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Many handsets going through our site are either reused, or head off to recyclers where they undergo treatment in specialised and environmentally sound recycling processes. 140 million mobile phones will end up in landfill this year, according to leading gadget recycling comparison website CompareMyMobile, but what does this really mean for consumers?
Research shows that 80,000 pounds of lead leaks into the earth because of electronics that have not been properly disposed of – and this is not the only harmful chemical inside mobile phones.
For example Cadmium, a toxic chemical found in the battery of many electronic devices, can be particularly harmful.
The infographic also shows the five best and worst rated mobile phones in terms of toxicity level, and how harmful they are to the environment.
However, it seems clear that manufacturers are becoming aware of the toxicity levels of their phones, as Apple’s iPhone 5 was actually the fifth least toxic device on the list of phones. The site also says that toxic chemicals are not the only parts of old electronics wrongly being sent to landfill. The companies are able to do this as there are legitimate, efficient and environmentally friendly ways to deal with these materials. CompareMyMobile hope that by raising awareness of the health hazards associated with these toxic materials and how to properly dispose of them – consumers will be encouraged to responsibly recycle old electronics, to avoid harmful waste ending up the wrong hands. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
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Your membership of the Eden Chamber of Commerce allows you to participate in a range of fantastic training opportunities for a very small fee.
Mobile websites unlike desktop sites fit the screen of your device perfectly meaning there is no zooming in and out, which often leaves the customer frustrated and results in them abandoning the website.
Wir beurteilen die einzelnen Angebote nach objektiven Kriterien und mochten Ihnen die Auswahl der zu Ihnen passenden Fernstudium-Moglichkeit erleichtern. The site has put together an infographic warning about the toxic materials inside mobile phones, and the health issues they can cause, to raise awareness of why recycling old electronics is quite so important. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Brominated Flame Retardants, Bromine and Zinc are just some of the other materials which have the potential to cause health issues in humans.
It is known that just one battery can contaminate up to 60,000 litres of water – water which humans could then go on to use. For example, there are battery removal facilities capable of removing Nickel and Copper before safely recycling the remains.
It delivers customers confidence in making the difficult decision of where to recycle their old phone safely and for the most money.
The site’s infographic shows how Cadmium has been linked to conditions such as the weakening of bones, and is also a known carcinogen with strong links to lung cancer. These materials could go on to be recycled and reused if consumers recycle their old devices with WEEE accredited, responsible companies. Or specialised environments capable of safely, mechanically separating components or using smelters with off gas purification for ultimate control of toxic materials.

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