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Now that both AT&T and Verizon have ditched their unlimited data plans, it's time for other carriers to step in to fill the void.
Promising to save customers up to "hundreds of dollars annually," here's how these new Value plans breakdown. The bright side is that there aren't any data overage charges with these plans as customers will choose their minutes and then "only pay for the high-speed data they need." However, if a customer uses more than the data allotment he or she originally signed up for, that person will see reduced speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle. To clarify, one example that T-Mobile offers is the new Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2GB of high-speed data.
T-Mobile is putting quite a bit of weight behind its prepaid plans, and the carrier is using CES as a great marketing tool. T-Mobile will continue to offer their current data plans, which slow down speed once you hit 5 or 10 GB, though neither of the new unlimited plans includes mobile hotspot mode. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network overhauled its prepaid plan offerings.
TracFone Wireless owned prepaid operator Simple Mobile, which operates on T-Mobile network, is running a great deal for its existing and new customers. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has made some changes to its unlimited nationwide and extended international plans. T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile has lowered the cost of two of its high-priced 10GB plans, the $60 Unlimited Plan and the $70 Unlimited International Plan. T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile has increased high speed data allotments to a number of its plans. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has recently introduced a phone upgrade program. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has doubled the high speed data allotments on its top plans. Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile’s network has improved its wireless broadband plans. Editor's Note: Since we first compared each of the early upgrade plans, carriers have significantly changed how they work. Over the course of just a few months in 2013, all four of the largest carriers in the US introduced completely new plans to go alongside traditional contract agreements and prepaid services. Each plan has its own unique quirks, but the best way to analyze them is to take a real-world example. With all of these plans, the longer you wait to upgrade, the worse the deal gets, because you’ll be responsible for a larger portion of the cost of the phone. However, we think most people who’ll be using these plans will be upgrading about once a year — new phones just don’t come out that frequently.
Those savings sound good, but the problem is that they are essentially canceled out when you consider that you’ll have to trade in your phone when you upgrade with one of these new plans. It’s also worth mentioning that you could potentially pay quite a bit less than the prices quoted in this article.
Note: Calculations above map out the costs an individual would pay if his current contract were complete and he signed up for the early upgrade plan offered by his carrier when buying an iPhone 5S. To see if you really are better off signing up for these new plans, we compare the cost of using one of these early upgrade plans with buying a new phone before your traditional two-year contract ends. There are both single-line and multi-line options available, and a new two-year agreement is required for new and existing customers.
T-Mobile will be offering plans with a range of price points for voice minutes, with unlimited texting and data packages tacked on. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center.
With companies such as At&T and Verizon who discontinued their unlimited data plans over the last few years.

The country's fourth-largest carrier has been loosing subscribers in part because it is the only national carrier not selling Apple Inc.'s iPhone.
The carrier has introduced new Unlimited Plans that join features from the two previously available set of plans, Unlimited Nationwide and the Extended International plans.
Simple Mobile Holiday Promotion gives a FREE $60 Truly Unlimited promotional plan for customers who buy a new phone. Simple Mobile doubles high speed data on the $40 nationwide plan, which now includes 4GB of high speed data instead of 2GB and adds international features (calls, text and data from Mexico and unlimited international calling to mobiles in Mexico, Canada, China and India and other landline destinations).
The $60 plan that includes unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds now costs $55 per month.
Firstly, Simple Mobile increases data on monthly plans with 1 GB of high speed data to 2 GB: the $40 Unlimited Nationwide plan, $50 Unlimited International plan and all three Phone Upgrade Unlimited plans.
The program offers special Phone Upgrade Unlimited Plans that enable customers to earn points toward discounts on phones every time customers top-up their plans. The $60 unlimited plan and the $70 unlimited international plan that used to include 5 GB of high speed data per month now offer 10GB of 4G LTE data.
Verizon recently overhauled its Edge program with its new , and Sprint has replaced its One Up upgrade plan with an option in its "Framily" plans.
The carriers are essentially offering an interest-free financing plan to split up the full cost of the phone ($650 in the case of the iPhone 5S and most other top-tier smartphones). On T-Mobile we calculated using a Simple Choice Plan with unlimited talk and text and 2.5GB of data for $60 per month. This means you can actually save a lot of money on Verizon and T-Mobile if you upgrade your phone every six months. When you wait 12 months to upgrade, you’ll save about $400 on T-Mobile using Jump compared to buying each new phone at full cost on a traditional plan. With a traditional contract you would keep every phone you purchase — and a one-year-old smartphone should be worth $300 at the very least on eBay or Craigslist. AT&T and Verizon have significantly overhauled their early upgrade programs in recent months, and the changes have addressed our main complaints. Like the other plans, the savings over a traditional plan are minimal if you’re getting one phone per year, but the plan includes handset insurance that typically goes for $8 per month.
If you’re going to upgrade your phone twice a year, every year, you could save a lot of money using T-Mobile Jump or Verizon Edge. We show how much it would cost to upgrade your phone once per year for two years as well as the cost of upgrading once every six months for two years. This "traditional" method entails signing up for a new two year contract and buying a subsidized iPhone 5S for $199.99. There are 3 smartphones available for this promo, ZTE Whirl 2, Huawei Magna and ZTE Unico LTE.
Customers can now use talk, text and data included in their international plans in Mexico as they would do it in the US. The $70 unlimited international plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds (LTE data) plus unlimited calls to 10 unique numbers per month to landlines in 47 countries and to mobiles in China and India is now available for $65 per month. Secondly, monthly plans that used to have 3 GB of high speed data now include 4 GB: the $50 monthly Unlimited Nationwide plan and $60 Unlimited International plan. On top of the monthly service fees for data, a separate monthly charge levied by each carrier over a 20- to 24-month period makes up the full price of the phone.
In this article, we’re looking at both how much you’ll spend if you upgrade your phone once a year and how much it’ll cost if you upgrade every six months. For Verizon, we used a new More Everything 2GB plan with unlimited talk and text for $80 per month. Compared to signing up for a traditional two-year contract and then paying full price for a new phone every six months after, you can save about $1,300 on Verizon and roughly $1,200 on T-Mobile if you plan on buying four smartphones over 24 months.

And you’re still on the line for about $300 more in device charges over two years with these early upgrade plans. The two carriers used to effectively charge their customers for their phones twice, since they charged Next and Edge customers the same monthly service rate as customers who purchased their phones on contract.
If you get a 10GB bucket ($100 per month on both carriers) for yourself or your family, adding a smartphone only costs $15 on AT&T and $20 on Verizon if you’re using one of their early upgrade plans. But buying new phones at that clip is an expensive hobby and new top-tier devices don’t even come out that often.
Hit the link below to check out the details on T-Mobile’s site, and be sure to follow the rest of our CES coverage here. America Movil’ CEO Daniel Hajj has earlier announced that “people from TracFone will roam also in Mexico”, in the similar way as their postpaid Telcel customers in Mexico roam in the USA with new “No Borders” (Sin Fronteras) Plan. Simple Mobile has also recently added unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls to Mexico, also unlimited only for up to 10 unique numbers. Customers who have been misled by TracFone subsidiaries as Straight Talk, NET10, Simple Mobile and Telcel America in any way, whose ‘unlimited data’ were throttled between 1 and 3 gigabytes without any explanation, whose data were cut off entirely after reaching 4 or 5 gigabytes or for even losing their service completely (talk, text, and data) in some cases, are eligible to getting their money back. We updated this post on February 14th, 2014 to bring the prices of all four carriers' plans up to date. Sprint and T-Mobile also charge a down-payment, depending on current promotions, to help cut into the cost of a new phone.
On AT&T, we used the company's 2GB Mobile Share Value plan with unlimited talk and messaging for $80 per month.
With smaller buckets, like the 2GB plans we used in this article, adding a smartphone costs $10 more per month on both carriers. Thanks to a just-announced change, the plan isn't as good of a deal as it used to be for those looking to upgrade twice a year. With the more likely scenario — one phone per year — you stand to save little to nothing by opting for any of these carriers’ new upgrade plans when you consider the resale value of your old phone. Unlimited data, for T-Mobile, is all about shifting the mix from prepaid back to postpaid, using some of that extra network capacity it has to grab more reliable subscribers. Simple Mobile is a TracFone subsidiary so hopefully we can expect that other TracFone owned carriers as Straight Talk, Net10 and Page Plus Cellular will also gain this feature soon.
And make no mistake, carriers like it that way — it’s easier to overcharge if customers don’t know it’s happening. In addition, T-Mobile charges a $10-per-month fee to join Jump and get in on the device insurance included with the plan, which covers accidentally damaged, lost, and stolen phones. Sure, you may be paying AT&T $470 less over two years if you using Next to upgrade once per year, but you won’t have two valuable smartphones to sell because the carrier takes the devices back.
Considering a resale value of $300 per phone, Next would cost you $130 more in the long run. But if you would rather not be bothered with trying to sell your old phone, these early upgrade plans might make sense for you. Sprint’s unlimited service is certainly a standout here considering the low price, but it’s important to keep in mind that the carrier’s LTE network doesn’t have nearly the breadth of Verizon or AT&T, and its 3G network is notoriously slow. If you get seven friends or family members on the same plan, you’ll pay just $25 per line instead of the $55 per line charged for an individual plan (not counting the $20 extra charge for unlimited data and annual Easy Pay upgrades).

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