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Microsoft's Skype app for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 gets an exciting update today that brings drawing to Skype for the first time. Click the ‘+’ icon in a chat and select ‘drawing’ to draw a picture, add a personal touch to a photo or annotate a Bing map.
On Windows Phone 8.1, to save time you can now automatically sign in using the Microsoft Account linked to your phone.
We always want to help you access your conversations as quickly as possible, so we’ve worked hard to make the Windows Phone 8.1 app resume even faster. This web site is independently owned and operated and is in no way affiliated with Microsoft® or any of its partners. Microsoft has hammered another nail into the coffins of some of its products with an announcement from the Xbox Video team today.
Towards the end of February 2014, Microsoft will update the Xbox Video platform to kill off support for all three of these products.
The move comes as Microsoft aims to focus its entertainment offerings around the new generation of devices, including Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets, Windows Phone 8 handsets and the new Xbox One.
Skype offers Syncing across devices,  this includes Skype favorites.  This  is a feature that makes using the app  more pleasant, especially when using frequently across different devices. On-screen functions are easier to access with a mouse, and less space is used up by recent conversations. One of the best things happened to gaming this year is the launching of Xbox One from Microsoft which itself is a game changer because it provides innumerable options to the games addicted users.
But when it comes to Microsoft’s very renowned latest Xbox One, the DRM policy of issued by the developers that forced users to update games from the internet proved to be a huge problem for the company because gamers often wanted the physical copies of the game. Now if we see the physical aspects of both gaming consoles, the shape of the Microsoft gaming console is in the form of a rectangular box which is equipped with a Blue Ray disk drive and the HDMI input for plugging in high definition devices. Jumping further deep inside these gadgets reveals more about the high-end performance of both gaming machines. As far as the memory is concerned, which is no doubt the most important part of these machines performance, the Xbox One is bestowed with 8 GB DDR 3 RAM which is used for efficient display of the graphics without any problem; however the Sony’s PS4 is the clear winner here because it uses the latest much powerful and faster memory chips the DDR5.

If we compare the controllers, the Microsoft device is better than the most acclaimed dual shock controller provided with the Sony’s PS4.  The Xbox One controllers are friendlier due their smaller size and easier handling as compared to the units delivered with the PS4 which is always bigger and heavier due to the extra vibrational featured added in. Both the companies are fighting behind the scene for the Motion-Sensing games and that all happens due to the immense research and study for their respective features. While the PlayStation 4 has the specific PlayStation Eye feature composed of two 1280x 800 p cameras on both front ends of the device. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One has much similar hardware So we can’t guess which one is better than the other.
Now you can get creative and draw on a canvas, "add silly touches to a photo or draw the fastest route on a map and share it with your friends and family" according to an official blog post by Skype team. Plus, we’ve heard existing users ask for the flexibility to sign in with their Skype account, so we’ve added the ability to do this too. While on the other hand at the same time its rival PS4 from the Sony stable has also entered the market and redefined the gaming on a whole new scenario.
As a result the sales of the Xbox1 nosedived; that made higher level changes and therefore the company has upturned its policy. Which obviously gave it an edge over its competent rival PS4 which doesn’t possess any such capability as found in Microsoft’s console; however the Sony’s system is sleek and is equipped with state of the art angular shape. There is X86 Octa-Core 64-Bit Jaguar AMD CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz which has been found as an integral part of the Xbox One (formerly known as Xbox 720) helping the people to efficiently execute graphic laden applications with the support of Radeon HD 7790 GPU. This will make the game developers love to design new graphics loaded games for PS consoles due to amazing speed. The Xbox One controller has those 40 subtle changes in design that help the players to easily handle the controller. This has been the most asked question from both companies but they have been found successfully skipping it to next press release.
The Xbox kinect is a pioneer in motion gaming and its version 2.0 processes 2 GB of data per second which has been found analyzing more human motion by strictly following the joints movement with a slogan of  “Human control for Human experience”. Beside the human Interaction the PS4 controllers has the DualShock 4 feature which will come to play with the PS4 Eye’s move motion controller.

We obviously have to wait for the the launching date of the devices for a full hands on review because the real-world performance will set the line between both gaming consoles.
Don’t forget to link your Skype account to your Microsoft Account to fully experience improved security, privacy and password recovery. Both systems are equal in configuration and it won’t be an easy task to choose between the two. The futuristic speedy transfer can be managed up to 68 GB per sec of bandwidth between the CPU and the RAM. Moreover there are those extra rumble features which have been also introduced along with the D pad on the bottom left of the game pad. In the US and UK market it is being retailed at $399, while in Europe the cost is about 399 Euros.
However some hints suggest the November release for the Xbox One while Sony also seems to be announcing their console in the same month.
The presence of the most authentic performer, the AMD processor in both the gaming devices would go a long way in providing impeccable results. But on the other hand Microsoft has some steep price tags of $499 pasted on their most acclaimed game console.
It seems that they have to lower the price because over all provided facilities are the same in both the gaming consoles. These next generation processors would be better because they will provide graphics that would differentiate console from the smart phone technology.

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