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BT has revealed part of its mobile plans with the launch of BT One Phone, an integrated office and mobile phone system for the enterprise market. The new cloud-based unified communications service will route all calls to an employee’s mobile phone whether they are made to a landline, extension number or mobile number.
The service will be provided on a hosted basis meaning there is no up-front cost for businesses taking out the service. Businesses will have complete control of call settings through the BT One Phone portal with administrators able to add and remove employees as they join and leave, as well as setting up and managing call groups themselves.

BT says that in most cases, One Phone installation will involve building a dedicated mobile network inside a customers premises to ensure excellent indoor coverage. The service will provide inclusive internal calls between users within a business, as well as choice of other service plans.
CCS Insight analyst Paolo Pescatore said it was a “huge surprise” that there wasn’t more emphasis on 4G in the launch of the service but said that BT was ideally placed to attack this market thanks to its existing communications infrastructure. BT claims that the service will allow employees mobile phones to operate exactly like a desk phone meaning customers can work remotely or flexibly with no hassle.

However, the market is now ready for unified communications and BT’s latest solution is more flexible and scalable.

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