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Snapchat, which allows people to send smartphone photos or video snippets timed to self-destruct 10 seconds or less after being opened, has become hugely popular among teenagers who are easing away from Facebook.
But Australian firm Gibson Security warned last week that glitches in the application could be exploited by hackers. Created by students at Stanford University in 2011, Snapchat reportedly rejected a $3 billion takeover offer from Facebook last year. International hollywood celebrity, actress and model Paris Hilton, was recently in the news as personal information, unlisted private phone numbers, private emails and photos were stolen from her T-Mobile Sidekick II account and posted online on the internet. Several photos, email addresses and unlisted and private phone numbers of some of the hottest young celebrities were retrieved from her mobile phonebook and posted online. World Phone (Tri-band) – Download HiFi Ringers (clips of actual music) and MegaTones (ringtones that sound like the real thing). I do not own the T-Mobile Sidekick II, but after reading all these features, I do feel like buying a new mobile phone, but the Sidekick seems too expensive. NEW YORK -- Snapchat, the disappearing-message service popular with young people, has been quiet following a security breach that allowed hackers to collect the usernames and phone numbers of millions of its users.
Several celebrities claimed they recieved several call on their mobile phones for several hours. Set upto three external e-mail accounts to deliver e-mail directly to your Sidekick II inbox.

Hackers broke into Snapchat, the hugely popular mobile app, accessing the phone numbers and usernames of 4.6 million users and publishing them online. Company spokeswoman Mary Ritti said Thursday morning that the company is assessing the situation, but did not have further comment. The breach came less than a week after security experts alerted Snapchat of a vulnerability in its system and warned that an attack could take place.
Of two user accounts that The Associated Press checked, one was found to have been compromised.
In response to the warning, Snapchat said in a blog post last Friday that it had implemented "various safeguards" over the past year that would make it more difficult to steal large sets of phone numbers. Gibson says users can delete their Snapchat account if they wish, but "this won't remove your phone number from the already circulating leaked database." Users can also ask their phone company to give them a new phone number. The incident bruises the image of a young company that reportedly turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook last year. Be careful about what data you give away to sites when you sign up -- if you don't think a service requires your phone number, don't give it to them," Gibson said. This was Gibson's second warning to Snapchat, following one in August that the security firm said was ignored.
The Pew study didn't include users under 18, a demographic with which Snapchat is especially popular.

The Los Angeles-based company, which has no source of revenue, has not disclosed its own user figures.
The Snapchat breach comes just two weeks after Target was hit with a massive data security breach that affected as many as 40 million debit and credit card holders. Gartner security analyst Avivah Litan, said phone numbers are not considered "sensitive" personally identifiable information -- such as credit card or social security numbers -- so they are collected by all sorts of companies to verify a person's identity. A phone number is "not as bad as password or magnetic strip information, but it's the piece of the puzzle that criminals need to impersonate identities," she said. Regarding Snapchat's response to the warnings, however, Litan added that it "doesn't seem that responsible to be so nonchalant about it." Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist with the American Civil Liberties Union, agreed. Users can send each other photos and videos that disappear within a few seconds after they are viewed.
While the recipient can take a screenshot of the message, a big draw of Snapchat is its ephemeral nature. Companies like Microsoft and Google (GOOG), he added, actively court security researchers and even pay bounties for people to expose flaws in their systems.

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