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Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel, left, has said the increase in spam is not related to a security breach involving the app's Find Friend tool, right. Earlier this month he came out in defence of his firm following a serious security breach involving the app's Find Friend tool.
On Christmas Day an Australian security firm Gibson Security revealed a vulnerability with the site, which could lead to users' personal information being leaked. Following news that millions of Snapchat accounts were hacked, developers have created an online tool that lets users check if their details have been compromised.
A second tool, called Snapcheck.org, pictured, lets users enter either their username or phone number to check if their account details are on the list.

The hackers redacted the last two digits of each phone number on the list to avoid hacked account holders being abused. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Snapchat said it had taken action to address the issueIn response, the firm has announced plans to release an updated version of the app that lets users opt out of the feature.
The Find Friend tool was developed to help Snapchatters find their friends' usernames by using their mobile numbers. According to Spiegel, this tool was abused by 'someone to find usernames of people that werena€™t their friends'.

He added that the person targeted had 4.6million friends in their address book, and the hackers used this to find phone numbers. Previous reports have claimed Spiegel was one of the users affected by the hack, and this recent statement adds weight to the rumours it may even been his friend's list that was compromised.
However, this has not been confirmed.The tool is already optional, but the app update will make it possible for users to explicitly opt out of using the feature.

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