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To view images or apply for this property online, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.
The personal information the prospective tenant provides in this application or that which is collected from other sources is necessary for the Agent to verify the Applicant's identity to process and evaluate the application and effectively manage the tenancy.
Once you've clicked the button below to submit your application, we'll be able to assess it based on the information you've provided.
If this property isn't quite what you're after, fill in your details below to join our property registry.
The personal information collected about the Applicant may be disclosed, by use of the internet or otherwise, to other parties, including the landlord, trades people, referees, solicitors, financial institutions, media organizations, parties engaged to evaluate the property, bodies corporate, other agents, clients of the Agent both existing and potential, third party operators of tenancy reference databases, government, collection agencies, relevant Courts and Tribunals, and statutory bodies and other third parties as required by law.

Unless you advise the Agent to the contrary, the Agent may also disclose such basic information to The Real Estate Institute of Tasmania Ltd (REIT) for the purpose of documenting leasing data in the area for the benefit of its members as part of membership services and for others in the property or related industries, and so as to assist them in continuing to provide the best possible service to their clients. If a property comes up that matches your requirements, we'll be able to get in touch with you. In providing this information, you agree to its use, unless you advise the Agent differently. This property will be available now, so to ensure you to not miss out, call now to arrange a viewing opportunity!
If the Applicant would like to access this information they can do so by contacting the Agent at the address and contact numbers contained in this Application or the REIT on (03) 6223 4769.

The Applicant can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

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