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We couldn't find the page you were looking for.Please try another search or go back to the home page. The graph shows the mobile phone sales volume in China from 2011 to 2013, with a forecast to 2018, by type of retailer.
With Statista, you get straight to the point: analyzing data, rather than searching for it.
Today the only method wireless retailers like Bell,  TELUS,  Sprint or T-Mobile can verify a proper Smartphone planogram is through a phone call or email to the retail location.  This is tedious,  laborsome and time consuming,  plus employee verification is not always accurate. Mobile phone planogram management is critical to ensure marketing and media campaigns runs flawlessly and without the new Samsung S5 and the LG G3 in the proper position 100’s of hours of head office planning and preparation is lost to staff implementation. RTF helps wireless retailers with the frustrations that currently plague Smartphone planogram management and automates the entire process by smartly assigning the mobile phone to the fixture and position using the intelligence in the displayed device. SmartCircle planograms are a key tool within RTF’s retail mobile device management to ensure planogram compliance.
SmartCircle provides wireless retailers worldwide valuable tools to manage store compliance and view important data on uptime,  media and security status. Currently RTF has many programs that can help other retailers in the automotive or appliance industry to better connect to customers and we invite you to investigate the power of the Circle. In the fast-moving mobile phone market, mobile phone display units need to be both engaging and adaptable to cope with the constant flow of new phones, spec sheets and tariffs. In the fast moving market of mobile phones in-store displays need to be both engaging and adaptable to cope with the constant flow of new phones, spec sheets and tarriffs. Working from an existing design that is close to your brief, we'll create several new ones that are tailored to your retail environment.
We'll create a concept that will not only look great but make changing information and graphics easy as well.

In the concept phase we'll decide which material is best for your display and are able to offer mobile phone displays in a variety of materials. Once your display or mobile phone stands are ready Luminati will deliver to your location, making sure it looks great and that the products being sold are secure. The display in your shop will encourage shoppers to try your phones, ensure the devices stay secured to the display for as long as they need to be, and make life easier for your staff. Designed to hold multiple mobile phones whilst on charge, this phone charging station perfectly showcases our ability to build in LED lighting and full digital print into a unit.
A fantastic mobile phone charging station which allows for charging of multiple devices with a safe storage area. Display podiums are a key element of the mobile retail environment which highlight a particular device, usually a high-end tablet or phone, and encourage customers to engage with what is being displayed. To generate the most engagement display podiums need to be sensitive to the price point of the device they're selling and effectively communicate key information such as specs, as well as price plans and tariffs. Although dummy models can give customers a general feel for a mobile phone working models are still an important part of the mobile retail environment, which is why reliable anti-theft display is important. Luminati's range of anti-theft display solutions give stores the piece of mind they need while not hindering the experience of those testing the phones, delivering a high level of security and the necessary level of engagement.
When a client approaches Luminati our conceptual product designers and sales account team work together to make sure your project is completed as efficiently as possible. By adopting the latest CAD technology we are able to speed up the prototyping process by producing true-to-life renders. Although we'll use an existing product to determine the kind of display you're looking for the finished product will always be tailored to your requirements, and will take into account the price points of what you're selling. Send an email or have a hassle free informal chat with someone knowledgeable, our Design Team are on hand to respond.

Luminati Waycon Ltd is a leading manufacturer of acrylic and Perspex retail display units, picture frames, display cases, free standing display units, counter display units, point of sale, furniture, and much more. The position, operating system, pricing along with a direct connection to the device allows head office the piece of mind that store network tasks are followed and merchandising compliance  is met. We will tailor the design to your shop environment, creating an attractive and engaging display for your customers. It will also be secure, so that users are able to handle the devices without any danger of them being removed.
The freestanding display unit features LED lighting highlighting the brands green colour, and digital printing throughout. To go from confirmation of the design to production only takes three weeks, ensuring you get the best display for your requirements in the shortest time possible. These digital images are often indistinguishable from the finished product and allow our clients to see what their finished display is going to look like, without the need for producing time-consuming and costly physical prototypes.
By utilising our existing catalogue of designs as a starting point we can easily identify the display you're after, then customise it to fit your brief.
This way you can be sure that your display is going to have the optimal effect on your target audience.

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