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A week ago, Sprint MVNO Zact has informed its customers via an email about Zact shutting down their service soon. Couple of days ago, Sprint MVNO Zact has informed its customers via an email that there are some “exciting changes coming” soon. Sprint MVNO Zact Mobile, which runs on Sprint’s 4G LTE network, has recently added ZTE Awe to its prepaid lineup.
Sprint’s MVNO, Zact, which started offering prepaid service on June 6, 2013, has announced today the availability of two new Android handsets. The latest wireless provider that entered US prepaid market is the Zact, “industry’s first smart mobile service provider”.

The company behind Zact, ItsOn, made an official statement yesterday in which it explains its intention to power a new Sprint’s prepaid brand. Zact ZTE Awe, mid-range Jelly Bean smartphone, is available online for $89 while its regular price is $149. Starting today, Zact Samsung Galaxy S III can be purchased for $449 while Samsung Victory is available for $259 at the Zact’s website.
If you want to pay for what you actually use as you use it, than you should really consider one of Zact plans. However, the carrier has introduced the kids’ version of this phone as well today that comes with content from Disney and parental control.

For a limited time, during the holiday season, kids-friendly ZTE Awe will be available for $99, while its regular price is $169.

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