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If you are a prospective buyer of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that Apple introduced at its product event on Tuesday afternoon, then perhaps you are wondering which carrier in the United States provides the best coverage. It can be a challenging and confusing task to know which carriers provide the best coverage in the United States, especially since each uses conflicting claims that almost border on misleading advertising. Verizon is the largest carrier in the United States in terms of subscribers, and its network is certainly ready to live up to the capacity.
Verizon’s network covers a claimed 97% of Americans, based on the latest statistics available. If you consider paying higher prices for trusted and reliable wireless service acceptable, then you should definitely consider Verizon for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
If you choose to look past Verizon, then AT&T is your next best bet for network coverage and reliability nationwide.
AT&T also claims to have the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the United States. AT&T claims to have less than a 1% rate of dropped calls nationwide, based on an independent third-party drive test performed last year.
Sprint is unlike its competitors in the sense that it does not promote its network as being the fastest or most reliable. At the same time, it should be noted that Sprint is putting a lot of effort into improving their network from coast to coast. Sprint employs technologies that are committed to keeping you connected, including 8T8R radios that boost its 2.5 GHz signal and Wi-Fi calling, which allows customers to make domestic and international calls over a wireless connection. Ultimately, while you might not have coverage everywhere, especially in the central and northwest states, you are also paying a lot less for most Sprint plans compared to the big two in AT&T and Verizon. I recently spent one month in New York City and used T-Mobile as my carrier of choice during my stay in the United States’ most densely populated metropolitan area.
Just like with Sprint, T-Mobile is doing whatever it can to make necessary improvements to its network coverage. You’re also going not going to have to offer an arm and a leg for wireless service on T-Mobile, as the carrier offers affordable plans such as unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for $80 per month. If you are a city dweller on a budget, with intentions to purchase the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, then be sure to give T-Mobile a serious look. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. In addition to current 4G coverage, they plan to provide even faster 4G coverage within existing areas as well. By mid-year, T-Mobile expects 140 million Americans in 25 markets to have access to increased 4G speeds [of up to 42 Mbps].
In the next installment, I’ll cover which 4G broadband cards and 4G mobile hotspots to get.
Before we discuss the plans and the difference between the two I think is important to find out about the coverage area. After searching the T-Mobile voice coverage, click on the data coverage tab to find out if you could surf the Web from your phone. Now that we know T-Mobile provides coverage in the area and I’ve selected my phone, its time to take a look at how much service will cost. LaForey is a parent and a freelance writer who has done quite a bit of research on prepaid cell phones and free government phones. We've broken down exactly what each carrier has to offer in terms of individual and shared plans.
Verizon has a few different options for those who want to buy a phone on a two-year contract. If you're sharing data with a spouse or family members, you could get 10GB of data to share between four smartphones for $100. Verizon offers a discount if you opt for its Edge program, which lets you upgrade your phone every year, by chopping $10 off your data charges. BOTTOM LINE: If you use data moderately, the Single Line plan (2GB for $60) is really the best option from Verizon for an individual userA since you don't need to pay a line access fee. If you decide to use Next, bring in your own device, or purchase a phone at full price, you could opt for AT&T's $65 monthly plan. AT&T offers a few different options for those looking to share data between several people.
For those who prefer the more traditional two-year contract route, you can choose how much data you want to share from the options in the bulleted list above. Similar to AT&T, Sprint requires that those who buy a subsidized phone on a two-year contract pay $40, while those who opt for Sprint Easy Pay, buy a phone at full price, or bring their own phone would pay either $25 or $15 per month. T-Mobile also offers a Simple Starter plan for individual lines that gets you 2GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited talk and text for $45. COVERAGE: It depends on what you're looking for, but there are a few things to keep in mind. BOTTOM LINE: If you want a traditional two-year contract and don't care about unlimited data, try Verizon. T-Mobile also offers a lot of flexibility for family plans, since you get to hand pick how much data each line gets to use. Verizon announced its third quarter earnings for this year, as well as providing an update on where the company is at as far as its 4G LTE rollout. This means that anywhere you can get a 3G signal, you’ll most likely be able to pick up 4G LTE as well.
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I did not make this up, but I want to explore this a bit further and show you how it might actually make sense. While I  have been called the Hottest Guy on Twitter and the Hottest guy on Facebook , not many of you may know this, but I am what some people might call a Website Guru.
This means that if someone with bad credit wants a cell phone, then they either have to pony up between 500-1000 dollars just for a deposit, or be forced to go with either T-Mobile or Sprint.

Anyway, up until June when the Palm Pre came out Sprint did not have a signature phone, however T-Mobile did. You wouldn’t be able to stereotype iPhone users since they come in every race, religion and sex. I would disagree with the stereotype that black people like the sidekick as I tend to find that slutty hot teenagers (and young twenty somethings) LOVE the side kick. First of all, if you look at T-mobile’s coverage map, it tends to do well in places that have minorities.
Now, before you go out and say that this is racist, please note that numbers don’t lie.
Finally, while I am saying that black people use the google phone, in actuality this is a compliment.
And yet I was in the 3rd floor of a hospital building and I had ZERO signal (voice and data) on T-Mo.
I'm just happy they're getting closer to my area, since you can't get service with T-Mobile if you live in a roaming area, only their home areas. Exactley I have a work Verizon and personal Sprint if I ever want to compare my dad has T-Mobile.
Ya right, Tmobile's been messing with people faces for a good 2 years now, with nothing to show. For instance, all of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile each claim that they have the fastest or most reliable 4G LTE network in the United States. The decision to choose one carrier or another will relate to where you live, what your data consumption is like and other factors. We strived to use the most up-to-date information available, but it is important to understand that carriers are rapidly expanding their networks as we speak.
Verizon claims to provide the best coverage in the United States, and has the only 100% 4G LTE network nationwide. The network provides two times the LTE coverage of any other network, according to the carrier, with a very saturated network presence in the northeast, midwest and east coast in general. The CDMA network’s extensive coverage delivers high-speed data to everyone from city dwellers to those living in smaller, rural towns — perfect for those traveling, too. Verizon’s planned VoLTE, or Voice Over LTE, rollout will see CDMA discontinued and allow for unlocked LTE smartphones in the near future. The GSM network also has less traffic than Verizon, potentially leading to faster speeds, with VoLTE support rolling out and support for simultaneous voice and data.
The network decreases in scale when you start heading out west, particularly in less-populated areas of Montana, Oregon and Nevada. But when you travel out to more rural areas in the United States, don’t expect to be getting a full five bars — or any, for that matter. The carrier claims to have enhanced its nationwide 3G and 4G LTE networks, leading to fewer dropped calls, stronger indoor signals and quicker access to email and streaming music and video.
The CDMA network also supports HD Voice for providing next-generation call quality and clarity. If you’re a prospective iPhone 6 user looking to save a few dollars, than it is a decision you will have to make. While the carrier has been pushing to reinvent the industry by removing annual service contracts, introducing affordable prepaid plans, ushering in a monthly installment program, supporting Wi-Fi calling and more, its network is not quite yet as impressive as the competition. But when you go on a road trip through upstate and western New York, for example, I can attest from personal experience that you will quickly default to 2G service or no signal at all. T-Mobile already claims to have the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network in the United States in terms of download speeds, perhaps because it has less traffic on its network, but its coverage is still subpar compared to the big three above.
T-Mobile has built its network to be data strong, with more capacity than any other major national carrier. You can also get unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of 4G LTE data through the Simple Starter plan for just $45 per month during an ongoing promotion. The GSM network, which is being upgraded from 2G to more 4G LTE through mid 2015, covers over 230 million Americans and has 96% coverage from coast to coast. Last April I went to a T-Mobile store in MD and asked them if they could provide service at two locations in MA. Deciding on a carrier can be difficult a€” there are a lot of different plans to digest, and sometimes it's just unclear as to which company is offering the best deal. Here's a quick look at what you can expect to get from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.
With Verizon, you'd pay a $40 fee that gives your smartphone access to Verizon's network (this is standard across carriers) and pricing for data depends on how many gigabytes you need per month.
The latter bunch are obviously meant for large families and those who plan to share data across multiple devices. So, if you opted for $60 for 3GB per month, you would only pay $50 for 3GB if you used Edge.
However, if you opt for one of AT&T's Next plans, which lets you upgrade every 12 or 18 months depending on your plan, you only pay $25 per month for line access.
This gets you 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text just like Verizon's, although it's $5 more expensive. If you're using AT&T Next, bringing in your own device, or are buying a device at full price, you can pay $130 per month for two lines, $145 for three lines, and $160 for four lines. If you choose to trade in your phone after 12 or 18 months, you won't end up paying off the full price of the phone. If you sign up for Sprint before 2015, you can pay $100 to get 20GB of shareable data per month and unlimited talk and text without paying any access fees. You can pay $80 for two lines, $90 for three lines, $100 for four lines, $110 for five lines, and $120 for six lines. According to recent tests from CNET, Verizon and T-Mobile generally had faster average download and upload rates than their competitors. The best thing you can do is find out which carrier or carriers have the best coverage where you live or travel the most. The $60 single line plan is a decent deal if you need your own plan and with moderate to heavy data usage.

Sprint and T-Mobile are also the only carriers that offer unlimited data, so if that's important to you then you may want to consider their deals. Verizon announced that iPhones accounted for just over half of all Verizon’s smartphone activations during the third quarter, compared to around 43% during the previous quarter. This includes the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, so the numbers seem a bit low, but it’s also up 25% year-over-year.
Verizon’s userbase has steadily been increasing for the past couple of years, where they had just shy of 90 million subscribers back in 2011. It is no secret that CEO John Legere is looking for the carrier to hit 300 million at the end of the year.
As much as I like the convenience of WiFi calling, having it be the only option when i'm at home (barring the uppermost level) isn't exactly desirable. We recommend using this post as a reference to support your own decision on which carrier is best for you. However, I would often times lose bars when I was inside or apartment or elsewhere indoors.
It also offers unlimited data and text in over 120 countries at no extra charge, which is honestly a steal if you’re someone that travels abroad on even an occasional basis.
For now, major markets will see fast and even faster speeds before the network is built out to rural areas. On their computer screen they confirmed that I would receive 3G and possibly 4G at both locations. All trademarks and registered trademarks, whether or not identified, are acknowledged to be the property of their respective owners. But if you can get by with 2GB of data, Verizon offers a flat rate of $60 that also includes unlimited talk and text for individual shoppers. You would simply trade in your device and immediately begin making monthly payments on your new handset. If you're not buying an iPhone, you can get the same deal for $60 per month, which is still pretty cheap for unlimited data.
The data prices for your primary line remain the same as the individual plans listed above. If you check out coverage maps for AT&T and Verizon, you'll notice that the entire east coast and large chunks of the midwest and west coast are covered by their 4G LTE networks. AT&T didn't fall too far behind, but Sprint's rates were much lower than the other three. However, activations are different from sales, since activations include passed-down devices as well as used iPhones that are brought over to Verizon.
Coverage is only half of the equation, an important half no doubt, but here’s the other half! Interisting to see that Sprint is doing the exact same thing building out their network with an additional 20,000 sites in 2015. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. A Data on AT&T has a standard price, but there's no real attractive bargain for those who just want a subsidized phone on a two-year contract.
So you're still getting unlimited data, but only the amount you pay for will run on its LTE network. T-Mobile is also offering a discount until 2015 that gets you 4.5GB of data for what you would normally pay for 3GB if you buy four or more lines. It's also worth noting that T-Mobile has the most flexible options when it comes to sharing.
Sprint also covers most of the East Coast, but leaves a few more open pockets in the northwest region. However, I think the 4g connection speeds in kansas are subpar compared to other places like New York. What if your favorite mobile service provider gave you FREE unlimited 4G service and also paid you? At the event, he showed a pair of slides that explains it all.The slides show the 4G LTE coverage offered by T-Mobile at the end of 2014, and the expected coverage by the end of this year. Tmobile has no voice coverage and you have to use other phones to make calls if wifi calling isnt an option. That's why carriers are offering discounts on data to make these programs seem more appealing to consumers. For example, you'd have to pay $80 per month for 2GB of data with a phone on a two year contract.
The $100 deal for 20GB of shared data is also a great deal if you need a family plan for around four people or so. The case is the same with T-Mobile a€” there's a big area in the northwest region around Montana that's left uncovered, and the coverage map doesn't specify which areas are covered by 4G LTE versus 3G.
What makes this amazing is that in the first quarter of 2013, T-Mobile had absolutely no 4G LTE signals and was using HSPA+ to offer 4G data.At the Deutsche Telekom Capital Markets presentation (the German teleco own 67% of T-Mobile's shares), T-Mobile noted that it will cover 150 markets with its wide band LTE by the end of the year.
That's probably your best bet if you use data moderately and want a two-year contract phone. And the company is working feverishly to deploy its 700MHz Band 12 spectrum in certain markets. This frequency is able to send signals a longer distance with improved penetration inside buildings. T-Mobile is employing 700MHz frequencies in cities like Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, Cleveland and Minneapolis. When I spoke to them they said they could not guarantee service in all locations I told them to cancel the service.
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