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GSM (Global System for Mobile Telecommunication) is the standard or protocol that is used for transferring voice and data (SMS) in the mobile phone network. In circuit switching, a dedicated path is established for a particular session of data transfer from source to destination. Circuit switching has been used in landline telephone networks as well as in mobile phone networks. In GSM (2G), the available set of frequencies are divided into slots (FDMA - Frequency Division Multiple Access).
Checkout exclusive mobile phone deals and compare prices on top selling mobile phone brands. What if we could extrapolate the idea of the ‘network is the computer’ and extend the concepts of a ‘computer’ and a ‘network’ to higher levels in the software stack and especially to a ‘Network of mobile phones’.
It kind of articulates my vision: the mobile phone will touch the lives of many people globally who, for various reasons, will never use a computer.
From my point of view, Sun’s vision is more interesting because it is closer to the Internet.
While the notion of the ‘Network is your computer’ is enticing, it is still at a raw, processing capacity level. What if we could extrapolate these ideas of a ‘computer’ and a ‘network’ to higher levels in the stack and especially to a ‘Network of mobile phones’. While a grid network is at a physical architecture level, at higher(application) levels of the stack, another ‘network’ was taking shape.
With the coming of web 2.0, lightweight versions of the SOA architecture have the capacity to reach (include) more people. Carnival of the Mobilists #30 brings some interesting insights into the world of mobile lifestyle (or lifestyle in a mobile world). People have under estimated the power of the cell phone to create a fundemental shift in computing. How one, I mean Nokia, can call it “mobile network computer” without file access? Mobile phone crime concept of thief stealing money when mobile phone is on insecure network.

While the landlines had a physical path established for a call, the mobile phone calls were allotted a specific range of frequencies from the available bandwidth. In the mobile phone network, the MSC is equivalent to a telephone exchange in the fixed line network. It concerned a different model called ‘distributed computing’ and it said : ‘The network is the computer’.
They are also mutually complimentary: because we can have a PC on each desk running software and we can also leverage the network for ‘on demand’ computing power – much like the old time sharing options. Called ‘web services’ or SOA(service oriented architecture), it is a way for discrete applications to collaborate with each other, thereby creating a new, more complex application which is greater than it’s components.
Distributed computing carries connotations of sharing processing power, but the more interesting possibilities are in information transfer – social applications and so on and so forth. The emergence of Web 2.0 applications represents an interesting threat to the dominance of Microsoft. Latest Mobile phones from Nokia: N95, E90 and other do not have natural ability to get file access in network (LAN or WAN).
For example, if a caller from London calls another person in Edinburgh, a path is chosen for this particular call, depending on available resources (free base stations) at that particular time. This BSC is in charge of allocating radio channels, administrating the frequencies, handing over the call from one BTS to another if the mobile phone user is travelling. By the late 90s, that vision was largely complete, making Mr Gates a fortune in the process. By the late 1990s, that vision was also almost realised, especially with the rise of the Internet. According to the wikipedia definition, In an SOA environment, nodes on a network make resources available to other participants in the network as independent services that the participants access in a standardized way. That hovering and intangible but very real grand network (or “grand idea” as I have called it in my books) is cognitive — it is what is known by humankind.
But it is only when we understand the potential of the cell phone that we recognize the true risk to Microsoft’s dominance. Say, the call got routed through the base stations in the following areas - London-Birmingham-Manchester-Darlington-Edinburgh.

In TDMA, the frequency slots are divided again into time slots for supporting more number of calls simultaneously. The calls usually got dropped, when the internet was being used at a particular access point. Though these cells are circular in structure, for theoretical and analytical purposes, they are considered to be hexagonal. It is concerned with location management, handovers, routing calls to roaming mobile stations, authentication and so on. Some network providers gave the option of putting the internet connection on stand-by and answering the call, and resuming the internet activity after the call.
It also routes calls between the PSTN (landline telephone) and the cellular (mobile phone) network. The movement that has come to be called “open” reflects our reaching to experience the grand cognitive network. In case all paths are used up in serving calls, a new call that needs to be set up, must wait for a path to get freed up.
I think you are onto a HUGE insight in proffering that mobiles are a crucial new level in the stack.
Therefore the voices will sound continuous to the caller and callee (However, a slight delay might be present).
A set of frequencies have been allotted to 3 calls - Call 1, Call 2 and Call 3 (indicated by their respective colours).
The next 10 milliseconds have been allotted to Call 2, and the third 10 milliseconds, to Call 3.

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