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You can also get a bit of phone usage analysis and better accuracy on cell plan comparison when you upload your phone bill to Billshrink.
Choose the type of phone you want to use and get even more specific comparison for plans that support the phone. Billshrink can work fairly well if you’re not satisfied with your cell phone plan or not earning the proper rewards from your credit card spending. BillShrink does not include most of the firms that offer the best deals in prepaid cell phones, such as Boost Mobile and MetroPCS, among others.
Straight Talk users and prepaid users in general, the ones who constantly seek out for better or even the best prepaid deal out there, have a lot to cheer about due to the release of Samsung Galaxy Precedent, first Straight Talk Android smartphone. Straight Talk Android, Samsung Galaxy Precedent has arrived but is right now available for pre-ordering.
Feature wise, Samsung Galaxy Precedent can do almost everything as E5 can, just differently since it is a toucscreen. The fact that it goes with Straight Talk unlimited plan for $45 with unlimited talk, text and data means a lot but not when compared to Nokia E5 since they both are with same carrier and are both required to go with this plan.
The Samsung Prevail, on the other hand, available for $179.99 is the only one that can really compare to Precedent since it goes with $50 per month unlimited plan.

Choose the service that you want to compare (wireless or credit cards), input your calling or spending pattern and Billshrink will spit out a list of possible alternatives. The site didn’t work too well for me as I already have a low price, discounted T-Mobile plan through Freelancer Union. If I had to re-read some details a few times just to understand how the calcuation works, then others that are less financially geeky may not be willing to take the time to understand the differences. If BillShrink can continue to provide fast, easy, and objective recommendations, then it has the potential to establish itself as the place to go for service recommendations.
More than one factor makes this smartphone a good deal, not just comparing to the Straight Talk smartphones but in general, comparing to other prepaid carriers and their phones and plans. However, even so, this phone has some significant advantages to other smartphones available for this carrier, all Nokia smartphones 6790, E71 and E5.
Even if you compare it to the best smartphone Nokia E5 ($199.99), which is by the way very good smartphone, you will find that it might be not worth paying those extra cash since the only major difference between these two phones is camera. This plan becomes advantage when other Android phones with other prepaid carriers are compared.
The Virgin mobile offers Beyond Talk unlimited plan for $55 per month, even though they will begin to throttle data on this plans in October.

However, that can shrink up to $35 after 18 on-time payments so this monthly deal is unbeatable. Precedent has 2 mega-pixel camera while E5 has 5 mega-pixel digital camera with LED flash and takes high-quality photos and DVD-quality videos. If you have a regular consumer cell phone plan, you should definitely see better saving results. Has access to Android Market for downloading apps to improve the phones functionality, can watch YouTube videos, can use text, picture, instant messaging and social networking sites to stay connected.
If you want to benefit right away, to go as low monthly as you can, Straight Talk with $45 per month for unlimited everything and Samsung Galaxy Precedent is better deal, definitely. The phone also includes an external removable microSD card and support for Adobe Flash and Swype.
So when Straight Talk Android vs Straight talk smartphones are compared, it all comes to the camera quality.

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