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Mobile phone charges across the EU are set to drop from tomorrow (Monday 1 July) as a price cap on making and receiving calls and data downloads is introduced. The price caps will see roaming charges fall with the maximum cost of a phone call to drop to 24 euro cents a minute, a fall of around 17 per cent, while data charges are set at 45 euro cents a megabyte, a reduction of 36 per cent.
The price reductions will be introduced after the European Parliament passed the regulations to lower mobile charges. In May, European Commission vice-president Neelie Kroes called for the European Parliament to scrap mobile roaming costs in an effort to open up the internet to citizens. Mobile phone services in the GCC are among the most affordable in the world, a United Nations report has found. Qatara€™s high GNI per capita levelled out its higher mobile phone costs, which were about level with the world average, making it more affordable.
The cheapest mobile costs were in Sri Lanka, at just 95 cents, while the most affordable according to GNI per capita was in Macau (China), followed by Hong Kong (China), Denmark and Singapore and then Qatar and the UAE. The report found mobile penetration was often high in developing countries a€“ including more than 100 percent in Bahrain and more than 80 percent in the UAE a€“ but fixed-line connections were low at just 3 percent across the region. Fixed lines still were comparatively affordable in the GCC, except in Saudi Arabia which ranked 65 in terms of GNI per capita.

Internet penetration also has soared in Arab countries, with about 137 million people online by the end of 2013. Bahrain has the highest percentage of the population online at 90 percent, followed by the UAE (88 percent) and Qatar (85 percent). However, in terms of ICT household connectivity, a€?Qatar stands out not only in the region but in international comparison with more than 96 percent of households with Internet access and with a computera€?, the report says.
The Europe-Persia Express Gateway that connects the UAE and Oman to Germany via Iran went live in 2013, increasing the regiona€™s international Internet connectivity. Disclaimer:The view expressed here by our readers are not necessarily shared by Arabian Business, its employees, sponsors or its advertisers. The region has woken up to these tactics please do not abuse our intelligence even in these issues. From the figures quoted, it appears that they are only looking at the subscription cost, and the most basic package at that. Also interesting that the article switches from comparing subscription cost when discussing mobile phones, to penetration and bandwidth when talking about internet. It is pointless to compare telecoms fees as a percentGe of gross national income per capita, especially in the GCC, which incorporates the worlds wealthiest nations, per capita.

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Try simple "apple to apple" comparisons and you will see that even "poor" countries like Pakistan, India etc.
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