’ thank you for the wonderful advise. Surviving College Life is a drama-free zone and reserves the right to remove any inappropriate, spammy, or malicious comments. Receive a FREE E-Newsletter from Fox College FundingĀ®, with powerful tips on how to avoid paying the full price for college in each issue. If your Major GPA (the GPA listed for all the courses in your major) is higher than your overall GPA, you might want to list both. Don’t forget to subscribe in a reader or for email updates to keep up with all my latest tips!

A concise resume probably looks better than one with random filler fluff, like awards you received in elementary school. As a recent college grad, my resume is by far the most important document I have ever written.

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