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1) Text-messaging for advocacy and fundraising: Services like Mobile Commmons and mGive offer mass text-messaging and Text-to-Give services for nonprofits. My guess is that 2010 will be the year when many nonprofits will be able to starting utilizing these new, powerful mobile tools at a much lower cost.
Two organizations that have been early adopters and pioneers in their use of social media are the National Wildlife Federation and the World Wildlife Fund. 3) Nonprofits as Real-time Reporters via Social Media and Mobile Devices: This is a dramatic shift in Web communications. Whether your updating your Twitter account with Tweetie, recording a video with your iPhone and uploading it to your YouTube channel within minutes, or posting a Status Update to your organization’s Facebook Page, the news cycle has changed forever.
In my Webinar on How Nonprofit Organizations Can Successfully Utilize Mobile Technology and Social Media, I demonstrate live and in real-time each of the vendors listed above, as well as numerous mobile tools and best practices for texting, mobile Websites, and how to use social media on the go. About Nonprofit Tech for GoodWith 100,000 monthly visitors and more than one million followers on social networks, Nonprofit Tech for Good is a leading social and mobile media resource for nonprofit professionals worldwide.

If there is one thing I have learned over ten years of using the Internet for fundraising and social change, those nonprofits that can embrace change quickly, empower their visionaries, and adopt new Web trends, reap the benefits of being early adopters. There are more than 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices and that number grows daily. The tool set is amazing and they get good reviews, but most small to medium sized nonprofits can’t afford their services.
Rather than reporting highlights from your Annual Gala Dinner in your print newsletter two months after it is over, or in an e-mail newsletter just a few days after the event, smartphones and social media Apps now allow nonprofits to report live from the event in real-time. So, nonprofits need to be thinking about reporting live from fundraisers, conferences, protests,  etc. Please also see my new Mobile Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations which is updated monthly, and the Mobile Technology for Nonprofit Organizations LinkedIn Group and for additional resources and tools for nonprofits who want to go mobile. Nonprofit Tech for Good focuses on providing valuable, easy-to-understand information, news, and resources related to nonprofit technology, online communications, and social and mobile fundraising.

One thing to keep in mind is that most new services when first launched are expensive, but go down in price significantly over time as new vendors flood the market. Using a service like Instant Mobilizer and mobiSiteGallore allow to you build a decent mobile Website in a matter of minutes, but with a little technical and HTML know-how you can custom build a mobile Website for your organization pretty easily. There is a good reason Time Magazine named the iPhone the Invention of the Year in 2007 and that 87% of smartphone consumers in the United States chose the iPhone. If you are going to design your own mobile Website, make sure you check out the article Mobile Web Design Trends For 2009. Perhaps an iPhone or two is something your organization should write into next year’s budget?

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