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However, now the scenario has changed and even in your region there are several new series, and it is tough to guess the region or the operator on by looking at the starting digits of the phone number. This page at Wikipedia, titled as ‘Mobile telephone numbering in India’ has the full list of the several mobile phone operators, their region based upon the first 4 digits of the mobile phone numbers issued by them.
Now, if you want to know about the operator and region of particular mobile phone number, simply use ‘Ctrl+F’ and enter the first 4 digits of the mobile phone number, and hit on search to find out its region and Operator. TP2Location is an online tool, which helps you to find out the location of any mobile phone number across the world, it has a search engine like interface, as shown below.

India on a Page has an online tool which tells you about any mobile phone or landline number as well. Indian mobile number lookup is another service which allows you to find the operator and region for any mobile phone number in India, just by entering the first 4 digits of the mobile phone number. All the above ways work pretty fine, go ahead and give them a try, if you know about any other service or way, which can help us to know about a mobile phone number’s service provider (operator) and region, do share with us via comments. You can also Trace Any Unknown Mobile Number from .You can get all basic information about any Indian mobile Number.

Earlier around 2-3 years ago it wasn’t tough to figure out who gave that missed called, because of limited number of mobile phone service providing companies, just by looking at first 3-4 digits of the number you could guess that this number belongs to particular region and hence you could often make a guess that who gave you that missed called.
Sometimes when a call from a mobile phone is made to some other mobile phone number in India, the country code doesn’t reflect and the numbers appears to start with 0, in such case, you will have to remove the zero and add +91 or 0091 in order to get the location (region) and operator of the mobile phone number.

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