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However, if phone gave you an impression of being cheap at first glance, that changes a second you turn on a display. So, to conclude the thing with display, the LG Marquee’s 4-inch Nova display has no problems with visibility indoor or outdoor, which is great but the one thing to be aware of is that Nova display drains the battery pretty fast.
Volume rocker is on the phone’s left side and right under it there is an action button that you can set to any function you use the most, camera, internet or anything you want.
Another feature exclusive to the latest Boost Mobile phones, including LG Marquee is a Boost Zone. LG Marquee on Boost Mobile also supports all the major Google services as Gmail, YouTube, Google Voice, Google Maps with voice-enabled turn by turn navigation, access to Android Market and more.
On the back of the Boost Mobile LG Marquee, there is a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash for taking good quality pictures but LED flash can stay on for video recording as well (720p). Going over some various Boost Mobile LG Marquee reviews, made me wonder about different reviewers having different experiences with this phone.
Any way, don’t forget that this phone goes with Boost Mobile Android $55 plan that together with Shrinkage plan can lower your monthly bill to as low as $40 after 18 on-time payments.
Sanyo Incognito scp-6760 is actually Sprint phone on Boost, so some users might already be familiar with it. So, with Boost Mobile, for $79.99 you will get classy horizontal clamshell device that looks very attractive. This cell phone runs on Sprint’s 3G CDMA network and is available with $50 Unlimited Monthly plan with Shrinkage Plan. Other features worth of considering are 2.0-megapixel camera with a VGA camcorder that captures video at 176 x 144 pixels resolution. In short note, Boost Mobile Sanyo Incognito’s slick form factor and its price is something that works very well for this cell phone. The Huawei Ascend II is the latest Android phone, actually fifth in the row, released by Cricket.
The Huawei Ascend II, as already mentioned, is Android 2.3 Gingerbread smart phone with 600MHz ARM11 Qualcomm processor.
The phone’s internal memory is not even close enough for storing your pictures and music on your phone so that is why the microSD card slot and 2GB of additional memory that phone ships with, comes as a rescue. The Huawei Ascend II from Cricket also features Bluetooth, Fm radio, a 3.5 mm headset jack, and a 1400 mAh battery that lasts up to 300 hours of standby time and up to 220 minutes of talk time. Best Buy has just revealed a new phone coming to Virgin Mobile, LG Optimus Slider that’s going to be the welcome addition to carrier’s existing Android phones.
With this slider, you will enjoy the latest features of the Android Gingerbread platform that are running reasonable smooth and fast due to its 800MHz processor power. So, according to specs, the LG Optimus Slider is another midrange Android smartphone perfect for budget users since provides a new alternative for those who want to try the latest version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, at affordable monthly cost. Also, Google Maps, Google Places and Google Talk for chatting are available as well as preloaded TeleNav GPS Navigator, Task Manager, ThinkFree Office, Swype, app that make you use your finger to trace words instead of typing letters.
The feature that disappoints at first is a fixed focus, low resolution 2 megapixel camera, no LED but when put in practice, the quality of the pictures is not that bad at all. I am very disappointed with this phone my email apps are alway unauthorized being that I am using the 2-step verification code with my email address.
According to a HTC spokesperson, one of the HTC One phones announced on Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show in Barcelona, will soon become part of couple of prepaid providers’ lineups. Price or exact release date of HTC One V on MetroPCS or Virgin Mobile stays unknown for now but at least we know we can expect it some time in April.
The second phone added to Consumer Cellular, the Envoy, is a simple flip phone perfect for text messaging due to a large and spacious keypad. Consumer Cellular customers can choose to pair the Huawei Vision and Envoy with a variety of voice, text and data plans, which as of August 1, include more minutes, texts and more data for the same price.
Seems like LG Optimus M will get its descendant pretty soon, if it is to believe leaked image of MetroPCS LG Optimus M+ obtained by PocketNow team. MetroPCS LG Optimus M+ comes with slightly better specs in almost all areas comparing to the original version.
Even though it’s quite a new release, almost a month old, you might find it familiar since the same phone is being released for Sprint as the LG Optimus Black, for some time now.
The LG Marquee features a 4-inch Nova display (480by800 pixel resolution), so bright and clear that can be compared to the iPhone 4’s Retina display. Even though the phone performs generally well and is capable of handling many advanced features, still, some significant lags are occurring, mostly during web browsing and returning to a home screen, changing between landscape and portrait mode, when pinch zooming, launching apps and perform multitasking.
Within this feature, users are able to install the theme packages with apps, ringtones, wallpapers and widgets from Boost Mobile that reflect their personal interests like sports, music, entertainment, professional package and more.
This is a single place with all the information regarding Boost Mobile service and users accounts. Also, the call over the speakerphone is quite satisfying but the video chat over the Google+ provided good video but bad sound quality.

The battery life is rated to 5.67 hours but there is always a way to preserve it to last longer.
This would be normal if those differences would be based on only speeds and connection but some reviews don’t even mention quite present lags while phone performs.
Shrinkage plan works with both monthly plans and lowers the bill for $5 after every six on-time payments, with maximum of 18 on-time payments. However, the biggest difference between these two providers is that Boost mobile offers it with no signing contract while with Sprint, you were obligated to two-year contract. It has one cool feature – the mirrored keypad that glows, backed by an OLED display, which disappears when not in use. With Shrinkage Plan, every 6 on-time payments reward you with $5 deduction on your original plan. The fact that goes with $50 Unlimited Monthly plan with Shrinkage Plan is also more than a good deal. This Cricket phone does not support multi touch function, so there is no zooming in and out but has a cool feature that does support, that by the way cannot help with the functioning of the phone but still can help you enjoy and that is support for live wallpaper. When the phone arrives, we will see what this phone has more in store for its potential users.
Even if it is a low-end phone with few shortcomings of its own, it still has a good set of features and performance for the price.
With this phone users will be able to sync e-mails for POP, IMAP, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange accounts as well as other popular e-mail accounts. On the contrary, it can be compared to pictures taken with 3.2megapixel cameras available with some other phones. I constantly have to sign off of my verification code in order to get my emails to load to my phone. HTC One V on MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile will be available in April with Ice Cream Sandwich on it.
It features decent sized 3.7-inch touch screen display with 480 x 800 resolution and takes pictures with 5-megapixel camera.
Even though specs prove that this is a solid mid-range Android, still, running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would be real refreshment for both carriers. The one is an Android smartphone, Huawei Vision while the other, the Envoy, is a low-cost flip phone. The Envoy comes with access to Internet, email, Bluetooth, MP3 player, camera and is exclusive to Consumer Cellular. Is that why I would try to call somebody and it would say “No service” until the electricity came back on? LG Optimus M was the first Android handset released for MetroPCS and it served well for over a year now but time has come to replace it with newer version, not that high-end but definitely higher than the original. The processor is upgraded from 600 MHz to 800MHz processor, just as much as Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform needs for running.
However, the MetroPCS LG Optimus M+, thanks to its specs, should take its place somewhere between LG Esteem and LG Connect 4G. It has 700 nits of brightness, same as iPhone 4 but that’s where similarity ends since iPhone has 960×630 pixels resolution.
This is not on a regular basis but still, it occurs quite often for this pretty high-valued handset. Here, all chores about paying bills, getting help or finding out about Boost Mobile latest products are done.
Also, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and already mentioned GPS support are all present so users will get the fully functional phone in terms of connection.
Both pictures and video might look rather blurry while the process of recording and shooting still lasts but as soon as taking or recording material is done, pictures get the quality they should have, clean and crisp. So, who knows, maybe it differs from phone to phone and it’s more a matter of luck, what kind of handset you will get. A $55 Android plan can go as low as $40 per month while BlackBerry monthly plan could be $45 if you stick with Boost long enough. When you open it, it exposes large physical keyboard with full QWERTY keyboard and a 2.6-inch internal display. Therefore, the best deal that you can reach is $35 per month for unlimited service, after 18 on-time payments. It also enables access to social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter as well as Boost’s Hookt social network and TeleNav GPS Navigation. However, with Sanyo Incognito, built-in MP3 music player requires a card before doing anything. However, if you find that you need more from web browsing, you might take a look at Boost Mobile’s BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited Plan with BlackBerry Curve 8330 since it’s a real smartphone.
The first version of Huawei Ascend was one of the best-sold devices on Cricket and since Ascend II has some first-rate enhancement, this deal is expected to be quite successful as well.

It is lighter and thinner but also, where ones were trackball and physical buttons, below the display, now are touch sensitive buttons.
The phone does what an Android should do mostly and that’s great browsing thanks to 3G Real Web Browsing and WiFi capability. As far as music is concerned, some users have been reporting that some of their music cannot be played with preloaded music player so they recommend getting the Power Amp app to enjoy it all. I actually like what you have acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it.
This places it, cost and feature wise, right in between Motorola Triumph and Samsung Intercept. By the way, the price for this smartphone is $179.99, since it is available without signing contract and goes with the $50 monthly plan that includes unlimited voice, text and data. However, important thing to know is that Boost Mobile has disabled Froyo’s hot-spot feature for the reason of keeping the costs in the range since the Samsung Galaxy Prevail goes with already very affordable $50 monthly plan. Also, supports social networking accounts like Twitter and Facebook even though Facebook is not included on the phone. And, another practical feature – Boost Mobile adds links for managing your Boost account.
With this in connection, in terms of storing your pictures, music and other stuff, only about 124MB of internal phone storage is available with possible holding up to 32GB in external memory. HTC One V comes with sound enhancement feature, Beats Audio, for those who prefer quality sound. Most noticeable one, the LG Marquee on Boost Mobile doesn’t come cheap even though the higher price is expected, since it’s prepaid.
The phone runs on Sprint’s 3G speeds and even though it’s not the fastest network ever, it does provide decent speeds. Another vital camera that LG Marquee on Boost Mobile offers is 2-megapixel front-facing camera with clear portrait shots.
You must admit that the affordability of this plan is inviting, so let us see what this phone offers.
Stereo Bluetooth and EVDO data are available but video streaming options are something that is available only with Sprint version of Incognito. This phone is required with all-inclusive $55 Android plan that offers everything unlimited, so you are looking to save some good amount of money. Above the display, an indicator light blinks when you are charging you phone but also indicates that you have missed text message or call.
It provides access to email accounts, social networking sites, to Google apps as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search as well as to the Android market for over 200,000 apps to choose from.
On the other side, Cricket users will be soon entitled to an upgrade to carrier’s Muve Music service for unlimited music downloads. Not to mention a chance to lower your monthly costs even more by signing up for Shrinkage plan which on every six months on-time payments reword you with $5 less monthly, with the maximum of going as low as $35 per month.
However, it can be always downloaded from the Android Market storefront, among other 100,000 third-party apps.
However, the good news is that Boost helps you starting by shipping the phone with a 2GB microSD card. The back of the LG Marquee on Boost Mobile has a nice matte finish that does not leave the fingerprints as Sprint’s version does but at the same time, it is slippery and gives the impression that the built of the phone is cheap. It cannot be removed and by deleting a certain package, the apps stay undeleted and it has to be done manually. In addition, this is no contract deal so for $179.99 you can get higher-end Android smartphone at affordable monthly cost with no strings attached. The Huawei Ascend II offers a 5 megapixel camera, comparing to its predecessor that has 3.2-megapixels, with video capture. But, does design, features and functionality of the phone justify the price, see it for yourself in this review. There are five home screens to choose from, the phone has accelerometer and you have the option to change the method of scrolling. Pictures produces are not the best quality ever but still, many higher-end phones offer this class of phone camera. Overall impression is that the Samsung Galaxy Prevail is great looking device with some cool features and performance for its cost.
On the Huawei Ascend II, there is the standard Gingerbread virtual QWERTY keyboard, very easy for typing but also if you are used to Swipe input method, than you have it.

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