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I'M INTERESTING IN MAKING VOICE & VIDEO CALLS BUT MY PROBLEM IS MY VISA CARD IS NOT A CREDIT CARD SO I CAN'T PURCHASE MY VOUCHER. Make sure you have your headphone and microphone plugged into your computer and they are working. You are allowed to make only two free calls everyday (you are identified based on your IP address).
The EvaPhone web site requires you to have Adobe Flash installed before you can use their service.
If you do not know, the headphone jack is colored green and the microphone jack is colored pink – make sure you match these colors when inserting headphone and microphone jacks. For example, the free calls made to Swaziland is only 2 minutes long – after which the phone is automatically disconnected.
The first free call can be made without any registration – just visit the EvaPhone webpage and make the call.

In order to make free phone calls, now you can use free SIP account from Zadarma which allows free calls to any number in the USA and Canada. It's call Google Voice and Video Chat, and it allows you to make free domestic phone calls from within North America (United States & Canada). You can also double check by playing a sound on your computer and hearing in the headphone. You would be shown a short advertisement video for about fifteen seconds which you must watch before the calling process is started. You can see the list of free minutes allowed for each country by clicking on the Free Minutes tab.
You can use this SIP account with the help of MicroSIP software for Windows or use it inside your Android phone.
The best part is that it does not require you to install anything, just visit the EvaPhone web site and start making calls.

To check the microphone, use Windows sound recorder, record something and try playing it back. If you want to make longer calls, you can add funds to your registered EvaPhone account and make many longer calls.
This video walks you through some of the features, so you can start making free online phone calls with Google Voice.
For example, if you select USA, it would prefix 1 to the phone number; if you select Philippines, then it would prefix 63 and so on.

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